Frequently Asked Questions

About Kindred Cocktails

Kindred Cocktails is a shared database of cocktail recipes. After you sign up, you can build a Cocktail Book composed of your own recipes and/or those that others have shared. Casual users may search for and use recipes without creating an account.

With Kindred Cocktails, the recipes are yours, not someone else's. You can enter new cocktail. You can rate, categorize, and take notes on cocktails. And, Kindred Cocktails focuses on craft and high-quality cocktails.

If you share our love of craft cocktails and you ...

  • are exploring the craft cocktail world and are looking for high-quality cocktail recipes,
  • are a cocktail enthusiast with an existing collection of cocktails, or
  • are a cocktail professional looking for inspiration and a strong organizational tool ...

Kindred Cocktails makes collecting and using recipes a joy.

Yes. At some point there may be a premium account with advanced features, but a basic account will remain free.

Sponsors and advertisers pay to place their advertisements before you. Because Kindred Cocktails knows what the ingredients are, it can do a good job of placing advertisements that are likely to be interesting. In the future, there may be some paid premium services for user and retailers.

Sign up

Sign up is a two step process.

  1. First you sign up and pick a user name and password, and let us know your e-mail address.
    You will then receive a confirmation e-mail at the address you provided. You may need to check your spam folder.
  2. Follow the directions in the e-mail to log in and verify your account.

Why? Because otherwise automated spam can pollute Kindred Cocktails. I already have a mortgage, thank you.

Kindred Cocktails requires cookies to know that you have logged in. If cookies are disabled in your browser, enable them and try again.

My account and profile

Click "Request new password" from the home page at

Your profile contains:

  • An overview, containing:
    • Links to create RSS feeds for your recent cocktails, or recent cocktails added by any users.
    • A list of users you are following, and the option to stop.
    • Your newsletter subscription
    • Your history (length that you've been a member, number of cocktails added and in your cocktail book).
  • Your Account information:
    • Password
    • E-mail address
    • Picture
    • Permission to let other users contact you
    • Location / time zone
  • Cocktail settings
    • "Friend's" name for second-person's ratings
    • Preference for metric units
    • Preference to let other's see your Cocktail Book comments
    • Preference to accept cocktail suggestions from other users
    • Preference to receive comments about your cocktails by e-mail

Other users can see your user name, picture, and the personal information that you've shared (if any). They cannot see your e-mail address. They can also see how long you've been a member, how many cocktails you've added and are in your cocktail book, and the cocktails that you've posted.

They may also follow you so that they receive an e-mail when you enter a new cocktail.

To upload your photo:

  • Click "My profile" from the menu.
  • Click the Edit link.
  • Part way down there is a Picture section.
  • Click Browse and select an image file, then upload it. Be patient.
Finding cocktails

The search box in the top right of the window is a free-form search engine.

  1. Enter any word that appears in the cocktail — cocktail name, ingredient, notes, creator, whatever.
  2. Click Search.
    Kindred Cocktails will return a list of matching cocktails.

If you have just added or updated a cocktail, it may take up to an hour for the search engine to be updated with your additions.

The Cocktail menu contains a filter which is much, much more powerful than the search box at the top right of the window.

  1. Click Cocktail.
  2. You may choose to browse the matching cocktails in order by name, ingredients, primary alcohol, flavor (not currently implemented), or date added (most recent first).
  3. You may choose to display just the cocktail's name, or to include a synopsis of ingredients.
  4. You may filter on the cocktail's name. Enter the full or partial name. So for Manhattan and other cocktails starting in "Manhattan", you might enter "Manh".
  5. You may filter on ingredients. Enter the full name(s) of the ingredient(s), one on each line. So you might enter Rye on the first line and Sweet vermouth on the second.
  6. You may search on Notes or Comments. If you remember entering a note that a drink was good for winter, you might enter "winter" to retrieve it.
  7. You may search for the user who submitted the cocktail. Enter the user's name in Posted by. This is a good way to look at the cocktails of your favorite mixologists.
  8. If you are logged in, you have some additional options:
    1. You may choose to limit your search to just the cocktails in your Cocktail book (rather than all cocktails in the entire database).
    2. You may browse your cocktails grouped by the Menu category that you can optionally enter for each cocktail.
    3. You may search by rating (1 to 5, with 5 being best). You can also search for unrated cocktails so that you can try them and rate them.
    4. You may search by your Menu category.
    5. You may search by cocktails that you've marked as being bookmarked, approved or on menu.
      1. Mark cocktails as bookmarked for any purpose you want. Perhaps these are cocktails that you want to try soon, for example.
      2. Mark cocktails as approved when you are happy with them. You can limit your search to only approved cocktails.
      3. Mark cocktails as "on menu" to help you include them on your printed cocktail menu. See Goodies / menu.

