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    I made this with Hardy Pineau and with Dusquene Rhum Agricole Blanc (100 proof). Will try it next with an aged Agricole but this balanced out perfectly for me.  Lean and even a little dry, I would say my result here with the Blanc is good enough that I would suggest others try it -- especially anyone who finds the original too sweet. 

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    Excellent variation! I made it with Vedrenne Violette Parfait Amour instead of Bitter Truth's creme de violette and it tasted much better and more balanced than traditional recipes. The color was nice sky blue too.

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    This is also fantastic with yellow chartreuse, a'la reddit.

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    There's nothing to fear with this drink. The "Fear & Whiskey" (if you use the right rye) is absolutely delightful. I used a rye light in taste, but with wonderful overtones--10 year Whistle Pig. I was afraid that using a rye like Rittenhouse (which I frequently use in drinks calling for rye) would overwhelm the Braulio. The Whistle Pig did not; both came through, loud and clear.

    The "Fear & Whiskey" is a wonderful before-dinner drink; some might even say after-dinner also. Regardless, I rated this libation at 4.5.

    But make sure you use Whistle Pig or Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye (or any other rye that is light in its taste and overtones); doing otherwise MAY result is a less satisfying drink.

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    this is really good! subbed Fee brothers plum bitters which really sang in this drink!

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    The Death & Co recipe specifies Old Tom gin (Hayman's).

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    I really like the way this upgrades the standard daiquiri. The Stiggin's Fancy really shines here -- lovely depth and perfect balance of sweet & sour.  

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    This is truly an excellent, delicious drink that I have taught to several bartenders around the country, always crediting Mr. Hannah of course.  I just noticed that the website has an entry for Mr. Hannah dated 18 July 2011, ( that offers slightly different proportions:

    1.25 oz Gin / 0.75 oz amaro /0.75 oz sweet vermouth / 0.25 oz maraschino liqueur / 2 ds orange bitters

    I don't know that 0.66 oz (20 mL) will be all that different than 0.75 oz (22 mL) - perhaps the 20 mL version gives you more of a 50/50 drink (that is, 37 mL gin and 40 mL of the amaro/vermouth. I suppose you could go fully metric, too:

    40 mL gin / 20 mL amaro / 20 mL sweet vermouth / 10 mL maraschino

    Most of the recipes for this drink I've seen online seem to specify a London dry gin, but I think that an Old Tom gin would have been used when the original Martinez was made, and I think that Hayman's works quite well.


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    Delicious, but you could omit the syrup if don't want it sweet.

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    Curated this a lot. Assuming this is meant to cite the link and be made according to the recipe and not some weird riff on that drink, I did the following: removed the cognac, both the 3/4 oz (which should be Giffard Pamplemousse) and the 12 drops (which should be Bittermens Orchard Street Celery Shrub). Added the club soda top. Added Creator and place and date.  Thanks,  Zachary

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    alright but lacks something.. a herb muddle perhaps? an added sweetener? the chartreuse doesn't manage to lift the mixture above the preponderance of sour and herbal. 

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    I love mouthfuls of grandma! (not the band though, sorry)

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    Really liked this despite using a leaf too much sage. Too chicken to use that much paprika IN the drink so lightly garnished with a pinch instead, pretty happy with this one. Definitely one to make for any health nut friends you might have. 

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    I made your chocolate cake with strawberry instead of chocolate. Scrumptious!

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    This is both compelling and weird. Kudos.

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    When describing a twist, "fat" means to use a larger percentage of the width of a vegetable peeler to remove a strip of the peel. Thanks,  Zachary

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    What does it mean when (fat) is after the peel or twist?

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    The complexity of the flavours only come out with the absinthe so I wouldn't omit it but I would go light on the rinse or use something a little rounder in taste like absinthe rouge.

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    "Count Loretto" should be considered as a WORK IN PROGRESS. I made this cocktail in a half-portion, and I'm glad I did, because making a full portion would have been a waste of good whiskey, rum, and Fernet Branca.

    As is, the Fernet Branca overwhems the rum, and nearly overwhelms the whiskey. After the initial taste, I eye-balled my additions, adding 1/8 oz each of whiskey and rum, and 2 drops of Fee Bros. gin barrel-aged orange bitters.

    Without these changes, I rate the libation at 2.0; with the changes I rate it at 2.5.

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    A great drink, as commented upon by others. I made one change that worked out well, however: lacking blackberry liqueur, I substittued Creme de Framboises (a top-notch rasberry liqueur), with a nice outcome. I'm sure the taste of the drink would have been somewhat different, but I was satisfied with the substitution. I used only 1 tsp, but in the future I will use at least 11/2 oz of the rasberry liqueur, because it gets overwhelmed by the lime juice.

    This is a wonderful summer afternoon drink that I rated 4.5 (something I don't do often).

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    Really good.  As others have said, wonderful balance between sweet and tart/sour.  Hell, it tastes like a maraschino/grapefruit sweet-tart!

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    I thought it needed some depth and dryness, so I upped the Ango to a bsp and added a bsp of Maraschino as well. Better.

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    Curated to fix missing bourbon.

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    Lovely composition. Refreshing