Recent Cocktails

  • Fruits of Victory from applejack
    Navy strength rum, Virgin Islands Rum, Raspberry liqueur, Cynar, Molasses Bitters
  • Ashes in Our Mouth from applejack
    Mezcal, Zucca, Ancho Reyes Ancho Chile Liqueur, Sweet vermouth, Grapefruit peel
  • Rusty Cross from Craig E
    Navy strength rum, Drambuie, Lemon peel
  • High Line Stroll from Dan by Dan Chadwick, Kindred Cocktails
    Rye, Cappelletti Aperitivo, Maraschino Liqueur, Maraschino cherry
  • Doctor of Journalism from DistinguishedSpirits
    Rum, Mezcal, Raspberry syrup, Grapefruit juice, Grapefruit peel
  • Purple Rain from Thierry Vandevelde by Thierry Vandevelde La 25ème Heure, Soignies, Belgium
    Bourbon, Blackberry liqueur, Sweet vermouth, Bitters, Beet juice, Lemon juice
  • Opium from Thierry Vandevelde by Thierry Vandevelde La 25ème Heure, Soignies, Belgium
    Bénédictine, Batavia Arrack, Sake, Cognac, Bitters
  • Flitcraft from Cagmaggers
    Apple brandy, Salers Gentiane, Apricot liqueur, Peach bitters
  • Papillon from Dr.Bob by Scott Morrell Boise, Idaho USA
    Guatemalan rum, Armagnac, Coffee liqueur, Triple sec, Herbal liqueur, Lemon peel
  • Time Release from J.S-g. by Julia Momose, GreenRiver, Chicago
    Gin, White port, Sloe gin, Herbal liqueur
  • Mexican Velvet from noksagt by Jessica Maria, Hotsy Totsy, Albany, CA
    Reposado Tequila, Mezcal, Falernum, Lime juice, Pineapple syrup
  • De Rigueur 2 from Aular by Roosevelt Room, Austin, TX
    Bourbon, Scotch, Grapefruit juice, Honey syrup
  • Sentimental Fool from enchantedbyamari by Heidi Schmidt
    Rye, Salers Gentiane, Peach liqueur, Lemon
  • Deauville from noksagt by Harry Craddock, Savoy, 1930
    Triple sec, Brandy, Apple brandy, Lemon juice
  • Cure for Pain from galbato
    Rye, Tawny port, Sweet vermouth, Bourbon, White Crème de Cacao, Campari, Orange peel
  • Perfect Dark from DrunkLab by Rafa García Febles, NYC.
    Blended rum, Oloroso sherry, Pimento bitters, Ginger beer, Ginger syrup, Lime juice, Demerara syrup
  • Aura from laerm by Micah Stupak
    Gin, Tawny port, Absinthe, Dry vermouth, Bitters, Raspberry, Fine sugar, Egg white, Lemon juice
  • Here's To Yu Julep from DrunkLab by Rafa García Febles, NYC.
    Gin, Dry vermouth, Yuzu bitters, Yuzu syrup, Mint
  • That Voodoo That Yuzu from sjdiaz21 by Scott Diaz, Seattle, WA
    Ginger liqueur, Rye, Strega, Passion fruit bitters, Yuzu juice, Pineapple juice
  • Navy Proof from DrunkLab by Rafa García Febles, NYC.
    Aromatized wine, Navy strength gin, Campari, Simple syrup, Lime juice
  • Is You Fizz Or Is You Ain't from DrunkLab by Rafa García Febles, NYC.
    Fernet Branca, Reposado Tequila, Club soda, Lime juice, Egg white, Orgeat, Ginger syrup, Nutmeg
  • Frank's Cocktail from DrunkLab by Frank Philip Newman
    Cognac, White port, Orange bitters, Maraschino Liqueur, Lemon peel
  • Friûl Libar from Craig E by Justin Elliot, Qui, Austin, Texas (USA)
    Amaro Nonino, Navy strength gin, Peychaud's Bitters, Lemon juice, Demerara syrup, Lemon peel
  • Jimmy Gatz from robatherton4 by Rob Atherton
    Bourbon, Pimm's No. 1 Cup, Orange bitters, Simple syrup
  • Manowar from Sara.Rosales
    Rye, Amaro Meletti, Fernet Branca, Orange bitters


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