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    Tastes like you're drinking a curry dish. Not complex enough

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    The only online reference to this drink I found (which I added to the reference section) mentions an absinthe rinse. 

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    This is the gold Standard for Sazeracs. How can anyone call some of those other concoctions posted a Sazerac? there oughta be a law! On the same scale of atrocities as chocolate milk and creme de menthe in a conical glass being called a Martini.


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    Curated: added simple syrup to match source.

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    i just made one adjustment and cut the orgeat back to .5 oz. i think that helps balance it out a bit more, so not quite as sweet as the 1st version.

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    Curated to change ingredients as at updated Diffard's link and to paraphrase instructions. Thanks @lumnaya

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    Curated to add garnish to ingredients list, paraphrase instructions, and sort out notes.

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    Very nice and original. Cynar and coffee are juste perfect. Will make again. 5 stars.

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    Curated this - in the Savoy (cited at the link), it's a 3/4 gin, 1/4 Yellow Chartreuse drink with no bitters. Variations abound.... Thanks,  Zachary

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    I cleaned up the History a little bit for clarity. HSE (Habitation Ste. Etienne) makes the rum which can be found in limited amounts in NYC evidently. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Curated slightly: found a working link for the source.

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    Slight curation: changed the garnish in the Instructions to match the ingredients list (and source). 

  • Reply to: Fallen Angel   by   2 months 2 days ago

    It was just fine with reposado tequila. I didn’t have lime or lavender bitters so I substituted peach and plum bitters.

  • Reply to: Boston Cocktail   by   2 months 3 days ago

    Delicious, even when made with a rather strange looking lemon that I filched from my neighbor's tree.

  • Reply to: Hard Wednesday   by   2 months 6 days ago

    Hi Zachary,  it's a simple made of chinotto soda and cane sugar.

    I've just edited the recipe.

  • Reply to: Hard Wednesday   by   2 months 1 week ago

    Is that simple syrup, Chinotto, or simple made out of Chinotto? Thanks,  Zachary

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    This comes off pretty sweet even for a punch recipe. As is, it might be best served in a goblet of crushed ice with straws and fruit garnish. For the cocktail-style drink, after cutting the recipe in half, I still dropped the syrup and liqueurs down to a couple dashes each and omitted the egg white. I think the yellow chartreuse works better here, and Grand Marnier instead of Curaçao was a good choice. Granted, that may be starting to veer away from the original drink.

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    Can noyaux be replaced by amaretto (do not think so but never had noyaux, a shame since i am in France...) or a mix of amaretto and  a maraschino liqueur with strong pit forward ? In order to bring down amaretto ...

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    Undercovered between the sheets ;)  ?  Tried a recipe on imbibe a year ago replacing rum by london dry gin, and it was quiet good and dry:

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    How sweet this end ? Nearly same part sweet and strong

  • Reply to: Super Id   by   2 months 1 week ago

    Way to sweet as is. Agree the flavors play well together. I made it a highball, adding 1-2oz of soda water and just a tiny splash of lemon. It made it to an aperitif with a similar flavor profile, still another drink than above.

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    I am going to try this.

  • Reply to: The Red Light   by   2 months 1 week ago

    The two web pages give slightly different quantities of Grand Marnier. Both tend to be reliable, but I unfortunately lack Beta Cocktails to check on this.

  • Reply to: Great Scott   by   2 months 1 week ago

    Excellent. I also did this with rye instead of bourbon, on the rocks, finished with 3 drops of lemon juice. In a smaller shot format, would you call this Great Shott?

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    Odd flavor profile... strangely miny... Not bad, but I'm guessing this would taste very different depending on the specific spirits. I used Espolon anejo whiskey barrel aged tequila, Clement select barrel rhum, punt e mes, and Rothman & Winter apricot. I'm sure that a "real" vermouth would make it less bitter and more enjoyable. Also the tequila I used is kinda specific.