Coconut Cardamom Milk Punch

1 12 oz Coconut rum, Brinley's
12 oz Swedish Punsch, Kronan
34 oz Coconut liqueur, Kalani
1 12 oz Half-and-half
2 ds Bitters, Scrappy's Cardamon
Shake, fine strain into a coupe or old fashioned glass.
The Brinley's coconut rum is the only one I've tried that's any good (though I'm hardly an expert on coconut rum). I'm sure the combo of it plus the Kalani coconut liqueur could be approximated with a light rum and Coco Lopez.
From other users
  • Reduce 1/2 to 1.25, increase Punsch to 0.75. Consider 3 ds Cardamom bitters. — ☆☆☆