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    This is one of 14 drinks in the database using Root. Happy hunting!  Zachary

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    Thank you for finding something that uses Root! Nicely balanced & surprisingly refreshing.

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    Subbed Barenjager for the honey syrup, and Montenegro for the Sibilla. Very tasty! Calling it a Beekeeper's Folly.

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    Fixed, thanks.  Zachary

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    This recipe is very different from the one in the Saveur article you linked to (1.5 bourbon, .75 carrot juice, .5 lemon juice, .5 walnut liqueur, .5 demerara syrup, 1 pinch salt). Might have to try both to see which I prefer...

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    Fixed, thanks.  Zachary

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    Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.  Zachary

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    "Cocchi" is their sweet vermouth -- not the Americano or other. I created this at Russell House Tavern where it appeared on a short menu for a Del Maguey-sponsored Day of the Dead event in 2013. I later made it at other places that had a 3 oz build instead of 4 oz as .75 oz each mezcal and apple brandy and .5 oz each sweet vermouth, Benedctine, and lime.

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    That link no longer lists this drink (they updated the article with a new list of 7 drinks). We had the Dunaway served to us by Misty at Drink in 2009.

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    Really good-nice on a cold February night but can imagine it being excellent for summer too

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    Subbed CioCiaro for Amer Picon - delicious!

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    Another 5 in my cocktail list for a Yarm creation. I don't know how you do it, Fred, but don't stop.

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    Rich, boozy. Chocolate, orange, gin. Winter & Christmas.

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    Two I've used instead of Campari in Negroni: Rinomato and Bruto Americano.  Wish I could provide more notes on these, but I thought they both subbed in really elegantly.  Bruto Americano has a little more 'smokiness' than Campari, maybe oak?

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    This drink was formulated with Giffard's Banane as well as Beefeater, Clement Premiere Canne Rhum Agricole, Dolin Blanc, and Regan's Orange Bitters. I haven't played around with other banana liqueurs as much (I have had them in drinks -- and once both in the same since they wanted different aspects from each). Either way, the banana should be a hint of tropical.

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    Nice well balanced cocktail, may need fiddling with Creme de Banane depending on the brand. (I upped to a heavy 1/4 ounce of Tempus Fugit but also used Neisson 50% abv agricole which isn't as fruity as other agricoles).

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    I'm a big fan of Claire, but using "tonic" in the name of this drink makes no sense; this is a Celery Gin Sour.

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    Curated this - changed the last rum to the correct spec in the article. Not that a lot of people are going to have it. Maybe a Velier Hampden - S&C isn't aged enough. Thanks,  Zachary

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    While this build is fine (and the people I've made it for tend to enjoy it more than me), it tends to be a little curacao heavy for me, with the sugary sweet Ronnie Zac combining with it to have a strong candied orange note that's a touch off putting.  I like to sub Bigallet China-China for the curacao for a more complex, bitter, less orange forward version.  I imagine Amaro Nonino would work as well.  Also needs a bit more dilution than I normally do (50-60 stir revolutions, so an extra 10-15 is fine), and the expressed lemon peel is a must to cut the sweetness.

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    The original idea & recipe was passed along to me by Mike Gordon.  I wrote it down, walked over to The Gresham, and Kal Moore put it all together for the very first time.

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    I've been working on milk clarifying cocktails like punch. If you warmed an ounce of milk in a small pitcher then poured the ingredients in, it would curdle. Strain that through a damp Chemex filter in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and it's not only stable but it does cool things to flavors and textures.  Thanks,  Zachary

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    One of the best cocktail of the website.

    Already had a dozen in 6 month and always good as the first time.

    Perfect balance.

    Upgraded Manhattan.