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    Subbed Creme Yvette. Reduced lemon to .5 oz. Omitted simple syrup.

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    It may be an exaggeration to say this drink changed my life, but not by much.  It certainly changed my approach to using non-potable bitters in cocktails, and has been an inspiration for countless variations of base spirit + amaro + aromatized wine + non-potable bitters for me.  I always thought this was one of the showstoppers from Beta Cocktails when I got a copy in 2012 (and I’ve made every drink from that book), and it’s still revolutionary today.  This is one of my go to drinks at a well stocked bar when I’m looking to showboat and get weird with my drink selection, and I’ve introduced this drink to dozens of bartenders over the years.  Highly recommended.

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    Making the changes I suggested in my prior comment, the resulting libation can easily be rated between 3.5 and 4.0, depending on the taster's preferences. Personally, I rate the modified "The Great Silence" at 3.8. How would you rate the original recipe vs my final modifications? I would be interested. Cheers!

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    Given this drink's ingredients, I decided to make "The Great Silence" despite the earlier critical comments. Instead, I used those comments, and modified both the ingredients and the amount of certain ingredients. I used a "fat" 1 1/2 oz Rittenhouse rye (100 proof) instead of the Bulliet rye (90 proof). I, too, did not have the High West double rye, but I think my modificiation was a reasonable approximation--other than adding 2 oz of Rittenhouse rye. Also, I reduced the Aperol to 1/2 oz, but added 1/4 oz Campari to make the libation less sweet and to add some body to it. Finally, I added a "skinny" 1/2 oz lime juice (personal taste), for the absinthe I used St. George's Absinthe Verte. The result was a decent drink that I rate at 3.5. 

    In the future, lacking the specified double rye, I will use a full 2 oz Rittenhouse rye, and 1/2 oz Campari, and 1/4 oz Aperol. I wiill stay with the "skinny" 1/2 oz lime juice. Perhaps these changes will nudge the rating closer to 4.0. My hunch is that even using the High West double rye, the best rating will be 4.0. Will I ever know? I doubt it!

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    Either very bland or very bitter depending on the ratio of club soda. Could use a sweetener.

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    "The French Intervention" is a misnomer as only 1/4 oz of this wonderful libation comes from France, namely the Green Chartreuse. But no matter, because the contributions from Mexico and Italy, in combination with France's contribution create a marvelously tasty drink that goes down easily... perhaps too easily.

    For this drink, I used 1800 reposado tequila, maybe not top shelf, but a stalwart tequila, nevertheless. There is no way to adequately describe this drink other than to say it's light in taste, slightly sweet, very smooth, delicious to a fault, and so lowdown you won't be able to stop with just one. Your heart and soul won't let you! I rate this wondrous drink at 5.0--something I rarely do. But this drink deserves it! Stir, strain, and enjoy. But drink responsibly!

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    YUM!! This is such a great drink, the absinthe is rendered unrecognisable but brings out the cinnamon flavour of the falernum, how is that possible? I don't know but it sure is tasty! Also don't go flying any planes after one of these, this sucker's strong!

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    Thanks for the history lesson. Cheers!

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    Smuggler's Cove has this as 3/4 oz lemon juice.

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    I subbed 1/2 oz Becherovka for the cinnamon syrup. Maybe was supposed to be sweeter, but as I made it, it was more in the vein of a Martini. An interesting, spirit-forward cocktail. I would like to try it with the right syrup if I ever get a chance.

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    I tweaked it to make it less sour. Also made the dram a full 1 cl. Very good drink. 1 cl Lemon juice, 1 cl Allspice Dram

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    "The French Intervention" is a misnomer as only 1/4 oz of this libation comes from France

    ...and the Lillet Blanc that was in the published recipe. The title refers to Napoleon III's invasion of Mexico, hence the remaining single ingredient.

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    Back off cherry next time.

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    Back off cherry next time.

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    a more sophisticated black russian.  probably wont interfere with elections.

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    GREAT introduction to sloe gin, which is was new to me. Using a good-quality sloe gin makes the drink, so I don't think you can replace the Plymouth Sloe Gin. It's easygoing but still very delicious, without being overly sweet or citrus-heavy. Doesn't taste like a lot of other drinks. Oh, and I used a Herbsaint rinse instead of authentic absinthe, but it worked great.

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    Had to sub Meletti, and I drink Rye not Bourbon, still loved it. Looking forward to playing around, maybe trying Cardamaro or Grand Poppy next time. Campari would be too overpowering imo especially if using a stronger flavoured Amaro in place of the Nonino. Lots of opportunity to experiment with this one.

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    Following a discussion about why you can't make Manhattan variants with Scotch, I made this with Monkey Shoulder and recommend the result. Maybe a little sweeter than with rye, and almost certainly needs a new name. Tartan Hook?

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    we did a blend of amaro (including amargo-vallet) and this was a tasty cocktail.

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    A pretty good use of Meletti, something that's hard to tame.

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    If you are a bourbon lover, or if byrrh is your thing, the "Byrrhlesque" is your drink. Smooth, yes! Tasty, oh my! Full-flavored, you bet! I used Four Roses small batch for the bourbon. Others may prefer Maker's Mark or Elijah Craig. Those will work well, as will Jim Beam black label. I rated this libation at 4.0 (but was tempted to push it to 4.5) Mix, stir, strain, and enjoy.

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    I tried substituting bourbon barrel aged maple syrup in place of simple syrup to change things up a bit.  I think it came out pretty darn good.  Not much sweeter and a very mild flavor addition.

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    Seems unbalanced, too dry and sour for my tastes. Next time use 1/4 oz simple syrup or up the chartreuse. 

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    Tried this with rye subbed for the gin (because when I taste a gin drink I like, my first thought usually is "I bet this would be better with whiskey"). Also very good.

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    I agree with the previous suggestion to use Nonino rather than Montenegro. There's very little in it - it's a great drink either way - but with Nonino it feels just slightly more balanced.