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    It's worth noting for the record that Rothman and Winter cherry liqueur and Luxardo maraschino liqueur are radically different in flavor profile (though either might well work in this drink!).

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    Curated slightly to express pepper infusion better and scale from parts to a reasonably-sized drink.

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    A great cocktail for bourbon lovers. I had to scramble for ingredients. Lacking Elijah Craig Bourbon (it got finished off last November) I reached for Woodford Reserve. And lacking R & W cherry liqueur, I grabbed for Luxardo liqueur. Together, these ingredients made this wonderful libation. But, I suspect that Black Forest Cocktail would have been in the 4.0 range had I the called for ingredients. As it was, I rated Black Forest Cocktail 4.5 with what I could pull down from my shelves. A great cocktail, regardless!

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    Tried this with ginger syrup instead of honey, it was excellent.

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    Curated: Changed instructions to avoid copyright infringement; added credit per link. 

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    I looked at the recipe for "Midnight Mass", and my mouth watered, but I didn't want to go through the hassles of Svenryelsdorn and end up with a less than satisfactory cocktail.

    I lacked two essential ingredients for the making of "Midnight Mass". First, I didn't have Scarlet Ibis Rum, so I dug deep into my 20+ bottles of different rums, and decided upon Matusalem Rum (10 year old Cuban-style rum). It turned out to be a delicious choice.

    Second, I didn't have Bitter Truth's Jerry Thomas' Own Decanter Bitters. Now I had to be creative, because while I had nearly 30 bitters, but I didn't have the right one. I decided to use ONE DASH of Scrappy's Cardamom bitters and TWO DASHES of Dead Rabbit's Orinoco bitters. Once stirred so that it was reasonably cold, I poured it into a large and cold Old Fashion glass with a LARGE ice cube. I then topped it with a large orange twist (after I had expressed the oil on top of the libation). The outcome was a libation with a smooth rum taste, with mild cardamom and various fruit notes, including orange. All in all, a do-able alternative to the ingredients I lacked. I rated this cocktail variation at 4.0.

    I hope others might experiment with Midnight Mass' recipe, and comment on their outcomes. This needs to be done when you have a recipe others have enjoyed, but the essential ingredients are hard to come by (or impossible to get), and are, therefore, lacking.

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    I'll try this next with Plymouth gin ...the Old Tom approached my limit of sweet for this style of cocktail.  It will also be a fun one to experiment with my amari collection. Over all, this one is a contemporary classic in my book.


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    Gin and Cardamaro 

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    Minor curation - spelling of 'Pallazzo'.

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    Used St. George Dry Rye Reposado for fear that an Old Tom might be too sweet.  The result felt a little too astringent.  Would try Genever next time around.

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    I've seen comments about the sweetness level of the cocktail, and I can see how it can get a tad sweet for some tastes, but the key is to use an over proof rye like Rittenhouse 100 to help balance with a bit more alcohol.  Definitely dial back the benedictine and chartreuse to 1/4 or so if you are don't have an over proof rye on hand.

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    The Bonal gets a bit lost for me beneath two powerfully flavored rum/rhums and the lemon, and I love Bonal. Perhaps a true amaro or a partial replacement with a pie spice amaro? Or perhaps Meletti and could forgo the chocolate bitters?

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    Light moderation: rephrased instructions to avoid copyright infringement.

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    Messed up putting the cocktail in and now can't fix it.


    3/4 oz of the rum, lime juice and triple sec

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    Thanks for this, Stew.  Tweaked a little:  Used agave syrup and threw a little sliced ginger in the shaker. Reduced vermouth slightly.  And, HEAVENLY!

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    Haigh does shake this, though conventional wisdom would have it stirred.

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    User njdesantis points to the recipe on that suggests ginger syrup and soda.

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    Regan leaves out the Swedish Punsch.

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    Regan garnishes both #1 and #2 with mint.

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    Used the serious eats version with good results. Muddle 3 slices fresh ginger. 2 oz blended scotch, 3/4 50:50 honey syrup, 3/4 lemon. Shake, double strain, 1/4 Islay float. I’d like to make the original with sweetened ginger juice soon, but this version is easy to whip up if you have fresh ginger on hand. 

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    Tastes like kids' cough syrup.  Uninspired for all those ingredients.

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    An alternative recipe is at Imbibe, as pointed out by user Blanco B. 

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    Made this with B&B instead of Benedictine (it’s all we had) and I think it mellowed it out a bit, not as sweet as others complained. Very herbaceous and sweet enough. It looked naked without some garnish so we added an orange peel twist, it complemented the herbaceousness!

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    Eastern Exposure is a pleasant drink, but as commented on by two others, it has a sweetness to it, from the Ramazzotti I suspect (and from the orange bitters, to a lesser degree), that some may not like. I used Jim Beam Black (a more pronounced taste than Four Roses, yet easy to imbibe), and still the sweetness. As is, I rate this cocktail at 3.5.

    Nevertheless, I'm going to make this drink twice more, each a different way. First, I'll make Eastern Exposure using Four Roses' small batch bourbon, and also using lemon bitters instead of orange bitters. Second, I'll make Eastern Exposure using a good rye (Bulleit or Wild Turkey, for example) with orange bitters. I love a good rye drink, and it just may be that Eastern Exposure is a better drink when made with rye. Comparing the drink when made with different bitters vs. made with rye will--hopefully-- give some insight as to how to best make Eastern Exposure.