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    Accidentally doubled the amaro but still was excellent!

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    I see where it gets its name. Like sucking on a roll of pennies.

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    Curated to add link and specify the garnish per link. 

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    Replaced the Doctor Bird with S&C. Don’t know how accurate that is. Also used a pineapple syrup in place of the liqueur. Very nice even with these changes. 

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    Rothman & Winter Orchard Apricot is the only apricot liqueur I've tried. It's high quality and plenty sweet. (In fact my quest has been the opposite: to find an apricot brandy to try in vintage recipes for which this liqueur is too sweet!)

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    I'd appreciate a suggestion for a brand of Apricot liquer. I used Sipsmith for the Sloe Gin and a small batch local number for the apricot. Mine came out too dry but I think a sweet apricot spirit would address that. I added a couple bar spoons of simple and it was much better.

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    If you will it, Dude, it is no dream.

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    Dead Rabbit spec doubles down on orange:

    • 1 1/2oz Rye (Dickel)
    • 1/2oz Seeet Vermouth (Punt e Mes)
    • 1/2oz Bigallet China China Amer
    • 1/4oz Royal Combier
    • 4 dashes Peychaud's
    • 4 dashes Absinthe
    • 3 drops 20% saline (or a small pinch of salt)
    • 1 twist orange peel, expressed and discarded

    Stir. Strain. One big rock. Express and discard orange peel.

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    Curated this to clarify that this is a drink altered by Scott Kennedy (by subbing curacao for triple sec and altering proportions). It is much older, at least as old as 1946 when it was printed in The Stork Club Bar Book. 

  • Reply to: Framboise Will Be Boise   by   2 weeks 14 hours ago

    Very easy going - reminds me of a few other rye-based cocktails, but the bonal and raspberry go well together and make this one unique!

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    Delish. Or rather, astonishingly good. 

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    This drink is delicious! I've tried it both with Nikka Coffey Grain, and with the cheaper Suntory Toki, and it was fantastic both ways! It's definitely a crowd-pleaser, but it's still complex enough for more seasoned cocktail fans. Highly recommended if you've got the ingredients.

  • Reply to: Two Birds   by   3 weeks 14 hours ago

    As per suggestion, tried with mole bitters instead of Peychaud's. An excellent, balanced cocktail. A sweeter, more straightforward orange/chocolate companion to the El Nacional in my opinion.

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    This is quite possibly my favorite modern cocktail creation. It has so many perfectly complementary flavors. It's like a great book or movie where every time I experience it, I can pick out something new that I enjoy.

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    Curious if the Brooklyn Hemispherical fig bitters have a strong cinnamon component. Can't find them where I live, so I made it with a local source, AZ Bitter Labs Figgy Pudding. I found the cinnamon in their bitters overpowering for this drink.

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    Agree completely that the original has too much "bite". I recommend 1.5 parts gin with .5 parts of the other ingredients, then if you want more maraschino or chartreuse flavor add a little of those.

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    Made it with clairin. Dynamite.

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    I made a Defeated Mule using Chateau du Breuil 12 and Schweppes Signature ginger beer.

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    Great info, thanks for posting!

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    Odd flavor profile, but it grew on me - maybe a bit too much lemon. I was using older Byrrh, so maybe that would make a difference.

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    Gary Regan makes a Negroni that replaces the Campari with Jäger

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    Very good. Used slivovitz aka blue plum eau de vie (Clear Creek brand) instead of Mirabelle, 1.25 oz instead of 0.75 oz.

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    I was looking for ideas on using up some pineapple syrup and came across this.  Love the name, loved the NES game.  Very tasty, perhaps a touch sweet for me (using James E. Pepper 1776 100 proof Rye, Chalfonte VSOP, and a pineapple syrup of 1:1 of fresh pressed pineapple juice and cane sugar).  Bitters weren't specified; I used DeGroff's Pimento Bitters as I felt that would be a good fit.  Have some Earl Grey tea infused cognac I'm going to try with this.

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    Jäger + Cappelletti + gin worked well for me.