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    NY Times credits Chicago's Stephen Cole for the Bitter Giuseppe. The thirdcoast blog doesn't say whether Misty "created" the variant on this page. Given that she describes a "game of telephone", I suspect Cole's may have come first. It was printed in Rogue/Beta Cocktails. My copy of that went missing, but the NY Times version has a bit less sweet vermouth (which I prefer), though they use Carpano Antica.

    Because The Search for Delicious (nearly identical to Little Giuseppe) is an explicit riff on the Bitter Giuseppe (created by one of the authors of Beta after he samples the BG), I suspect that the mod team should have kept the BG instead of the LG.

    In any case: the three cocktails are each fantastic and I'd likely find it challenging to really pick one out of a lineup.

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    Used Meletti in lieu of Ramazzotti and Bittermens Mole instead of Fee Bros. Old Overholt for the rye. I love Fernet Branca as much as anyone but I think it's overpowering here in a way that doesn't let the other component shine. I get lots of the mole bitters on the nose but almost nothing but Fernet taste-wise. I like the idea and want to tinker around with the spec. Maybe tone down the Fernet a touch, use the new Old Overholt bonded for a bit more punch, and bring the amaro up to 3⁄4 oz while nixing the demerara syrup.

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    Tried again with Clyde May's Bourbon, Aperol, Luxardo, Lemon Juice and Angistora Orange Bitters (6-7ds). Still too sweet. 

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    Mild curation: corrected source URL.

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    Curated this - removed copyrighted picture/instructions. Rewrote instructions, changed coriander to cilantro,as that is the usual US usage. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Did a side-by-side comparison 1:1:1 martin millers and campari with carpano vs. cocchi di torino and the cocchi was the surprising clear winner for my taste. Excellent!

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    The comment about unexpected coconut flavor is right. In striving for Reese's Pieces maybe I actually stumbled into Almond Joy!

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    I can taste the reeses.  

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    In the source, it fit in a DOF, though there's not a ton of crushed ice (a gated pour would need to catch most ice). When i made it, it was barely too large for my DOF.

    The volume of tiki drinks varies widely. This is large, but not the largest. A larger tiki mug would be a great vessel for this, but I noted and tried what was published.

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    My favourite amari / vermouth based cocktail. I use either bourbon or rye (or rum). Most vermouths work but I prefer to use Carpano Antica.

    I batch bottle it in the ratio 2:1:1 - I keep it in the fridge & drink it over ice with a quick finger stir.

    There are lots of variations, IMO good additions include:

    - either an orange twist or lemon twist

    - Averna (sub for the vermouth - I've not found other amari work as well)

    - Orange bitters

    - Chocolate bitters

    - Hellfire bitters

    - Coffee liqueur

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    Lanza is a tasty cocktail with a sublime tartness. The Cynar and Xocolatl Mole Bitters dampen the rye, putting it into the background more than other rye cocktails. On the other hand, I used Crown Royal's Northern Harvest Rye, which has less of a rye taste than most other ryes (e.g., Rittenhouse or Wild Turkey). Nevertheless, this is a cocktail which I heartily recommend for those who prefer a cocktail which does not overwhelm the tongue; instead the mouth is able to enjoy the various

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    In my opinion, Fernet Branca is overhyped and often (mis)used in cocktails where the menthol overpowers the drink. That's great if you love Fernet Branca - but not the point of making a cocktail, in my opinion. Since the instructions for this drink simply say "Fernet" (as does the original, although its accompanying picture shows a bottle of Fernet Branca) I decided that one could choose whatever type of Fernet one liked, and I used Fernet Vallet, which bumped this up from three stars to a weak four stars for me. I also used Bonal as in the original.

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    Will all that fit in an ice-filled rocks glass?

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    I agree with the 'grainy' note. Wonder why I don't get that with other cocktails that use orgeat? 

    egg whites/aquafaba are a nice addition.

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    Love this drink and I, too, make it with "just" mapel syrup instead of the maple syrup concoction provided in the book.

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    I always make this with bitter lemon.

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    I'm amazed this has such high ratings. The directions don't make a lot of sense to begin with - has anyone actually shaken 2 oz of carbonated bitter lemon soda?

    I did away with the sugar cube and stirred this drink with a bit of simple. It didn't need it. I used Tempus Fugit Noyaux and Fever Tree Bitter lemon. Perhaps TF noyaux is very different from Bols, but I found the Noyaux clashed severely with the bitter lemon. Threw out most of it.

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    There's not a lot of "there" there. I doubled the peach bitters and hit it with an equal amount of Peychaud's.

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    Excellent -- letting the angostura take center stage gives a delicious clove top note.

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    Adding ham as a garnish ingredient....

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    The muddled mint would be an even clearer differentiator. Rum and tonic but also mojito ancestry you could say.

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    Is the differentiation of this vs. just a normal "rum & tonic" the clarification of it being an añejo instead of just dark rum?

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    Chris Hannah in this video uses 1.5 oz Rye, 3/4 oz Averna, 1/4 oz Clement Creole Shrubb, 2 ds Peychauds and then stirs with ice, serves up.


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    Looks good.

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    Bit too sweet – really needs the acid.