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    Curated to add missing lemon, garnish and instructions; improved attribution.

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    Curated; added cherry garnish per D&C book.

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    Curated this slightly - removed copyrighted material. Thanks,  Zachary

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    I used Angostura 1919. The vanilla notes pair very well with the bitter cherry of the Amargo Vallet and the spice of the Falernum. This is really tasty.

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    Gave it a dry shake and served it up. Very tasty. I like how the woodsy bitter cherry flavor of the Amargo Vallet works with the lemon juice.

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    I don't have Scarlet Ibis, so I tried making this with a bottle of Zaya that I am regretting having bought (the only Trinidad rum I have.) The overwhelming vanilla flavor made this drink cloying. So if you have a recent vintage bottle of Zaya, I wouldn't try it in this drink. In fact, I'm not sure what I'd try it in.

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    Just a little too tart IMO.  Upping the chartreuse by a smidge might help, or reducing the lime juice to .75 oz.  It's a decent drink as it stands, with tequila and chartreuse once again working great together, but a bit too sour.

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    An extremely well balanced and tasty cocktail. Wouldn't change a thing. 

    We used a local ginger liqueur that I would say is miles better than Canton, but this made it have a strong spicy afternote which everyone who had enjoyed.

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    Based on the comments about sweetness, I made this with Campo de Encanto, Punt e Mes, and Montenegro (I find Nonino much sweeter than Montenegro, personally) as 1:1:1.  The result was not at all overly sweet to me, and Negroni-level bitter. (Which I consider a good thing.)

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    Just made this as I was given some Calisaya. I made three modifications, the first two out of necessity and the third of desire. 1st - I did not have Fernet on hand so I doubled the vermouth (Dolin). 2nd - Also did not have Bitterman's Burlesque so I used CRUDE "Lindsay" (Pecan, Magnolia, Habanero). I tasted the drink at this point and found it pretty good. 3rd - I added a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. The whole drink came together and is now rather good. I will make this again, and try to have the correct ingredients on hand...and a lemon just in case :)

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    Not a lot of cocktails where Suze is just kinda happily hanging out in the background. Well done.

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    I used Hendricks.  I cut back the St. Germain to 1/2 shot.  Added a 1/2 shot of Girard Passion fruit liquor and cut back the lime to 1/2 oz. I thought it was well balanced and refreshing with those proportions. Could call the modified version Pure Passion. 

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    Curated this slightly - removed History, which seems like it was copied verbatim from the book. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Any suggestions for a substitution for these bitters since they seem to be (?currently) unavailable?

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    Curated - a dash of grapefruit bitters, not an ounce!

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    I had forgotten about this one.  Great with fantastic finish!

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    An agave Brooklyn.

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    This is obviously before the invention of shaking a cocktail.  Yikes.

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    I think few days are hot enough that I prefer my Gin Rickey "bone dry" as per this recipe. If it's the hottest day of the year, make this recipe.

    Every other day of the year, I prefer the Death & Co recipe: 2 oz Gin (Beefeater); 1oz Lime Juice; 1/2 oz Simple Syrup; Club Soda (to taste).


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    Used yellow chartreuse instead of Benedictine and it worked very well. Made a second using 1/4 oz of oj and using 1/4 oz of raspberry syrup and it was very floral and still extremely good.

    Lastly, we used lavendar bitters with a spritz of orange blossom water.  Very very good cocktail.

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    The "Midnight Prayer" is a pleasant drink, with subtle flavors that come out as the drink lingers--for example, as you're playing cribbage. I rate this drink at 4.0. Try it and let's see where the rating goes.


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    Changed second ingredient from Laird's bonded apple brandy to Laird's applejack, per reference.

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    I started to make this and then couldn't find the bottle of Strega I was sure I had. Substituting yellow Chartreuse, I thought it was a nice drink, if a touch sweet. The sweet aroma of pineaple doesn't need much sugar to carry it. I think Strega is pretty similar to Yellow Chartresue. Maybe 1/2 oz lime? Or 3/4 Suze and 1/2 Strega?

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    Up bitters and reduce syrup; it overpowers the drink.  Good but not quite perfect -- a solid base to tinker from.