Many of the filter options on the Cocktails search page use your Cocktail Book. If you aren't logged in, then Kindred Cocktails can't find your Cocktail Book. Simply log in and try again.

If you entered the cocktail, then you can simply fix the problem. Everyone will appreciate it. If it is a substantial change, feel free to add a comment to the cocktail (under the "Link/dislike" heading below the cocktail, click "Comment").

If you didn't enter the cocktail, a moderator will need to look at it and correct it.

  1. Visit the cocktail's detail page.
  2. Below the cocktail under the "Like/dislike" header, click "Request moderation". Type a description of exactly what you think is wrong, and quick Request moderation.
    A cocktail moderator will examine the cocktail.

Requesting moderation is a key to keeping the shared Kindred Cocktail database in good condition, without duplicate recipes, errors, and junk cocktails.

Adding Cocktails
  1. Visit the cocktail's detail page.
  2. Below the cocktail, under the heading "Author tools", click Add.

The cocktail will be added to your Cocktail Book. If you wish to edit the Cocktail Book entry (to enter a rating, perhaps), click Edit. (The Edit list will be where the Add link was.)

Since you didn't enter this cocktail (i.e. it isn't your cocktail), you can't edit the cocktail recipe itself.

  1. Check to make sure that the cocktail isn't already in the database.
  2. From the Add menu, click Add Cocktail.
  3. Type in the name, ingredients, notes and so forth. This information is shared with other users. If you wish, you may upload a photograph of the cocktail and/or its ingredients.
  4. In the Cocktail Book section (yellow background), enter additional information for your personal use (ratings, comments, etc.).
  5. Optionally, click Preview to see how the cocktail will look.
  6. Click Save when you are satisfied with your entry.
  1. In the blog, forum, e-mail or whatever, select the cocktail as text. At a minimum, include the cocktail's name and ingredients. Optionally include instructions and notes.
  2. Copy the cocktail to the clipboard (command-c).
  3. Hover over the ADD menu and choose PASTE COCKTAIL.
  4. A free-form text box will be displayed, labeled "Paste cocktail data here". Paste the cocktail into the text box (command-v).
  5. Help Kindred Cocktails understand the format by editing the text as needed so that the information is in the following order, with exactly one blank line between each section:
    1. Cocktail name
    2. Ingredients
    3. Instructions (optional)
    4. Notes (optional)
  6. Click Preview to see how Kindred Cocktails does trying to understand all the parts of the cocktail, including the ingredients. Edit the cocktail and click Preview until it is close to what you want.
  7. Click Next. Kindred Cocktails will place your cocktail information into separate fields. Edit the cocktail as desired.
  8. Click Save to save the cocktail.


  1. Hover over the GOODIES menu and click QUICKSTART COCKTAILS.
  2. Peruse the sets of cocktails. If you find one of interest, you can:
    1. Click Add to add these cocktails to your Cocktail Book, or
    2. Click Suggest to add these cocktails to your list of suggested cocktails. You can see your suggested cocktails on the Kindred Cocktails home page (KC in the menu) when you are logged in.

We may be able to work with you to import your cocktails. However, you may have many cocktails that are already in the Kindred Cocktails database. Because cocktails must not be duplicated, you would then go through your cocktails and delete the duplicates. If your cocktail book is mostly your own unique cocktails, this isn't an issue. If it comprises mostly classic, well-known cocktails, then there will be many duplicates.

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss how best to get your cocktails into Kindred Cocktails.

When you enter cocktail ingredients, ...

  • Kindred Cocktails uses a list of synonyms so that the ingredient is spelled consistently. For example, you might enter "agave" and Kindred Cocktails substitutes "Agave syrup".
  • Kindred Cocktails may move what you typed to the "preferred brand" location. For example, you might enter "St Germain" and get Elderflower liqueur as the ingredient and St. Germain as the preferred brand.

If Kindred Cocktails insists on making an inappropriate changes, send us an e-mail and we'll find a solution.

Sharing cocktails
  1. Visit the cocktail's detail page.
  2. Below the cocktail under the "Share" heading, click "Suggest to ...". 
  3. Enter the user's name, and click Suggest.

This cocktail will be added to the user's list of suggested cocktails.

  1. Visit the cocktail's detail page.
  2. Below the cocktail under the "Share" headering, click Send.
  3. Enter the friend's email address and a brief message, then click "Send e-mail".

Your friend will receive the cocktail with your message by e-mail.

  1. Visit the cocktail's detail page.
  2. Below the cocktail under the "Format" header, click "Plain text".

Kindred Cocktails will display the basics of the ingredient in plain text.

