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    This is an excellent drink. Perfectly balenced. In fact I must say that while I was skeptical when I saw the 3/4 lime juice, it really balenced out the drink. Leave that out at your own peril. A must try! 

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    First Test

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    Subbed Del Maguey Las Milpas for the Hendricks & Vida, worked out nice.

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    Curated to change the 1/2 oz. maraschino to 1/4 per link.

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    [comment removed by author]

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    Didn't have the Clear Creek kirsch on hand but a dusty bottle of Maraska kirsch I dug up from the back bottom shelf.  I quite liked this, didn't remind me of cherry cough drops at all.  Well balanced (perhaps a touch--and I do mean just a touch--sweet, might do an expressed lime swath next time) with a nice amount of overlapping funky fruit flavors.  Can definitely see the Daq # 4 connection.  Though with the Maraska, this does have the dubious distinction of probably being the only cocktail I can remember where every spirit had a plastic safe pour spout. ;-)

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    Subbed Swedish Punsch for Xaymaca and it didn't have the nuanced finish as the given recipe. Tried it with Lustau amontillado Los arcos and I'd like to try it with a less dry amontillado or a big Olorosso, we also made it with multiple cognac and it worked great but shined with Courvoisier VS. 

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    Yep, shake over ice and strain into glass.

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    Applejack, i've filled the recipe according to your request.

    I've made a mistake using the term "hips", because it's "buds" in fact. Corrected...

    I've tried the recipe with buds tincture but the freshness of buds get lost. The rose/floral notes are obvious with 5 to 6 buds. But not that much. Coffee tame a lot. 


    Make sure to strain well since torn rose petals tend to get trough the strainer.


    I've never tasted hips. And when you talked about acidity i 've understood there was something wrong ;)

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    Looks interesting flavor wise and build wise (lacks a strong base spirit).  Can you be more specific on the brands (coffee liqueur & lavender bitters)?  And recipe for the Chinotto syrup (I assume it's a reduction of the Pelligrino soda)?  And is really 2 oz of dried rose hips?  I have a locally produced rose hip liqueur (Koval) I'm looking to use up but that might be tough to sub given the other ingredients, and just adding more acid is going to blow out the nuances of the other flavors.

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    Quick question about the instructions here - is it shake over ice and strain into a coupe? Thanks,  Zachary

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    Mako - good catch. Since the Fifth Stage greatly predates the Green Philter, I'm going to merge them both into the Fifth Stage. Thanks,  Zachary

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    This is the same cocktail as the Green Philter.

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    I followed the ingredients but took the flip suggestion. Tinkered with the amounts a bit after the dry shake (added grenadine to equal passionfruit, added a bit more bourbon to take the edge off the lemon). Delicious.

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    Made my second one with 1/4 oz. of old fashioned syrup and it was still very good.

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    Thanks, cheers!

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    It's been delisted from KC but this might be the place to note Lynnette Marrero's "Toffee Negroni," which is equal parts amontillado sherry, Aperol, and aged rum, on a rock with a grapefruit twist. 

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    Nice sherry / ancho balance. 

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    For a rum, a quality white one with a touch of character. Plantation 3 Star would do well here and perhaps even El Dorado 3 Year. Even a solid, clean white rum can be gussied up by subbing in a half or a full barspoon of rhum agricole or cachaça. Overall, flavorful enough that you know you're drinking rum as opposed to something more neutral. Probitas might be interesting too. Privateer has some elegant tropical fruity notes and is a high quality distillated (meaning it never needed to be mellowed in a cask to make it taste alright).

    For a gin, to describe Wireworks -- presence of juniper but not necessarily an aggressive one. Decent fruit notes with light spice. Drinkable neat. So perhaps a lighter style of dry gin like Plymouth or Aviation would work (less Beefeater or Tanqueray).

    I didn't mean for this to be so brand specific -- it was just part of the drink's genesis.

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    If we have to find subs for the spirits, would you suggest basics (London dry style gin? column-still rum?), or do yours have a character that would suggest a different direction? 

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    Cleaned this up a bit. Rewrote instructions for the gin to avoid copyright. Changed the name of this to Last Resort (PaaDee) - I doubt anyone outside of Portland knows who Jon Lewis is. Thanks,  Zachary 

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    Loved it. Super tasty. 

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    Tried a halfsie of this with yellow chartreuse (as the original recipe used it) and the higher lemon juice spec.  Still a whole lotta sweet on sweet, with a not unpleasant rounded, sweet mid-palate, and the maraschino being the most prominent flavor.  Tried it again with green chartreuse, which was noticeably better balanced.  So I'd suggest using green chartreuse as indicated and kick it up to 1 oz lemon juice, and possibly do an expressed lemon swath garnish.

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    Not my cup of tea (caraway). I used Brennivin - maybe too strong a flavor.

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    We made it strictly according to the recipe: at that sweetness, perhaps better as dessert drink than aperitif. (Spouse says, though: No sweeter than a Manhattan.)  We’ll try with slightly less PX Sherry.  Rich & balanced: all the flavors come through.