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  • Reply to: Miss Scarlet   by   1 day 18 hours ago

    Tasty but a little on the sweet side. Will try reducing the grenadine a bit next time.

  • Reply to: Spicy Sandilla   by   2 days 23 hours ago

    Curated this slightly. Rewrote watermelon syrup instructions to avoid copyright. Thanks,  Zachary

  • Reply to: Kingston Negroni   by   3 days 15 hours ago

    Up the rum, lower liqueur

  • Reply to: Bitter Apricot   by   4 days 19 hours ago

    Looks good

  • Reply to: Wakeup Juice   by   1 week 3 days ago

    I always scale back on simple syrup in my drinks and don't like sweet drinks, but cutting back on the triple sec like one person suggested left me wanting more sweet

  • Reply to: Final Rhuse   by   1 week 4 days ago

    Tried with 1/2 oz Aperol and 2 dashes of Rhubarb bitters. Was really good.

  • Reply to: Whispering Pines   by   2 weeks 5 hours ago

    I haven't toyed with CC EDV Douglas Fir....yet.  The bitters and simple are just awesome.  I highly recommend them both if you haven't tried them.  No sweetness is needed.  It's been described by many as a "dessert cocktail" or "grapefruit creamsicle".  Extremely popular and sought after.

  • Reply to: Boulevard of Broken Dreams   by   2 weeks 5 hours ago

    It's not sweet, you could remove the barspoon of demerera I suppose.  I find it balanced, everything plays well together.  It's a popular cocktail at the bar for smokey, spirit forward types.

  • Reply to: Boulevard of Broken Dreams   by   2 weeks 9 hours ago

    With more amaro than spirit, is the syrup really needed? Sounds very sweet.

  • Reply to: Sage and Chartreuse Smash   by   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Nice cocktail.  Pulled some fresh sage leaves from the garden and honey from our neighbor’s hive.  Make a honey syrup or it will solidify under the crushed ice.

  • Reply to: Sonic Titan   by   2 weeks 5 days ago

    I didn't have the wormwood.  I used a dash of absinthe and some Jerry Thomas' bitters, and it tasted good.

  • Reply to: The Comet   by   2 weeks 5 days ago

    My new favorite! Can't believe I never tried this before.

  • Reply to: The Man Comes Around   by   3 weeks 2 days ago

    Just perfect. Rich, smooth, smokey and chocolatey.

  • Reply to: Antrim Cocktail   by   3 weeks 5 days ago

    From Punch: Seeking a more consistent mouthfeel and flavor, Brooklyn bartender Selma Slabiak introduces orange bitters, gomme syrup and a lemon twist to the proceedings.

    • 1 ounce Cognac, preferably Pierre Ferrand 1840
    • 1 ounce tawny port
    • 2 dashes orange bitters, preferably Regans'
    • 1 barspoon gomme syrup (see Editor's Note) 

    Garnish: lemon peel

  • Reply to: Staying Together For The Children   by   3 weeks 5 days ago

    The name is perfect for the cocktail. I bitter beauty.


    I've also substituted the gin for high proof american whiskey as well as regular 80 proof plymouth.

  • Reply to: Toronto   by   3 weeks 5 days ago

    Classic cocktail. A good variation is 2-2.5 ounces of rye(Michters), 1/2oz fernet branca, 1/2 branca-menta, 1/4 simple syrup. Dash of angostura and garnish with a grapefruit peel.


    The branca-menta sweetens things up so you can go with even less syrup and the grapefruit/branca-menta combo just go great in any cocktail.

  • Reply to: No Moon At All   by   4 weeks 23 hours ago

    A bit too bitter and not as fruity as I'd have expected, could probably do with a bit of syrup, or increase quantity of liqueurs. Tastes much better and sweeter if slowly sipped..

  • Reply to: A Scotsman In Paradise   by   4 weeks 23 hours ago

    Banana, coconut & pineapple with whisky! It shouldn't work, but in the end is damn good. Used coco lopez and thought that was fine.

  • Reply to: Dusky Rose   by   1 month 21 hours ago

    this is a handsome looking cocktail. I added a small amount of egg whites and that really added to the visual appeal.

  • Reply to: Summer Water   by   1 month 2 days ago

    Lacking lemon syrup, used some homemade grenadine instead. Very tasty, low proof summer quencher 

  • Reply to: Autumn Negroni   by   1 month 5 days ago

    I don't get all the 5 star ratings. I mean, it's a well crafted Negroni, and it's carefully balanced drink and all, but I just don't see it as an all encompassing 5 star cocktail. Full disclosure: I hate gin, so maybe it's a 4 star for everyone else...

  • Reply to: Last Word (lighter)   by   1 month 1 week ago

    Tried with 2 oz White grappa 100abv,  3/4 for other ingredients (Yellow Chartreuse).

    Supposed to be birds is the Word #2 without chocolate bitters and was very chocolaty and delicious. Will do again !

  • Reply to: North by Northwest (Death & Co)   by   1 month 1 week ago

    Its Yummy!. I tried force-carbonating some Chardonnay I had lying around. I think I put in a bit too much lemon and sugar for the wine, which was a bit sweet and acidic on its own.

  • Reply to: Crystal Mocha   by   1 month 1 week ago

    Nice but I thought it needed a bit more depth. I added 1/2 oz. Blackstrap rum for sweetness and body and 1/2 bsp. Yellow Chartreuse for a little more zing. Probably could have accomplished the same with just a bit more Kahlua too ;)

  • Reply to: Cinnamon Girl   by   1 month 1 week ago

    Nice balance between orange and cinnamon - almost floral finish - very refreshing!