Frequently Asked Questions - Copyright and intellectual property

US copyright law doesn't apply to lists of ingredients. These laws may apply to detailed instructions, particularly if they are novel or detailed. Think molecular mixology. "Stir, strain, straight up, cocktail glass, flamed orange peel." is fine. Sounds tasty. What were we talking about? Oh yeah.

Please don't submit cocktails from creators who don't wish them published. That's not nice.

Similarly, don't expect copyright protection on your cocktails. We believe that the vitality and creativity of the cocktail world is advanced by sharing recipes and attributing them to their creator. If you don't share this view, then you should keep your recipes secret.

Kindred Cocktails does not want to publish recipes created by people who wish them kept private. As a general rule, if a recipe has never been published elsewhere (blog, website, book, magazine, etc.), you should seek permission first. Most creators are thrilled to have their recipes receive publicity.

You should always attribute the recipe to its creator, whenever known. This includes the year in which it was created, and then the creator, ideally in the form "Person, Bar, City, State, Country (if not U.S.)". Additionally, you should provide a reference to where you found the recipe, such as a link to a website, or the author and title of a book or article.

Maybe. You are free to upload a photograph if:

  • You took the photograph yourself and own the copyright,
  • The photograph is in the public domain or
  • The photograph is licensed to you or the public, and that license allows you to upload it.

Be sure to include the attribution (year, copyright information, basis of license). If the photograph is copyrighted, then check the " checkbox to make sure the copyright symbol is displayed.

Uploading a photograph in violation of copyright or other law is a serious issue. Kindred Cocktails will moderate the cocktail to remove the image, and may reduce the privileges of the person who uploaded it.