1 12 oz Gin, Aviation
1 oz Ginger liqueur, Domaine de Canton
1 oz Half-and-half
1 T Cookie, Speculoos (*)
14 t Maple syrup
3 ds Aztec Chocolate bitters, Fee Brothers
4 dr Cardamom bitters, Scrappy's
1 ds Nutmeg
Dry shake all but nutmeg to incorporate speculoos. Add ice and shake till chilled, double strain into a lowball glass, and garnish with nutmeg
*Speculoos is a European cookie butter. It has a light gingerbread flavor.
I had a crazy idea to make a winter cocktail using the buttery cookie flavored spread, speculoos. Aviation gin partnered well because it has a light cardamom flavor that goes great with the gingerbread notes in the cookie butter. Although it's not chocolate chip, the combination of "aviation" and cookies reminded me of the old days of fresh baked, inflight snacks on Midwest Airlines
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