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    Fixed this, thanks all!  Zachary

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    The Hugo Ensslin 1916 is the earliest known recipe and it is shaken with orange and lemon peels for added citrus brightness. Plus garnished with an orange twist. It was named for the turn of the century boxer David Deshler,

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    A bit too light and delicate. I'd like it to have a bit more oomph in flavor to match the deceptive punch in potency. Might try Dead Rabbit version.

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    Did not have Smith & Cross so used Plantation 5 star. No complaints here.

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    Alrighty cocktail sleuths... changed the name and attribution. I am constantly impressed at the knowledge base here! Thanks,  Zachary

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    The only one I know for sure is Kevin Upthegrove who does the 5 Minutes of Rum blog/podcast. He mentioned on my Instagram post that it was unnamed at the time and that he had dubbed it "The Man with the Golden Rum" to match the spy theme of the seminar. Here's his post & podcast about that drink which has a photo of the people seated at the table (but without names mentioned in the post or audio) other than his wife, Val Upthegrove. I've interacted with Val when she started selling Tiki-themed masks this spring (also does Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, and punk/goth ones) on Etsy and I just ordered my 4th a day or two ago. $5 goes to charity to support the staff of a famous Tiki bar in California during the Pandemic.

    Blog post and audio:

    TikiVal's masks:

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    The Cates do not include those details in their book, but it appears Kevin Upthegrove (host of the 5 Minutes of Rum podcast) was one of the people at table 11! Might need to re-listen to relevant episode.

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    Thanks Fred. Do we have any idea who was at table 11? Curated this to match the cited link. Thanks,  Zachary

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    The back history as described in Smuggler's Cove drink book was that it was crafted at the Tiki Oasis event in 2012 as table 11's entry in the create-a-cocktail competition.

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    Which amaro? Thanks,  Zachary

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    Update: I tried this with Gosling's Black Seal rum and it is 1000% amazing. This might honestly be my favorite cocktail in the world. The coffee and the dark rum marry to an intense caramel flavor. You can put salt directly in the cocktail shaker -- no need to fuss with salt solution if you don't want to. 

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    Shifting towards grapefruit notes and using agave instead of simple, a'la this spec, works well too.

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    Add 5 ml simple syrup when dry mead 

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    @Reviewers with subpar IPA in the fridge, I'd recommend a lighter session IPA. Think ABV of less than 5%. Your "favorite" IPA may be too much for this. You can also try adjusting the volume of the IPA downward a bit.

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    Smooth and interesting. Used Elijah Craig for whisky and Cocci Americano as blanc vermouth.Made my branca real plump ;) 

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    Used Noilly Prat extra dry and Antica Formula. Smells truly foul, but actually tastes okay. Boozy, funky and sweet.

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    This drink was named after the fact that Brendan's nickname at the bar was Moses. Brendan was one of the earliest people trained by Ryan Lotz who helped to give him that nickname; Ryan went on to open the Hawthorne, work at No. 9 Park, and open Bar Mezanna & Shore Leave here in Boston.

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    Strange but pleasant.   With pineapple juice from concentrate it was a little more acidic than I think would be ideal so would consider tuning it back to 0.75 oz.  With fresh pineapple would have likely been perfect.

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    Made this last night with WT101 and Montelobos.  I enjoyed it.  Kinda reminded me of a drier, less rich version of the 100 Year Cigar, with notes of leather, smoke & a touch of anise.  Might try again with a lower proof, sweeter bourbon than the WT101 like BT or EWSB.

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    This has a lot in common with Sother Teague's C.I.A. I really enjoyed it tonight. I agree with the other comment, and I think I would swap the proportions of the Chartreuse and the Nonino, and I'm not sure the Islay float is doing enough. Even so, this is definitely going onto my list.

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    I like the concept of this one, but it's quite a bit too sweet for my taste. Not a bad drink, but for me, I'd eliminate the simple and cut the chocolate bitters to one or maybe two dashes.

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    Refreshing and boozy. I lived in Brazil for 3yrs. Cut 1/2 - 1 lime into pieces & put 2 T sugar in a bottom of rocks glass, muddle, add ice & at least 3oz cachaca - cheap stuff ok. Enjoy! Never liked simple w/ this drink.

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    Ok, since this has gone long, if no one has any objections, I'm going to change this to the "new" version, which more accurately  reflects the video. I'll add Coco Lopez/matcha mix and pistachio syrup recipes. Hopefully done tonight assuming the power stays on. Thanks,  Zachary

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    I have yet to meet anyone, and I mean anyone, who I have made this drink for who did not like it. The chocolate bitters puts it over the top. I use Bullet Bourbon and it's great. I also find that using maple syrup instead of simple syrup, especially bourbon barrel maple syrup, takes it to another level. My favorite go to cocktail. Thank you!