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    The earliest known Brooklyn recipe is this from Jack's Manual circa 1908. The dry vermouth variation won out though.

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    Imbibe suggests subbing Byrrh for the sweet vermouth and bitters, and adding a cherry to the garnish.

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    PDT book has this as 2 Whiskey, .75 Lillet, .5 Cointreau, 2 dash orange bitters. Cointreau is prominent, an maybe you could even cut it to .25, but I think this is a pretty good spec.

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    Curated this - added link to the Punch article and changed grapefruit swath to orange swath (cut into a carrot for extra points) - any idea where the very specific instructions come from? Punch is not so picky. And bravo to anyone who has the carrot eau de vie! Thanks,  Zachary

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    This drink is a masterpiece. On Punch it is garnished with an orange peel, was that an update or is this recipe incorrect? Regardless, I'll try it with a grapefruit peel next time.

  • Reply to: Intercept   by   6 days 14 hours ago

    Really excellent. With Rothman and Winter, it was a touch sweet. Some dry vermouth yielded a warm, balanced and still rich cocktail. Defintely would make again.

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    Was making this for two and so I doubled it, not reading closely -- then I was like "8 oz rye what what?" and that's how I made an epic amount of this for two people. I might suggest editing the recipe to be for a single drink -- the "makes two" wasn't clear in the mobile app. 


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    This is a lot of swaps to be a riff. Do you mean Dolin Dry or Blanc? Thanks,  Zachary

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    What a tasty cocktail! Spicy, but the orange accents it beautifully. A great fall/winter drink. 

  • Reply to: Ajax   by   1 week 2 days ago

    Curated this quite a bit. Added attribution, link, rewrote instructions and notes to avoid copyright, edited drink to match the cited link. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Made with triple sec (I did not have Curaçao) this is tasty- layers of cocoa, spice, and vanilla. A tad sweet for my taste -- I might try subbing out the Ramazzotti for Amer Boudreaux instead (which contains Ramazzotti but is more bitter)

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    Build on Collins. Taste. Add sugar syrup if needed. On today's lemon juice added a bar spoon. 

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    Make a gin sour and save yourself a lot of money. 

  • Reply to: The Alpine Rabbit   by   1 week 3 days ago

    I found this poorly balanced with too much lemon and carrot lost - 2 stars. However, upped the carrot and nocino a bit and it was better, like a 3 star. I think with more tweaking this could be amazing. Carrot juice is hard...

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    Curated this slightly - corrected the bitters to 1 dash which I'd imagine is correct. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Used Akashi, Meletti instead of Campari, and grapefruit instead of lemon bitters. The liqueurs support the whisky beautifully. 

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    First time I've mixed this but it won't be my last! Tasty

  • Reply to: Chinese Cocktail   by   1 week 6 days ago

    In The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book (2016) Frank Caiafa gives a version that is 2oz Jamaican Rum (or 1 oz each congnac and aged rum agricole), .25oz Pierre Ferrand dry curacao, .25 maraschino liqueur (or creme de noyaux...or amaretto, or orgeat), .25 grenadine (or simple syrup), and 2 dashes Angostura. He notes that the suggestions in parentheses are based on how 'the Old Books' listed the recipe. I tried his version as listed (and very close to the recipe in the entry here), using appleton reserve 8yr without the suggested substitutions, and it was quite good. The maraschino hits hard, but it works really well with the rum, and makes me want to experiment with that combo.

  • Reply to: Tommy Appleseed   by   1 week 6 days ago

    Great cocktail, extremely well balanced, use 100 Proof Apple Brandy. I used half Laphroag 10 and half Asyla (Compass Box) for the scotch and a mix of Ango, Fee Bros, and Regans for the orange bitters (1:1:1).

  • Reply to: San Pedro   by   2 weeks 22 hours ago

    Curated; amended amounts per source.

  • Reply to: Blood Eagle   by   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Didn't have Krogstad, but this worked well with Skiklubben from Tamworth NH Distillery

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    I make it with Escubac (a juniper-free herbal spirit) instead of gin. We call it a Bac(k) Word in my house. 


  • Reply to: Faded Gentleman   by   2 weeks 2 days ago

    I love Gran Classico and am always looking for new uses for it. Somehow, this all of these ingredients come together into something that is complex, balanced, and most importantly unique! It's always fun to find something that tastes so new after the ten tons of variations on the same handful of classics. Also, some kind of chemical reaction is happening in this drink that turns it a crazy color...maybe the violette and classico? 'Metallic' colored, from a previous comment is a good way to describe it. Anyway, it tastes good and also looks super cool. This would be a great surprise to make for someone who likes islay scotch, or to stretch what creme de violette can do for someone who likes aviations.

  • Reply to: Fool's Gold   by   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Made this with the leftover almond milk from making orgeat. Good drink, bit on the light and tart side (I was expecting it to be heavier!.) There are certainly many worse things you can do with your leftover almond milk.

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    Difford proportions are 1 fl oz gin, 2/3 fl oz each Green Charteuse, Maraschino and lime juice, plus 1/3 fl oz cold water if not using wet ice. A tasty cocktail that ties together two potent ingredients.