Frequently Asked Questions - Adding Cocktails

  1. Visit the cocktail's detail page.
  2. Below the cocktail, under the heading "Author tools", click Add.

The cocktail will be added to your Cocktail Book. If you wish to edit the Cocktail Book entry (to enter a rating, perhaps), click Edit. (The Edit list will be where the Add link was.)

Since you didn't enter this cocktail (i.e. it isn't your cocktail), you can't edit the cocktail recipe itself.

  1. Check to make sure that the cocktail isn't already in the database.
  2. From the Add menu, click Add Cocktail.
  3. Type in the name, ingredients, notes and so forth. This information is shared with other users. If you wish, you may upload a photograph of the cocktail and/or its ingredients.
  4. In the Cocktail Book section (yellow background), enter additional information for your personal use (ratings, comments, etc.).
  5. Optionally, click Preview to see how the cocktail will look.
  6. Click Save when you are satisfied with your entry.
  1. In the blog, forum, e-mail or whatever, select the cocktail as text. At a minimum, include the cocktail's name and ingredients. Optionally include instructions and notes.
  2. Copy the cocktail to the clipboard (command-c).
  3. Hover over the ADD menu and choose PASTE COCKTAIL.
  4. A free-form text box will be displayed, labeled "Paste cocktail data here". Paste the cocktail into the text box (command-v).
  5. Help Kindred Cocktails understand the format by editing the text as needed so that the information is in the following order, with exactly one blank line between each section:
    1. Cocktail name
    2. Ingredients
    3. Instructions (optional)
    4. Notes (optional)
  6. Click Preview to see how Kindred Cocktails does trying to understand all the parts of the cocktail, including the ingredients. Edit the cocktail and click Preview until it is close to what you want.
  7. Click Next. Kindred Cocktails will place your cocktail information into separate fields. Edit the cocktail as desired.
  8. Click Save to save the cocktail.


  1. Hover over the GOODIES menu and click QUICKSTART COCKTAILS.
  2. Peruse the sets of cocktails. If you find one of interest, you can:
    1. Click Add to add these cocktails to your Cocktail Book, or
    2. Click Suggest to add these cocktails to your list of suggested cocktails. You can see your suggested cocktails on the Kindred Cocktails home page (KC in the menu) when you are logged in.

We may be able to work with you to import your cocktails. However, you may have many cocktails that are already in the Kindred Cocktails database. Because cocktails must not be duplicated, you would then go through your cocktails and delete the duplicates. If your cocktail book is mostly your own unique cocktails, this isn't an issue. If it comprises mostly classic, well-known cocktails, then there will be many duplicates.

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss how best to get your cocktails into Kindred Cocktails.

When you enter cocktail ingredients, ...

  • Kindred Cocktails uses a list of synonyms so that the ingredient is spelled consistently. For example, you might enter "agave" and Kindred Cocktails substitutes "Agave syrup".
  • Kindred Cocktails may move what you typed to the "preferred brand" location. For example, you might enter "St Germain" and get Elderflower liqueur as the ingredient and St. Germain as the preferred brand.

If Kindred Cocktails insists on making an inappropriate changes, send us an e-mail and we'll find a solution.