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    Made without bitters and worked fine

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    2 stars as written; 4 stars if you re-balance.  A reddit NCOTW post on the Astor Hotel Special documents Milk & Honey's variation, which is more pleasing to the modern tongue.

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    I really enjoy this drink and found a small pinch of kosher salt when shaking really makes the flavors shine.

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    Curated to merge this with the previously-posted La Bateleur. This version is more correct per the D&C book.

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    Curated as per comment and additional attribution details provided.

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    Already exists in the database under "LA bateleur ", very good indeed

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    According to several sources, this was on the PDT menu for many years. It's in the PDT cocktail book (pg 119) with several more specific points or additions:

    • Garnished with a star anise pod
    • Wine should be Dr. Konstantin Frank
    • Marie Brizard Orange Curaçao instead of Cointreau
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    Love it.  

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    Definitely sweet with an oz each of OJ and syrup. I cut those in half for a more balanced drink.

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    I realize I'm really late to this thread, but in the linked video from Sam Ross he says 3/4 oz of fresh lemon juice, and 3/8 oz each of honey syrup (3:1 honey:water) and ginger syrup (1:1 ginger juice:granulated sugar). In the video he doesn't specify the ginger juice ratio, but everything else aligns with the entry in "Regarding Cocktails" from Sasha Petraske, so I think 1:1 makes the most sense for the ginger. Also in that source he (Sam Ross) calls for 2 oz of blended Scotch, with a "splash" of Islay whiskey as the float. I usually use 1/4 oz (which is about 1 1/2 teaspoons). And although the video shows a slice of fresh ginger, I think it's interesting that Sam says candied ginger is the preferred garnish.

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    Added a bit of velvet falernum to sweeten it a little as slight bitter notes from ginger -probably more refreshing in summer than cold November in England!

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    Delicious flip. May try without the simple. And: why a lowball rather than coupe?

    I liked the ground coffee, but using a standard microplane for this was a pane.  Need something other than my fingers to hold the bean to a fine grinder.  I might try to use my hand-cranked conical burr grinder tuned to the finest setting without the basket in place.

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    Used 3/4 oz cassis and 3 oz soda water which seemed like a good ratio. A little simple, but an easy drink.

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    Good Remind me of Boulevardier 

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    Very nice. Used Rebel Yell bourbon (my go-to cheapie). Split it into two small drinks for me and the missus on a Friday night. Sweet, subtle flavors on a long finish.

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    The idea of coffee being involved here makes sense, but it isn't working for me in execution. Thinking maybe a a barspoon of something like St. George's coffee liqueur in place of the coffee bean might do the trick, perhaps as a float. The grated coffee bean, for me, just feels like someone spilled coffee in an otherwise fairly tasty drink.

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    Made this with Valentine White Blossom vodka, which helped to intensify the grapefruit and elderflower flavors. 

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    following the recipe to a t, and I found it too sweet. I upped the Pigs Nose to 2 oz and used 1/2 oz of 1:1 honey syrup and voila! A great cocktail in my opinion.

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    Enjoying one right now, made per the recipe, though I substituted angostura bitters for the old fashioned bitters....  Surprising how much the pear sings out. Lovely Christmasy cocktail taste tho.  Will add to the Holiday rotation.

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    There is a high star anise flavor to this cocktail. This one really grew on me.

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    Curated this - added instructions (they're not cited at the link, but I can't imagine this is anything else but shaken). Changed elderflower liqueur to elderflower syrup as per link. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Also great with lime subbed for lemon and Smith & Cross subbed for Rittenhouse.

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    Love this one so much. Nice use of Fernet.