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    Same name is used for a different semi-popular amaro cocktail. Attributed to Joaquín Simó of Pouring Ribbons, ca. 2013:

    • 1 oz cynar
    • 1 oz mezcal
    • 1 oz bonal
    • 1 dash mole biters

    Stir, strain, no garnish.


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    From personal experience, shaking club soda is a bad idea... I'm going to eyeball the amount as an ounce and update the instructions. Thanks, Zachary

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    There are no units on the club soda or instructions on how to use it. I could find several references to the cocktail and ingredients on the web but not units or instructions. Given the Collins class, I assumed it was "top it off" which is what I did. It's a big cocktail to begin with so this eneded up being somwhere in the 1-1.5 oz range, I'd guess. I loved the drink but I'd also love love clarification as to the creators intent in this regard.

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    Tasty, but the flavors come off a bit disparate for me. I want to try it with a mezcal rinse plus a dash of absinthe in the mix. Hell, swap the Angostura for Mole and we're approaching Oaxaca OF territory.

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    Love this drink! Have not tried it with the new Zucca recipe, though. The Roma Borgorock is one of the reasons I stocked up on the old recipe before it went away. And yes, have always made it stirred.

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    Little late to the party on this one, but I'm guessing the recipe has been updated, since the comments reference a lack of lime juice--now listed at 3/4oz--and using pineapple juice instead of the now listed pineapple syrup.  Made too much of a caramelized sous vide pineapple syrup recently (juiced caramelized pineapple chunks, and cooked that with equal parts demerara sugar and the pineapple rinds for 2 hours at 135 degrees) and was searching for recipes to use it up.  Made this for myself and 3 other jaded bartenders, and we all loved it.  Very balanced given the ingredients list, with both the Fernet menthol, minty goodness and Green Chartreuse herbal elements peaking through but not dominating.  5 stars.

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    Gin and Sweet Vermouth with a twist is occasionally known as a "Gin & It".  Not worth making a new recipe, but also delic.

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    In Sasha's  Regarding Cocktails, this calls for Nonino rather than Montenegro & is served on a rock.

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    In Regarding Cocktails, Chad Solomon claimed credit for this Brooklyn variation. There, the recipe calls for 2 oz rittenhouse, 1 oz dolin dry, 2 t luxardo maraschino, and 1 t cynar.  That's also the recipe.  Perhaps this is more definitive?

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    You could back off on the Campari a little.  I like Campari, but I was looking for the Aperol to be more apparent in this drink.  Still really good though.

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    An unusual and interesting drink. Much lighter than one might think. Might be interesting with more spirit-forward ratios.

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    Zupa, I like the unapologetic use of bold ingredients in the drinks you've posted.  This one reminds me a bit of a more aggressive "The Man Comes Around", one of my favorites posted here at KC.  Didn't have Norseman Fernet (looks to be a local product in Minnesota), so I've tried this with Fernet Branca, CH Fernet Dogma and Letherbee Fernet, all to good effect.  Love your drink names too, which would be right at home as song titles for some prog math metal album.

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    I knocked the syrup down to 1 tsp and it's pretty darn tasty. 

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    Tried with mezcal, Ramazzoti, and agave syrup as a substitute and was very good as well.

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    Interesting. I confess I can't decide if I love it or only find it to be okay. I do like the various flavors, but it seems like it needs something to tie them together. I'm thinking maybe something simple like molasses or walnut bitters instead of the orange bitters?

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    Watch out! Deceptively strong.

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    An unusual cocktail in that it is fairly dry -- rather like an intense Martini. Quite slow drinking and contemplative. The Chartreuse dominated the Cynar, but then I prefer the latter to the former.

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    The Death & Co drink calls for Gosling's Black Seal rum rather than an aged rum.

  • Reply to: The Italian Job   by   2 months 5 days ago

    Curated to correct ratios, improve attribution, and add suggested alternative brands.

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    Added 1/2 oz campari in place of the bitters

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    Wake up to "Goodnight Vienna!" What a wonderful drink, despite what one might think is an incongrouous mixture of alcoholic ingredients. In reality, they are incredilby congruent--almost beyond belief, until you sip on this delightful concoction. I mean, Grand Marnier and Ramazzotti! Come on; who in their right mind would mix them together? And then to throw in some Mezcal! Get me a head shrinker!

    But pull yourself together, mix the drink using the given recipe, and you'll end up with an incredible before dinner drink, or a very satisfying late evening drink. I rate this libation at 4.5. Come on--mix, stir, strain, and then drink up--but do it responsibly!

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    Just so we retain them for posterity, there's a variant of this drink that is titled "Authentic Blood and Sand", which is confusing - it's not authentic at all. This recipe is 1 oz Scorpion silver Mezcal, 1 ounce orange juice, 3/4 Cherry Heering, and 3/4 Noilly Prat Rouge, shaken for 20 seconds, strained into a cocktail glass, and garnished with a Maraschino cherry.  Thanks,  Zachary

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    We added 1 bsp of simple syrup; brought out the mint and gave it a little more roundness and balance.

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    The Herbsaint overwhelms the rest of the drink. Perhaps it should be notched down to either a rinse or 1/8 oz.

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    Bumped up the rye and backed off on the lemon juice: 1.0, 0.5, 0.75, 0.75.