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    Tried with Alipus Mezcal, without the mole bitters. Good but Will not make again. Strong Mezcal and Cynar in mouth.

    Something is missing. Maybe the bitter dash... 


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    Agree with the 1 oz Sibilla and 1/2 Cherry Heering. The overall profile is similar to a Negroni (complex bitterness with satisfying finish), which is a compliment

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    "fat" here means a little more than, so be a little generous when you hit the 1/4 ounce mark. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Have always wanted to make a whacky drink like this with a load of ingredients, even went through the trouble of making my own syrups... and I was NOT disappointed!
    I'm just a bit unsure as to what "(fat)" refers to?? I just used the amounts of lemon/lime juice stated.

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    Why is Pernod absinthe not on the list?! The only invented the damn drink!

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    Made something like this with same quantities bourbon, Old Monk, Punt e Mes, ango and whiskied cherry (called it a Monkhattan). Was delicious. Can see it being less sweet with scotch.

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    Celery notes dominate. A challenging combination of orange, celery, sweet, and a bit of juniper.

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    Curated this slightly - rewrote instructions for the banana whiskey to avoid copyright (at least those instructions look like they were all over the internet verbatim). Thanks,  Zachary

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    didn't have the apricot liqueur so I subbed in a local apple brandy and shook in a couple of dashes of peach bitters...turned out quite lovely

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    OK, so I've had this drink now with Michter's, Rittenhouse, and Old Overholt, and with Cherry Heering, Combier Rene Rouge, and Cherry Marnier.  The cherry liqueurs are really quite different.  To my taste, the results with Combier are clearly superior.  The Heering has many deep and dark flavor overtones, and the Marnier is too much of a conventional quotidian cherry flavor.  The Combier is clearly cherry, but fresh and subtle.  I haven't made one of these with Luxardo, but when tasting it alongside the other cherry liqueurs, its cherry-ness was more apparent than I would have thought

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    SPEC#2: nolet's silver, edmond briotett creme de peche (instead of apricot), lemon (both lemon and lime are listed as options in the original recipe), whites and bitter truth peach bitters. A dry cocktail but definitely an improvement over the original (and more of a combo of no.1 & 2). ☆☆☆☆

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    SPEC#1: using nolet's silver, bitter truth apricot liqueur, lime, whites and regan's no.6... maybe ☆☆

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    This is Chris’s continually evolving Rebennack under a new name. Not sure why the change, but very tasty no matter what you call it, much like Dr. John himself. 

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    Very good stuff. 

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    Really refreshing and bright.

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    This was also cleaned up a bit in my effort to normalize the various Blackthorn cocktails running around the database. The poster of this drink adapted the VS&FC recipe as follows: 1.5 oz gin, .5 kirschwasser, .75 Dubonnet, .33 Sloe Gin, 2 dashes cherry bitters. This reverts to the canonical (revised) version of the drink. Thanks,  Zachary

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    So this was one of those original drinks on KC that I  ran across and saw it was in need of fixing. The earliest I can trace this back is to a 1901 private "Sideboard for Gentlemen" published for the St. Boltoph's Club in Boston, MA. It's been around since 1880 and had members including Henry Cabot Lodge, Francis Parkman and Phillips Brooks (who wrote the lyrics to O Little Town of Bethlehem). Thanks,  Zachary

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    Really nice drink.  In Meehan's Bartender manual, he notes an alternative presentation by Audrey Saunders (Pegu Club):

    • Put bitters-soaked demerara cube in bottom of chilled coupe
    • Place clear ice sphere on top (the picture shows the ball is the same depth as the coupe, making an interesting presentation) 
    • Pour 1 oz chilled cognac
    • Pour 2 oz chilled champagne
    • Float 0.25 oz green chartreuse
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    The instagram for the cocktail says "Vermouth infused with Pop Corn (Sous-Vide at room temperature for 24 hours)".

    I've not had this drink, so am just guessing at a starting point... Put a handful of popcorn and 50 g of clarified butter per 250 mL of vermouth, vacuum-sealed (using either a chamber sealer and bag or the jar sealing attachment of a cheaper vacuum unit), left for a day, & double-strained. Possibly add salt.

    I'm impatient, so would probably try rapid infusion via iSi instead & tweak ratios to personal taste (or taste memory for those who have had the drink).

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    Highly recommended. I had another two of these this week.  On Friday, I was at my local whiskey bar, and was informed that Cynar was back on the shelves - so I searched the KC database for a drink combining Cynar and Rye: the Black Lodge came up, and I requested one.  Made with Cherry Heering, it was really delicious - and reading through the entry further, I discovered that I had liked it very much back in August 2017 - must have been at the same location, too.  Then last night, I made another one at home, this time with Bulleit Rye and the Combier cherry liqueur specified in the recipe (the Roi Rene Rouge). I think this is a great cocktail, and I am going to make another one today, perhaps with a different rye.

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    Anyone have directions for preparing the popcorn-infused vermouth?

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    Wonderful combination, have never used tea in a cocktail before... All I had was earl grey but it came out stunning. Also added 3/4 lemon instead of 1/2 Oz., would have been too sweet otherwise for my taste.

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    This would be the original or close to it, I think.