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    Used Tomatin, Sfuamato and vintage port at 2.5 / .5 / .5 / .5. Excellent. Would try again with a touch of Islay too.

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    Plinio Sandalio once made me a Branca Menta Alexander while he was in residence at Anvil. It was pretty great stuff.  Zachary

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    My god -- this drink turned 10 this month! I noticed a lot of people posting about it on Barnotes and claiming it their creation, but that time sig on that post pre-dates them by several years. Really, it was due to the Anvil publishing their 100 drinks list in 2009 and suggesting any spirit for the Alexander; they used Campari, so I turned to Fernet.

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    Just made this tonight after not having it for several years.  Maybe my palate has become more numb to fernet-y bitterness, but I thought the ratio of fernet to other ingredients could be upped to 1.5 or 2 to 1 part each of the creme de cacao and cream.  At least using our house fernet blend (3 parts Branca, 2 parts Letherbee & 1 part CH Dogma) and the uber-rich Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao (which I thought kinda dominated in equal parts or even 1.5:1:1, but in a not unpleasant chocolate-ly way).

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    This looks amazing - can you substitute the Domaine de Canton with Ginger Syrup?

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    The "History" field says it was created by Kal Moore but the "Created by" field says it was created by Mike Gordon. What's up?

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    Really like this. It hits the intersection of "interesting " and "highly drinkable". 

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    Ango. I’vd updated the recipe.

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    This is a drink that is both tangy and sweet. And delicious! For the gin I used Hendrick's Solstice, which is a limited gin. I believe this will be a better drink by using a gin that has some body, either a botanical gin or highly juniper gin. This is because of the sweetness (Aperol and St Germain) and the tanginess from the lemon juice. A gin such as Beefeater's is likely to be swallowed up by the other ingredients. This is an enjoyable drink, either before or after dinner. Or on a hot day. Enjoy!

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    Rafa, do you have a preferred bitters here? Thanks,  Zachary

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    Very good!! Didn't have the dram so just soaked ground allspice & nutmeg in the bourbon (use coffee filter) for 5 min. Simplify it and just use 1/4 oz maple syrup instead of mixing up a solution with water. Used regular lemon juice, but curious to try with Meyer. Also, added half an egg white to give it a little foam.

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    This is true.  I attempted a few years back with Fernet Branca as that was all I had available. I had the same reaction that I used to have with cough syrup as a child:  two seconds after the swallow, I sneezed it right out.   Now that I have Fernet Vallet in my bar to use, I tried again.  NO sneeze!  

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    The increase in rum is acknowledged in the Notes. I've curated to add a link to the IBA recipe and to tag this as an altered recipe.

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    The IBA suggests the proportion is 2:1 Rum:Others rather than 3:1 in this cocktail. Other recipes I've found suggest that it's 2oz rum instead of 1½. I don't see a lot of support for the garnish either although some sort of fruit wedge/slice seems is not unusual.

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    The video above is an updated, more recent post.  The original recipe video (I ripped the videos from Small Screen Network before they shut down) uses Dry Sack Medium Sherry (a blend of Amontillado, Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez) and Fee Brother's Peach Bitters.  So it's quite a bit less dry than a version using just Amontillado and The Bitter Truth Peach Bitters (which are much more bitter than the Fee's).  The Trident is a drink I really gravitated to when it came out, maybe as much for the drink itself as it encouraged me to explore my own Negroni variants.  I personally like using Krogstad Aquavit (it's a cleaner, crisper flavor than the oloroso cask barrel aged Linie) and a 50/50 split of Amontillado and East India Sherry.

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    2 dashes of Orange Bitters would help. Video description suggests it.

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    I developed this with Luxardo Apricot Liqueur. I love it, and find it a bit less sweet (and a tad more complex) than the R&W, though both work great in this drink. Cheers!

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    Any guidance on making the sweetened lemon juice?

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    With lime, falernum, and rhum agricole, this feels like a Caribbean last word.

    Given the tropical feel, I really don't get the name...

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    When I joined Russell House Tavern in 2013, the drink was still on the menu but with Jameson. The name revolves around how some thought it a sacrilege to mix with Irish whiskey, but those in the know had dubbed this one the "Sacrilicious." I believe that the drink finally left the menu in 2014 coinciding with John leaving the bar team (there was a tradition that your drink generally left the menu along with you).

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    This was Hannah's bitter take on the 20th Century at Russell House Tavern, Cambridge, MA.

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    Not terrible, but tastes a bit like an old shoe.

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    Beautiful nose, but oddly metallic finish. I used a mellow Speyside scotch, which may have not mixed well.

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    This was my mashup of The Search for Deliciousness, Maximilian Affair, and Little Giuseppe. It was created at home in 2019 at served at the Fenix Speakeasy at Nahita in Boston. For more information: