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    The drink was decent, I'll make it again. Next time, I will omit the simple syrup though.

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    Fernet was a bit much at first and overpowered the orange but it improved as it warmed up so a longer time stirring might help as well.

    ETA, I used Botanist gin which might not have the necessary heft. Also, source blog was very entertaining and full of scientific method cocktail nerding out. 

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    Lightly curated: fresh-squeezed juices are presumed at KC.

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    Surprised by this as Creme de Violette usually takes over. I cheated it down a notch but the violette didn't overpower. I might try it with Hendricks next time to see what adding another floral note does.

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    Gaz Regan calls the same drink but proportioned more like a Manhattan (3:1:5 dashes) an East Ender.

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    Thanks Craig! I don't have homemade, so I will try it with syrup per the article you linked - Cheers.

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    This seems like it might be pretty sweet - the Rock&Rye is 65 proof and it's then got close to a half ounce of liqueurs in it. Is it as sweet as it looks? Thanks,  Zachary

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    I do agree, but all the ingredients works very well together.
    Did you try the complete recipe ?

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    Thanks for the comments; I've curated the recipe to reflect the Savoy formulation.

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    Craddock's formulation (which uses 2 oz of Old Tom gin, only 2 dashes of the remaining ingredients, and garnishes with a cherry) is delightful. My score is based on that formulation, rather than the version posted here.

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    This drink is pretty big and seems a touch over-the-top complex. I simplified the concept and tried:
    1 1/2 oz rye, 1/2 oz each Smith & Cross, Punt e Mes, and Amer Boudreau. I liked it a lot.


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    Yes, Thanks! For sure 2 dashes... Edited

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    Is that supposed to be two *dashes* Angostura bitters?

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    Old raj gin , Kina avion d'or, Pierre Ferrand Curaçao 

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    Very interesting background, but I must disagree about the "modern" and proper definition of a Gimlet versus a Rickey.

    It is simple - and I can cite luminaries such as Dale DeGroff who concur - Rose's (or otherwise PREPARED lime juice) makes a GIMLET.
    Fresh lime juice (with added sweetener or not) makes a RICKEY.
    Of course customers are free to think whatever they want, and order whatever they want, but professionals in the industry should work to keep the terminology correct. IMNTBHO

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    This article says Fee's non-alcoholic, straight from the horse's mouth. I've made it with rum-based homemade falernum though and it was outstanding. 

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    Is this alcoholic Falernum (i.e. Velvet) or non-alcoholic Falernum syrup? The reference link is dead as of 2018. Thanks!

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    Is the creme de violette amount right? This seems like a large (5 oz after shaking) drink. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Bumped up the bourbon to 1.25 oz.

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    This drink is very different than the one cited - the ratios are off and Cocchi Americano (Muscat based, about 100 g/l sugar) is in no way shape or form a substitute for Chablis (Chardonnay, no sugar). Thanks,  Zachary

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    Curated this to add credit. 

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    I don't like things too sweet, so I increased the rum to 2 and cut the Passion fruit syrup to 1/4


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    I’ve been making this cocktail a little differently. I make a honey-ginger simple syrup,1:1 honey to water. I add sliced fiber to the syrup and simmer for a few minutes and let sit overnight to strain in the morning.

    2oz blended scotch

    .5oz ginger honey syrup 

    .5oz lemon juice

    1oz islay float

    I’m a big fan of it this way