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    Sure there is. Vodka 100 proof and allspice for 10 days in a clean jar. You can do it with a 5 to 1 proportion spirit to allspice in weight. Shake it once a day.   

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    Mastika is the liqueur made from the resin of the gum mastic tree, found near Chios, Greece. There's several brands available in the United States. It's sweet, so the sour and soda help cut it a bit, but the piney, resinous flavor makes a unique drink. I serve these at cocktail nights and always get requests for more.

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    Made without simple syrup. Delicious.

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    Curated this to have the volumes match those given at the link, and to paraphrase the instructions in order to avoid copyright infringement. 

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    I used about half of my (small) barspoon of (St. George) absinthe and the balance worked well. 

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    Too much absinthe for my taste, but then I think Improved cocktails with absinthe are rarely improved. I'd use a rinse next time. Or maybe a spritz.

  • Reply to: The Crusher   by   2 days 14 hours ago

    Is there a recipe for the allspice tincture?

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    I'm super excited about replicating this but I think I'm missing a volume for syrup in the umeboshi syrup. I'm assuming that don't want six umeboshi into ¾oz of syrup but maybe I'm being unimaginative.

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    The smoky-bitter-apricot fusion really works. 

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    Seen recipes for using black beer as well. Note Turkish shops sell carob syrup

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    Great desert cocktail

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    Surprised how balanced and easy drinking this was. Creamy, mildly spicy. 

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    Not to snark, but two of the comments here made substitutions that aren't that similar. It's pretty good with the proper ingredients.

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    Boozy, bittersweet, delicious. A reminder that you don't need a dozen ingredients to make a great cocktail. 

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    Which bitters would you prefer as a garnish here? Thanks,  Zachary

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    Kind of seems crazy to me that with 2 oz. of liqueurs this would need the simple.

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    Used what I had on hand--Old Overholt, Beefeater and Green Chartreuse--and enjoyed this. Tasting notes are accurate, nice wintry drink. 

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    I used Caffe Amaro, a couple dashes of black walnut and added a dash of Fee Bros Aztec Chocolate...a smoky, rich, cold weather sipper.

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    Used several dashes of Fee Bros black walnut bitters in place of Nux Alpina. Quite good. 

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    Misty competed with this drink in June 2008 at the St. Germain Can-Can competition. 2009 would already find her at Drink which would be too late for the timeline (she opened Drink in late 2008). Also, these are the correct proportions and not the ones that Eric Felten made up. I asked Misty about that here:

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    Tried this with Rittenhouse and Laird's Apple Brandy. It's quite good.

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    Made it with the proportions listed. Smoky, tart, great balance. 

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    I like the ingredients separately, but this drink just did not come together for me.

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    I like to add a half ounce of lemon juice and tablespoon of honey. 

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    Hi and welcome to Kindred Cocktails - I see you're the creator of this drink. Is this the name you'd prefer? Someone else had posted it under a slightly different name and I just want to be sure we get it right. Thanks,  Zachary