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    I merged the Green Rose posted by Kenny into this recipe. The only difference is that Kenny's Green Rose calls for 1/2 oz of Green Chartreuse, rather than 3/4 oz. If this difference is meaningful to you, you might note it in the comments section of your Cocktail Book entry. It's my hope that keeping the recipes in Kindred Cocktail distinct helps you find good recipes that are interesting to you.

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    Nice drink. I have a suggestion for the variation's name: "Venti Secolo" ('Twentieth Century' in Italian and it sounds cool).

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    Thanks, Campus Five. I've correct the recipe using the source you cited.

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    The recipe as currently listed is not the original, but rather an accidental variation by Damian Windsor (currently at Roger Room, Los Angeles) that I have posted on eGullet repeatedly.

    The original is by Sam Ross (Milk and Honey, Little Branch, etc.).

    1.5 oz Bourbon (Elijah Craig)
    .75 oz Campari
    .75 oz Carpano Antica
    2 dashes Mole Bitters

    Stir, strain, up, cherry.

    This recipe was originally found on the Bitterman's website, but it's been removed.
    It can be found in this book:
    However, it lists Bitterman's Sweet Chocolate Bitters, instead of the Mole Bitters.

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    Corrected bitters -- recipe calls for regular Angostura, not Angostura Orange. Added city and estimated date.

  • Reply to: Boulevardier Riff (Fred Sarkis)   by   8 years 4 months ago

    This drink sounds delicious!

  • Reply to: Derby   by   8 years 4 months ago

    I think this one comes out pretty good, but I would cut back a little on the lime juice, or add a dash or two of simple syrup.

  • Reply to: The Warning Label   by   8 years 4 months ago

    This drink is insanely wonderful if you modify it by replacing the overproof rum with 3/4 ounce smith & cross and 3/4 ounce Lemon Hart 151.

  • Reply to: Existential Hero   by   8 years 4 months ago

    What a delicious drink! The creator should win a prize or something. (Full disclosure: I'm the creator. The name, however, is Dan's.)

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    Made this tonight, subbing Maurin Quina for the Cherry Heering. This is quite pleasant, and Tiki-ish. Pineapple's always good for texture, and there's something interesting going on between the pineapple and the Benedictine (which makes three winners in my book - pineapple + Cynar, or Benedictine or green Chartreuse). It's a bit sweetish, and quite easy to drink.

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    Recipe updated based upon response from creator. Name and recipe changed.

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    I love this drink! This is the drink that made me fall in love with Fernet. The first time I made it, I halved the fernet because it was just too strong of a flavor for me. In fact it was polarizing. I hated it, but wanted to love it. Now, Fernet is one of my favorite amaros to mix. Fernet will grow on you if you give it a chance. Really great drink!

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    I agree. Give it a go.

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    Maybe Bluecoat (out of Philly) would work - it's citrus + earthy/juniper

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    Hey Dan,
    The drink is built around that specific gin, so I'm afraid it may not with anything else. I'm going to say experiment, though! The key would be to find a gin that has a similar flavor profile that will work with the Green Chartreuse and bitters well. Perhaps another american small batch is out there that will work. American gins tend to have citrus notes that english ones don't. The citrus components of the gin are what make it work here (orange and pummelo zest). As far as bitters go, the Fee bros are what I had in mind & used, but experimentation will tell if Bittermans works well too.
    It just doesn't work with london dry gin, plymouth or old tom gin, though. Do let me know what you find. I'll see if I can come up with an alternate too.

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    Well, it's supposed to be a sidecar riff -- get it ;-)

    I'm not sure Averna has the orange to pull it off, but it might be worth trying. I think it's Montenegro that's very orange forward, but I don't intend to buy it as I've heard it described as a "creamsicle." The simple was there only because the kumquats were very sour. Sometimes they are almost sweet, though.

    I'll try what you suggest. Since you have Amer Picon, you could take it in that direction. I do have a small amount of Amer Picon Biere. Maybe try that.

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    From looking at it, maybe drop the simple and change the Cointreau for Averna?

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    May be better with cognac for more base-spirit flavor. Try skipping Cointreau. Promising.

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    I understand the preference for some brands, but Leopold Brothers Gin is not distributed everywhere. Could another mainstream gin be used? And could not Bittermen's grapefruit bitters be used?

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    I merged two identical recipes for this cocktail. This is the Green Chartreuse version. The original with yellow is not made as often anymore. If the original is made, consider reducing the yellow chartreuse to 1/2 oz to avoid being overly sweet.

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    Did I ever tell you that I think Batavia Arrack smells like buttered stripper pole?

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    So funny! This kinda Tiki-ish cocktail serves only if you're "one and done". I'd recoil in horror if I'd had more! Thank Lordy that moderation is a virtue.

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    Wow... a whole ounce of Batavia Arrack. That frightens me about as much as a 3 oz glass of Parfait Amour scares Dan ;)

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    Two variants of the Monkey Gland were combined. The other variation called for only 1/2 tsp of Absinthe and Grenadine.

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    So I'm busy today. My likker store actually sourced a bottle of Maurin Quina for me, and I made the drink as written (the bitters are dropper instead of dash). I like this, if I do say so myself. It tastes like a good left bank Bordeaux in a weird way, with woody notes forward, cassis and red fruit in the midpalate, then the bitterness of the Maurin Quina mixed with the chile-accented bitters on the finish. I think a bit of extra shaking is a good thing as it brings out the brambly Cassis more.