  1. Visit the cocktail's detail page.
  2. Below the cocktail under the "Share" header, hover over the "Share" link. A menu of social media options will pop up.
  3. Click the desired option. You can also e-mail a link of the cocktail using a variety of e-mail services, as well as save it as a favorite in your browser.

Every new cocktail is posted on Twitter.* The tweet contains:

  • the hash tag #cocktail,
  • a mention (@yourtwittername) of the user who posted the cocktail,
  • the title,
  • the ingredients, and
  • a link back to the cocktail.

In order to have your Twitter account mentioned, simply enter your Twitter user name under MY PROFILE / EDIT / COCKTAIL OPTIONS. We are kindredcocktail (no "s") on Twitter. Follow us!

* If you edit an older cocktail, it too will be posted once.

Recent cocktails are posted onto the Kindred cocktails Facebook wall by the RSS Graffiti app using the Recent Cocktails RSS feed. You can post your own cocktails using the same Facebook app and your personal RSS cocktail feed, found on MY PROFILE.

Printing and Cocktail menus / recipe lists


  1. Visit the cocktail's detail page.
  2. Below the cocktail, under the "Format" heading, click "Print" . Kindred Cocktails will display a printer-friendly version of the cocktail. The Print dialog will also be displayed for you automatically.
  3. Choose the number of copies and so forth, then click Print.
  4. When you are done, close the window or tab containing the printer-friendly version of the cocktail.

There are three ways to choose which cocktails in your Cocktail Book should be used in your cocktail menu:

  1. Every cocktail in your Cocktail book. This is useful only when you have a small Cocktail Book.
  2. All cocktails that you've marked as "on menu." You can do this when you edit your cocktail book entry, or you can do it in bulk (see Goodies/Mark cocktails).
  3. If you have recently found cocktails from your Cocktail Book using the Cocktails filter page, you can use these cocktails for your menu.

To compose a menu:

  1. From the Goodies menu, choose Menu.
  2. Click your choice of which cocktails to use (1-3 above).
  3. Click "Cocktail Menu". Kindred Cocktails displays the recipe names and ingredient list for each cocktail.
  4. Optionally, click the Print link above the menu to have Kindred Cocktail reformat the menu in a printer-friendly way.

Follow the directions create a cocktail menu (see above), but instead of clicking "Cocktail menu", click:

  • Recipes list for a list of recipes, including your Cocktail Book information, or
  • Bartender sheet for a list of cocktails formatted concisely (3 wide), without your Cocktail Book information.

You may then click Print above the recipes to display a printer-friendly version.

Kindred Cocktails has a page to mark many cocktails at the same time:

  1. Hover over the Goodies menu and click Mark cocktails.
    Kindred Cocktails will display the cocktails in your Cocktail Book, each with Yes/No for:
    • Approved
    • Bookmarked
    • On menu
    • Hide Comments
  2. Check the checkbox next to each cocktail that you want to mark (or unmark) as "on menu" (or whatever).
  3. Choose the operation you want from the pop-up list (Mark as on menu or Unmark as on menu or whatever).
  4. Click Execute
    Kindred Cocktails will display the cocktails being changed and request confirmation.
  5. Click Confirm.
    Kindred Cocktails will perform the operation.
Copyright and intellectual property

US copyright law doesn't apply to lists of ingredients. These laws may apply to detailed instructions, particularly if they are novel or detailed. Think molecular mixology. "Stir, strain, straight up, cocktail glass, flamed orange peel." is fine. Sounds tasty. What were we talking about? Oh yeah.

Please don't submit cocktails from creators who don't wish them published. That's not nice.

Similarly, don't expect copyright protection on your cocktails. We believe that the vitality and creativity of the cocktail world is advanced by sharing recipes and attributing them to their creator. If you don't share this view, then you should keep your recipes secret.

Kindred Cocktails does not want to publish recipes created by people who wish them kept private. As a general rule, if a recipe has never been published elsewhere (blog, website, book, magazine, etc.), you should seek permission first. Most creators are thrilled to have their recipes receive publicity.

You should always attribute the recipe to its creator, whenever known. This includes the year in which it was created, and then the creator, ideally in the form "Person, Bar, City, State, Country (if not U.S.)". Additionally, you should provide a reference to where you found the recipe, such as a link to a website, or the author and title of a book or article.

Maybe. You are free to upload a photograph if:

  • You took the photograph yourself and own the copyright,
  • The photograph is in the public domain or
  • The photograph is licensed to you or the public, and that license allows you to upload it.

Be sure to include the attribution (year, copyright information, basis of license). If the photograph is copyrighted, then check the " checkbox to make sure the copyright symbol is displayed.

Uploading a photograph in violation of copyright or other law is a serious issue. Kindred Cocktails will moderate the cocktail to remove the image, and may reduce the privileges of the person who uploaded it.