How do I find just the cocktail(s) that I want?

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The Cocktail menu contains a filter which is much, much more powerful than the search box at the top right of the window.

  1. Click Cocktail.
  2. You may choose to browse the matching cocktails in order by name, ingredients, primary alcohol, flavor (not currently implemented), or date added (most recent first).
  3. You may choose to display just the cocktail's name, or to include a synopsis of ingredients.
  4. You may filter on the cocktail's name. Enter the full or partial name. So for Manhattan and other cocktails starting in "Manhattan", you might enter "Manh".
  5. You may filter on ingredients. Enter the full name(s) of the ingredient(s), one on each line. So you might enter Rye on the first line and Sweet vermouth on the second.
  6. You may search on Notes or Comments. If you remember entering a note that a drink was good for winter, you might enter "winter" to retrieve it.
  7. You may search for the user who submitted the cocktail. Enter the user's name in Posted by. This is a good way to look at the cocktails of your favorite mixologists.
  8. If you are logged in, you have some additional options:
    1. You may choose to limit your search to just the cocktails in your Cocktail book (rather than all cocktails in the entire database).
    2. You may browse your cocktails grouped by the Menu category that you can optionally enter for each cocktail.
    3. You may search by rating (1 to 5, with 5 being best). You can also search for unrated cocktails so that you can try them and rate them.
    4. You may search by your Menu category.
    5. You may search by cocktails that you've marked as being bookmarked, approved or on menu.
      1. Mark cocktails as bookmarked for any purpose you want. Perhaps these are cocktails that you want to try soon, for example.
      2. Mark cocktails as approved when you are happy with them. You can limit your search to only approved cocktails.
      3. Mark cocktails as "on menu" to help you include them on your printed cocktail menu. See Goodies / menu.