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  • Reply to: B Cubed   by   5 months 3 days ago

    I really like the flavor profile and richness of this.  For me, it was perhaps a touch sweet (this using high rye Old Grand-Dad Bonded Bourbon and Herbsaint Original 100 Proof), so I might dial the bourbon up to 1.25 oz on subsequent makings.  Using a barspoon of Herbsaint Original pushed the absinthe taste right up to the line where it was starting to become too dominant for me (and perhaps over it for some), so if using a higher proof anise spirit than the presumably specified 90 proof Herbsaint, consider a scant barspoon.

  • Reply to: Boston 2009   by   5 months 4 days ago

    I'd agree that dropping the lemon peel adds to the drink. Tasty.

  • Reply to: Mezcal Margarita   by   5 months 5 days ago

    A Punch article mentions a Monte-rita, which subs Montenegro for the Cointreau. 

  • Reply to: Boston Apothecary   by   5 months 5 days ago

    A bit too sour - maybe ease up on the lemon a bit. Otherwise an interesting combination of rye and kirsch.

  • Reply to: Solar Radio   by   5 months 6 days ago

    Not bad, but not much to it. I added 1/2 oz. Dry curacao and 1/4 squeezed orange for a bit more body, also cherry bitters. Needs something more...

  • Reply to: Kanji   by   5 months 6 days ago

    I thought I would like this more than I did. Maybe a bit less lime?

  • Reply to: Cuzco   by   5 months 1 week ago

    Nice, but a bit sweet. A bit less simple syrup (1/2 oz.), plus a bit more lemon (3/4 0z.) and I actually upped the kirsch to 1/4 oz.

  • Reply to: El Nacional   by   5 months 1 week ago

    Nice use of Ramazotti to compliment the chocolate. Works well with Fee Bros. Aztec Chocolate as the heat kicks it up a notch.

  • Reply to: Hastings Sunrise   by   5 months 2 weeks ago

    Not bad with 1/2 simple syrup added - brings out the kirsch.

  • Reply to: Paper in Fire   by   5 months 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been thinking about and working on iterations of this drink for months. It might be better with a 1/4 oz of mezcal instead of honey syrup? The smokey aspect of the mezcal seems to balance the bitter aspect of the Suze much better.

  • Reply to: Dirt 'n Diesel   by   5 months 2 weeks ago

    Used Goslings black in place of of the blackstrap. Heavy on raw molasses flavor. Almost has a bit of a charred flavor to me (which i don't mind). Pretty good overall but not blowing me away

  • Reply to: Say Goodnight Gracie   by   5 months 3 weeks ago

    Curated to add rhubarb bitters which somehow got left off the ingredients list, and to add the reference link. 

  • Reply to: The Brotherhood   by   5 months 3 weeks ago

    Only a handful of cocktails I give 2 stars to, and I think it has something to do about Benedictine and lemon that just doesn't work for me. It's just a really weird taste with the sour first followed by strong herbal. Not pleasant, but maybe it's just me...

  • Reply to: Industry Sour   by   5 months 3 weeks ago

    OMG, soooo good. Very nice. Perfect match of chartreuse and fernet. Made exactly as specified. A tad sweet but do not affect the quality of the drink. 5 stars!

  • Reply to: Mezzo-Americano   by   5 months 4 weeks ago

    Good. Maybe more Gin?

  • Reply to: Greyfriar   by   6 months 14 hours ago

    With "Big Peat"? I love this blended scotch from Islay.

  • Reply to: Rhube Rye   by   6 months 5 days ago

    Tried this one yesterday without the lavender garnish.

    Quiet good and interesting.

    Rye pairs well with lavender, both mix into something "New".

    Will do again 

  • Reply to: The Undead Gentleman   by   6 months 1 week ago

    Suave Zombie or sophisticated Jet Pilot? Delicious either way!

  • Reply to: Fire in the Orchard   by   6 months 1 week ago

    Fixed, thanks! Zachary

  • Reply to: Fire in the Orchard   by   6 months 1 week ago

    The blog entry has lemon juice instead of lime juice.


  • Reply to: Spy Boy   by   6 months 2 weeks ago

    Curated; added Kindred listing to Notes.

  • Reply to: Negroni   by   6 months 2 weeks ago

    I like my cocktails on the dry side, a little lower ABV, and I can never get enough bitter! So lately I've been doing:

    3/4 oz Tanqueray

    1 oz Campari

    3/4 oz Cocchi di Torino

    Try it! It's absolute heaven in a glass!

  • Reply to: 19th Century   by   6 months 2 weeks ago

    What about pear brandy for the liqueur? Thanks,  Zachary

  • Reply to: 19th Century   by   6 months 2 weeks ago

    Whoever said they were skeptical had a right to be (somewhat).  On paper this looks like a sweet bomb, but after making it to spec, it wasn't quite as sweet as I thought it would be (but still too sweet for my palate and most others I'd reckon).  The honeyed herbal notes of the yellow 'treuse really punch through, maybe a bit too much to keep the drink in balance for some, but there is something interesting in the ingredient combination.  I tried a few different ratio combinations and couldn't quite just dial down the sweetness without changing the character of the drink.  I ended up settling on increasing the gin to 1.75 oz and shaking the drink with a lemon peel to strip some of the lemon oil off and reduce the sweetness. That seemed to keep the basic character of the drink but dialed back the sweetness and herbal notes a bit.

  • Reply to: Mahogany   by   6 months 2 weeks ago

    I love Jagermeister, and really wish it didn't have the stigma of being a shitty frat-boy shooter, because I think it has so much potential to make lots of really good cocktails. Unfortunately so many bartenders shy away from it for fear of being discredited due to it's recent history. Case in point: this legendary YouTube video: 

    I digress... I also like my cocktails very much on the dry and bitter. So I reduced the Benedictine to 1/2 oz (might do 1/4 oz Bene next time) and added maybe 1/4 bottle of Underberg...and HOLY SHMOKES BATMAN! I think this might be my new favorite!