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    Really nice drink for a beautiful spring day in San Francisco. And I don't even like ginger beer all that much...thanks for sharing....


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    Regarding Cocktails (p. 85) credits Sasha Petraske for this drink (with 3/4oz honey syrup). 

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    Almost feel like giving it 2.5, if it was possible.  There's definitely the possibility for an excellent cocktail here - the mezcal and cherry heering are an odd pair but they kind've work.  Heering tends to be so sweet and overpowering, especially with blended scotch in the original Blood and Sand, but mezcal has the strength of flavor to really stand up to it better.  And yet...something's not quite reight here.  It's still a little too sweet.  Not sure what the answer is, but it just seems like it could be tweaked and optimized.  As it stands, it's still a perfectly tasty and interesting drink, and well worth making if you have the ingredients.

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    This is a great cocktail, but I recommend it on the rocks. It's easier to enjoy for newcomers to Campari, and anyway the change in taste as it dilutes is really interesting and enjoyable.

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    Quite tasty, but I'd cut the bitters to one dash, otherwise it overwhelms the other ingredients.

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    I love sherry based cocktails and this is a winner.  I tried it with both regular cynar and cynar 70 and prefer the former, but the latter is an option for those who prefer drier cocktails or with a sweeter sherry.  I used lustau sherry and clear creek cassis.

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    Can confirm: It's nice with Islay whisky, as Dan suggested. I've tried it with both Lagavulin and Laphroaig.

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    Really tasty

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    I had a bottle of kirsch of finish and  this was a good choice to experiment with.  I used maurin quina and ginger ale in place of the syrup/soda.  Very refreshing and drinkable but still interesting with the cherry brandy.

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    I also ran into this delicious Strega cocktail - The Witch's Word: I think Strega and Domaine de Canton go great together!

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    The problem with grapefruit juice is that it isn't bitter enough. I subbed for 1/2 ounce of ea. grapefruit and lime juice.

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    Not a big fan (little too sweet) not bad though.

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    I love it, Wifey hates it. Such is Fernet ...

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    Phenomenal! I am impressed at the creator's thought to combine these items. If you have the ingredients which are cheap if you want it to be, make it!

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    I was looking for something to do with Stiggin's pineapple rum, and I'm very happy to have found this.
    I also *just* happened to have some leftover demerara syrup from a previous cocktail session. 

    I used agricole, which gave this cocktail a funkier nose than probably intended, but it was a point of interest instead of a point against it. 
    Overall, Stiggin's lends itself very well to this cocktail as it brightens the entire palette.
    I'd thought a 1/2 oz of allspice was a bit excessive, but it worked well. Next time I'll try a little less allspice and see if the drink remains as tasty. 


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    It is sweet, but also tart, bitter, herbal, floral.  I looked at the recipe thinking I'd end up adding more lime, but it's tart as is.  Granted,  this recipe is for those that aren't afraid to use  violette more than a barspoon at a time...  one could always add more base spirit or top with soda

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    Made an altered version using 2 oz rye and a 1/2 oz of orange oleo saccharum and two dashes of Angostura. Made me think of the orange-forward on-tap Old Fashioned at the Union Kitchen (Copenhagen) I had a few years ago. Really nice and simple. 

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    Curated this - rewrote instructions to avoid copyright, added date. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Cute name. I'm surprised this isn't too sweet though.

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    Curated this. Removed the long quote from Toby for copyright reasons - it's at the cited link. Added the grapefruit peel garnish, removed "fresh" from lemon juice... we know better. Rewrote instructions to avoid copyright. As an aside, this develops grapefruit flavors without the use of grapefruit - I'm not sure that adding the grapefruit bitters is necessary. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Note that the reference used also mentions nothing about ice & this is often recommended as a room temperature cocktail.

    See also The Rebennack on this site.

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    Contrast with Rebannack on this site. Also note that Chris has a video showing it stirred with ice and strained into an ice-filled goblet, so it seems to serve both as a room temperature flask cocktail and a nice chilled sipper at the bar.

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    I love the flavors of a last word cocktail but not the sweetness. This is a great solution, very light and refreshing.

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    A+ name. Hope I one day git gud enough to drink it.