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    Mild curation: corrected source URL.

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    Curated this - removed copyrighted picture/instructions. Rewrote instructions, changed coriander to cilantro,as that is the usual US usage. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Did a side-by-side comparison 1:1:1 martin millers and campari with carpano vs. cocchi di torino and the cocchi was the surprising clear winner for my taste. Excellent!

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    The comment about unexpected coconut flavor is right. In striving for Reese's Pieces maybe I actually stumbled into Almond Joy!

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    I can taste the reeses.  

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    In the source, it fit in a DOF, though there's not a ton of crushed ice (a gated pour would need to catch most ice). When i made it, it was barely too large for my DOF.

    The volume of tiki drinks varies widely. This is large, but not the largest. A larger tiki mug would be a great vessel for this, but I noted and tried what was published.

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    My favourite amari / vermouth based cocktail. I use either bourbon or rye (or rum). Most vermouths work but I prefer to use Carpano Antica.

    I batch bottle it in the ratio 2:1:1 - I keep it in the fridge & drink it over ice with a quick finger stir.

    There are lots of variations, IMO good additions include:

    - either an orange twist or lemon twist

    - Averna (sub for the vermouth - I've not found other amari work as well)

    - Orange bitters

    - Chocolate bitters

    - Hellfire bitters

    - Coffee liqueur

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    Lanza is a tasty cocktail with a sublime tartness. The Cynar and Xocolatl Mole Bitters dampen the rye, putting it into the background more than other rye cocktails. On the other hand, I used Crown Royal's Northern Harvest Rye, which has less of a rye taste than most other ryes (e.g., Rittenhouse or Wild Turkey). Nevertheless, this is a cocktail which I heartily recommend for those who prefer a cocktail which does not overwhelm the tongue; instead the mouth is able to enjoy the various

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    In my opinion, Fernet Branca is overhyped and often (mis)used in cocktails where the menthol overpowers the drink. That's great if you love Fernet Branca - but not the point of making a cocktail, in my opinion. Since the instructions for this drink simply say "Fernet" (as does the original, although its accompanying picture shows a bottle of Fernet Branca) I decided that one could choose whatever type of Fernet one liked, and I used Fernet Vallet, which bumped this up from three stars to a weak four stars for me. I also used Bonal as in the original.

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    Will all that fit in an ice-filled rocks glass?

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    I agree with the 'grainy' note. Wonder why I don't get that with other cocktails that use orgeat? 

    egg whites/aquafaba are a nice addition.

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    Love this drink and I, too, make it with "just" mapel syrup instead of the maple syrup concoction provided in the book.

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    I always make this with bitter lemon.

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    I'm amazed this has such high ratings. The directions don't make a lot of sense to begin with - has anyone actually shaken 2 oz of carbonated bitter lemon soda?

    I did away with the sugar cube and stirred this drink with a bit of simple. It didn't need it. I used Tempus Fugit Noyaux and Fever Tree Bitter lemon. Perhaps TF noyaux is very different from Bols, but I found the Noyaux clashed severely with the bitter lemon. Threw out most of it.

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    There's not a lot of "there" there. I doubled the peach bitters and hit it with an equal amount of Peychaud's.

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    Excellent -- letting the angostura take center stage gives a delicious clove top note.

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    Adding ham as a garnish ingredient....

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    The muddled mint would be an even clearer differentiator. Rum and tonic but also mojito ancestry you could say.

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    Is the differentiation of this vs. just a normal "rum & tonic" the clarification of it being an añejo instead of just dark rum?

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    Chris Hannah in this video uses 1.5 oz Rye, 3/4 oz Averna, 1/4 oz Clement Creole Shrubb, 2 ds Peychauds and then stirs with ice, serves up.


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    Looks good.

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    Bit too sweet – really needs the acid. 

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    Some may say that the Vieux Mot is tart yet sweet; I think it's sweet but somewhat tart. Regardless, it's a drinkably drinkable cocktail for those who like a somewhat tart cocktail. Judging from the number of people who rated this cocktail at 4.0 or higher, it's a popular drink--I suspect during the summer especially. I, myself, rated this cocktail at 4.0 (and Spring has barely peeked its head). And you? How do you rate the Vieux Mot?

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    This was very good.  I put half the amount of maple syrup in as I like to keep sweetness down, the whole amount would be fine (necessary) for folk who prefer more sweetness.  Also 1/2oz of Angostura bitters seemed like a lot, and maybe a typo?  I put in four dashes which was about 1/4 oz or less, so half the amount called for. 

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    Really good. Garnished with lemon peel, the oils are a great match a la a traditional espresso serve. Also feel like this would be great as a flip.