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    If you really like the flavor of blanc agricole, then this is a nicely balanced drink, with the agricole front and center, and the other flavors accenting. If, like me, the smell of blanc agricole makes you gag and you need to tame it with some other strong players, this is not the drink you are looking for.

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    Not bad, but the bourbon (Maker's 46) dominated. Maybe forget the fiddly 3/8 measures and go to a full 1/4 for both next time.

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    Minor curation; changed 'PTD' to 'PDT' in the reference.

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    Used Mt. Gay Black Barrel as I don't have Smith & Cross. I added one ds of El Guapo Chicory Pecan bitters to good effect. Perhaps would not be useful/good addition with Smith & Cross, but with Mt. Gay it added some interesting deeper notes.

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    Too sweet for my taste. Not sure Dolin Blanc is the best substitute here - the Bonal gets lost in sweet ginger flavors. I added some Dandelion & Burdock bitters in order to add a bit more depth and punch. I would try again with Dry Vermouth or perhaps combination wtih Cocchi.

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    Quite good - I tried adding a dash of allspice dram to it as well, which was an interesting variation - not necessarily better.

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    I missed on first reading that this calls for Laird's 7.5 year - I used regular Laird's bonded and it was very, very dry.

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    Made with Smith & Cross and Stiggins'. Nice flavors. On the sweet side, even for a stirred drink.

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    I don't have Regan's Joy of Mixology to check, but other sites list this as using 2.5 oz scotch for that much apricot liqueur.

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    Made this with Jim Beam Ghost, which was too harsh at 2 oz. I ended up using 1.5 oz Ghost, 1 oz Dolin Blanc, 0.75 oz Suze,, 0.25 oz Cocchi Americano, 0.25 oz Lillet Blanc, give or take.

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    I've been looking for ways to ease into Fernet Branca and this is great. I'm all about Campari and Cynar and this all goes together wonderfully with the Fernet Branca coming in on the back end. 

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    Made with Mount Gay Eclipse, as I don't have Scarlet Ibis. Harsh at first. Added another 1/4 oz Benedictine, then a dash of chicory-pecan bitters to add some depth, then two dashes of orange bitters.

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    Surprisingly, all those accent flavors still let the rye show through. Good balance though it may be a bit sweeter than some would prefer.

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    Not bad, but a little blah with honey syrup. Maybe cinnamon syrup or Donn's #2?

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    One thing I'd recommend doing: a dash of Peychaud's. One variation I'd recommend: swap the Canton for aquavit or kümmel.

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    This is a solid recipe.  I made using Strongwater's shrub & would likely cut back to 0.5 oz next time.

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    I thought this was pretty bland. So I doubled the fernet and added 1/2 oz of Donn';s #2. Helped, but still meh.

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    What a great drink.  I used Rittenhouse and Cointreau.  Light on the tongue with very little burn, but super layered and flavorful.  Great job.

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    Great cocktail, subbed Cynar for the Averna & Old Rasputin for the Guinness, worked well.  Great winter drink.

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    Found the FB version too FB forward at first - tasted harsh for a drink with a good bit of sugar + butter. Got better as it sat for a bit. Look forward to trying with Ram. or other amaros.

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    Did a side-by-side compare 1:1:1 martin millers with carpano vs. same with cocchi di torino and the cocchi was the surprising clear winner for my taste. Excellent!

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    It is included in Here's How on page 36.  It has the earlier of the two publication dates you give. I have no clue if this was the first place that it was printed though.

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    Dry curaçao is the key.  There is no substitute.