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    Wonderful combo of the Pineapple rum and the hint of smoke from the Mezcal

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    Do you have a recommendation for a more globally available amaro that CH Distillery is comparable to? 

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    Simple and refreshing! Next time I will probably use just a bit less lime, and muddle the cucumber so that its flavor is more evident.

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    Light, delicate, and very easy sipping. Next time I plan to use a bit less lemon. 

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    I found the maraschino to be quite dominant at the listed proportions and ended up adding more of everything else to balance it out. The salt is a nice touch although 1 pinch was enough for me. 

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    I found I didn't care for the lime flavor with the rye, so on the second go-round I omitted it and upped the lemon to a scant 1 oz, as I prefer a less tart drink. I didn't have hot pepper-infused honey, so I added a pinch of cayenne to my honey syrup and thought it worked well for some subtle heat. I think many recipes overdo the maraschino but this one gets the balance just right. Will make again!

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    Definitely a good use for cassis!  Made this with Zucca (the previous recipe, not the current one), and it was mighty tasty!  Confinement does stimulate the creative juices, doesn't it?

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    This was a light and pleasant drink, but I felt like the orange juice and elderflower were a bit at odds with each other. (I did have to use store-bought OJ rather than fresh-squeezed.) Like the previous reviewer I used just ¼ oz of simple syrup and wouldn't have wanted it sweeter. 

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    This is a pretty standard sized drink in most craft cocktail bars (3.25 oz pre-dilluted, I'd say most are 3 - 3.5 oz pre-dilluted, excepting some like an old fashioned build).  You could sub Overholt Bonded or Rittenhouse for the 80 proof Overholt rye, and shave off a quarter ounce.  As far as the intensity goes, simply dilute it more.  Not sure what stir count you're using, but add another 5-10 revolutions, taste it, if it's still too intense repeat until you find your sweet spot.

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    My guess would be to stir it for a longer time. Or if that's not enough, add 1/4 ounce of cold water. Thanks,  Zachary

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    The flavor is very nice. The drink is very intense. Is there a way to lighten it up, volume wise and intensity?

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    I really liked this liqueur, but I'm pretty sure it's discontinued now. I've been using a mix of Greenbar's Fruitlab Hibiscus Liqueur + a touch of allspice liqueur (The Bitter Truth) in it's place.

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    Substituted Sorel for Montenegro. 

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    Used for the overproof rum a white agricole rum (Longueteau 62%) with great results despite being unaged.

    It brings minerality and freshness to the mix.

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    Hugo Ensslin's 1916/17 version has a red wine float, but the one in the Pioneers of Mixing in Elite Bars: 1903-1933 lacks that red wine float and is closer to the Martini riff (gin, dry vermouth, Creme Yvette, orange bitters). The citrus one is much later and appears in Crosby Gaige's 1941 Cocktail Guide and Ladies' Companion and David Embury's 1948 The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.

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    Great recipe! Grapefruit twist is ideal but I made one with lemon too and that worked.

    I make another drink that has an identical build but uses Cointreau (in place of Elderflower) and absinthe (in place of celery bitters) with an orange twist. I've heard it called a Foghorn, but there's a better known drink by that name as well. Reccomend checking that out if you like this!

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    Made this with Monkey Shoulder, Dolin Dry, St. George Coffee Liqueur & 16 drops Bittermens Xocolatl Mole bitters.  Nicely integrated and balanced, with no ingredient forcing itself to the front.  The St. George Coffee Liqueur is pretty dry by coffee liqueur standards, might try a blanc / bianco vermouth next time to add a touch more roundness and richness.  I would suggest a light stir count (maybe 30-40 revolutions); using a standard stir count (50-60) made for a slightly thin drink.

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    Revisited this drink just now after trying it a few years ago.  I agree with others, it's riding right up to the line of being too sweet (using a house vermouth blend of CAF, Cocchi di Torino & Alessio), but the ingredients are so well integrated it didn't bother me.  As others said, the cocktail nerd in me perhaps wants something more intensely flavored (I would probably look to add a dash of bitters, say Dale's Pimento, or a rinse/atomizer spray of something, before changing the ratios), but for the average customer, this is a great introduction to some typically intense ingredients.

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    Too whiskey-sour-like with these ratios. I swapped the bourbon and Swedish punsch and added a spoon of aquavit and found it more interesting.

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    Added the lime juice (1/2 lime is +- 1/2 ounce of juice) that was in the instructions but not the recipe. Thanks,  Zachary.

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    I initially made this with Fernet Branca and a tequila blanco.  I thought this was bit unbalanced using those ingredients, but better when using an alternate, less menthol heavy fernet such as Fernet-Vallet (which made sense given the other Mexican ingredients) or Letherbee Fernet.  The type of tequila wasn't specified so I figured the default was a blanco; I thought the oak, vanilla & caramel notes of a quality repo or anejo rounded out the drink better.  So if you didn't like this as specified, I'd suggest maybe trying it with an alternate fernet and an aged tequila, which made for a nicely complex, bitter sipper.  I also thought a drink with powerful flavors such as this benefited from being served on a large rock or sphere instead of up.

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    Would a lime twist or lime wheel be the intended garnish mentioned in the instructions?

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    This is most likely the Suppressor #21, which specifies Barolo Chinato for the vermouth and a grapefruit twist instead of lemon 

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    This is most likely the Suppressor #21, which specifies Barolo Chinato for the vermouth and a grapefruit twist instead of lemon