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  • Reply to: the Fitty Cocktail   by   4 years 6 months ago

    I was reluctant to try this because 1/2 oz of ginger liqueur scared me a bit, but I decided to go for it as I love the other 3 ingredients. I really enjoyed this very herbaceous, bitter and somewhat spicy cocktail, however it needs a better name. Unless you have an extreme sentimental attachment to the name (and listening to music while making it doesn't count), I propose the name Gasparro, named after the designer of the Kennedy half dollar.

  • Reply to: Penicillin   by   4 years 6 months ago

    More sour/less sweet than I expected. Planning to try with less lemon juice, maybe some simple syrup.

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    I think the Sweet & Floral entries, as well as the Flyboy could/should definitely be folded into this one. Is the Aviatrix on the chopping block? I think the proportions and flavor profile are just different enough to warrant its own entry. I'm on the fence about the Aggravation, mostly because its name & history make me chuckle every time I see it. :)

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    Hmmm, It won't take it in the Ingredient field, Aromatic Bitters is in brackets so that means it is a forced Brand choice? The Brand field only has Scrappy's other versions. So i am adding that Brand rather than notes.

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    Doh, yes, Aromatic. I had that in there then corrected a typo in the name and I think the field(s)(') logic flipped it to drop the Aromatic which I failed to catch. Correcting now, thanks for the heads up.

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    I might guess this is Scrappy's Aromatic, or maybe chocolate?

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    I'm going to clean up this cocktail and its five variations tonight. If you think one of them is worth saving - other than the Aviation Cocktail #1, which I think we should rename Aviation (Jacques Straub), please let me know.



  • Reply to: Aviation #1   by   4 years 6 months ago

    I'm thinking this might be the Aviation Cocktail in Jacques Straub's 1914 "Drinks". If it is, it's 1 1/8 oz Applejack (3/4 jigger), 3/4 lime (1/2 jigger), dash Absinthe, barspoon grenadine... which seems very close to this. If you'd like, I can change the drink, but I'll at least cite the author and book now.

  • Reply to: Scofflaw   by   4 years 6 months ago

    Just tried this last night and really loved it. The light spices of the dry vermouth play off the other ingredients in wonderful ways. I made it with Rittenhouse 100 which seemed to have the perfect heft to set off the other ingredients but also made the drink pretty kick-ass strong. I think this will be in my regular rotation for a while.

  • Reply to: The Mexican Hoskins Cocktail   by   4 years 6 months ago

    It's good, but has an insane amount of maraschino. I'd like to try it again but with the original Hoskins level of 1/2 oz.

  • Reply to: Little Italy   by   4 years 6 months ago

    Added missing Maraschino syrup, and tweaked up attribution.

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    I was initially afraid of all that lemon juice but my fears were unfounded, turns out. Very nice and well-balanced. I decided to forgo the layering nonsense and opted to shake and strain.

  • Reply to: Negroni (Aperol Variant)   by   4 years 6 months ago

    I know this variant (substituting Aperol for Campari) as a Contessa.

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    I made this up with a laphroaig rinse, 1.5 oz cocchi, 1 oz cognac, and 1/2 oz grapefruit. A different drink, but really delicious.

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    I realized that I had all the ingredients, including Sanbitter, to make this. That doesn't happen often! I have to admit that I didn't love it as much as I did before. I found it surprisingly flat. The strawberry takes a little mental control to suppress the mundane connotations. With all the muddling, it didn't have much alcohol. I added an ounce of J Wray & Newphew overproof rum, which helped considerably. A juniper-forward gin might work well, too.

    I still stand by my belief that this is a mind-blowing drink -- worth making at least once.

  • Reply to: Hunter   by   4 years 6 months ago


    Frankly, I don't think this is a cocktail - it certainly needs something to make it interesting, and to get the volume of the drink to something more appropriate.

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    I tried this and didn't find it particularly interesting. Yes, Cherry Heering is a complex, interesting cherry liqueur, but the drink cried out for something. I added a 1/4 oz of Campari and a dash of pie-spice bitters (I used Angostura, but a clove-forward bitters would work well too, as would chocolate or mole). At that point, it wasn't really the same drink, but I certainly enjoyed it.

    Anyone else like this as written?

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    Cleaned this up a little - removed "fresh" from the lime juice - we assume juices are fresh squeezed.

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    I love the comic and the movie, and have wanted to use this as a drink name for a while... After a few tries, I found the best success with proportions matching the character herself: equal parts bitter, tart & floral, with a double dose of rye (wry) and a splash of purple!

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    Hell yes Scott Pilgrim.

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    Removed "fresh" from the modifiers - we assume that you're going to use fresh juices, etc... as per the Style Guidelines.

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    I've made this cocktail several times and it just gets better each time. The mix of peach bitters and Fernet is really nice. 4.5/5

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    Smoky and tart, even with the small amount of lemon juice. Great drink.

  • Reply to: Ja Mon   by   4 years 6 months ago

    Sure. Send it my way!

  • Reply to: Ja Mon   by   4 years 6 months ago

    Yum. I just snapped a decent pic of it, if you'd like to post.