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  • Reply to: Bellavive   by   2 months 3 weeks ago

    I have to agree with a previous comment - this drink is 'ok' but that's about all. There's nothing really wrong with it; it just doesn't stand out. Might be worth trying again with a spoon of simple or gomme syrup to give it a better mouthfeel.

  • Reply to: Lost Plane   by   2 months 3 weeks ago

    Made with Stiggin' Fancy Pineapple Plantation. Very nice, light, accessible. A good intro to mildly bitter-sweet cocktails.

  • Reply to: Vatican City   by   2 months 3 weeks ago

    I will definitely have to check out the Italian Stallion. I love these Rome with a View riffs, and it's a great template to play around with.

  • Reply to: Hummingbird   by   2 months 4 weeks ago

    Didn't have a orange wheel so I included a splash of orange juice.  Very good. 

  • Reply to: Pimmsanity   by   2 months 4 weeks ago

    I know this reply is a bit late but thanks for the clarification! :)

  • Reply to: Bitter Chocolatier   by   2 months 4 weeks ago

    Lunchflower, I'd suggest Cynar 70 as the closest sub for the CH Amaro.

  • Reply to: Vatican City   by   2 months 4 weeks ago

    I made this back in 2015 when it appeared in The Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails, and it inspired me in creating the Italian Stallion (I just put the drink in the date base moments ago) in early 2016.

  • Reply to: The Surplus   by   2 months 4 weeks ago

    Very nice balance of sweet, bitter, and slight spice.  Will make again.

  • Reply to: Boulevard of Broken Dreams   by   2 months 4 weeks ago

    Skipped the syrup as suggested and the result is the kind of spicy, boozy drink I'm a sucker for. 

  • Reply to: Stone of Destiny   by   2 months 4 weeks ago

    Very good, but 1/4 to 1/2 oz dry vermouth helps the sugar balance and really transforms the drink.

  • Reply to: The Haigh   by   3 months 6 hours ago

    Really good! A crowd-pleaser at my home tonight. Next time, for kicks, I'm going to try shaking up a slice or two of jalapeno with it; feel like a little heat might complement this drink nicely. 

  • Reply to: Smoky Pineapple   by   3 months 1 day ago

    Wonderful combo of the Pineapple rum and the hint of smoke from the Mezcal

  • Reply to: Bitter Chocolatier   by   3 months 1 day ago

    Do you have a recommendation for a more globally available amaro that CH Distillery is comparable to? 

  • Reply to: Mexican Razor Blade   by   3 months 2 days ago

    Simple and refreshing! Next time I will probably use just a bit less lime, and muddle the cucumber so that its flavor is more evident.

  • Reply to: Celine Fizz   by   3 months 2 days ago

    Light, delicate, and very easy sipping. Next time I plan to use a bit less lemon. 

  • Reply to: The 114   by   3 months 3 days ago

    I found the maraschino to be quite dominant at the listed proportions and ended up adding more of everything else to balance it out. The salt is a nice touch although 1 pinch was enough for me. 

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    Definitely a good use for cassis!  Made this with Zucca (the previous recipe, not the current one), and it was mighty tasty!  Confinement does stimulate the creative juices, doesn't it?

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    This was a light and pleasant drink, but I felt like the orange juice and elderflower were a bit at odds with each other. (I did have to use store-bought OJ rather than fresh-squeezed.) Like the previous reviewer I used just ¼ oz of simple syrup and wouldn't have wanted it sweeter. 

  • Reply to: Last Caress   by   3 months 1 week ago

    This is a pretty standard sized drink in most craft cocktail bars (3.25 oz pre-dilluted, I'd say most are 3 - 3.5 oz pre-dilluted, excepting some like an old fashioned build).  You could sub Overholt Bonded or Rittenhouse for the 80 proof Overholt rye, and shave off a quarter ounce.  As far as the intensity goes, simply dilute it more.  Not sure what stir count you're using, but add another 5-10 revolutions, taste it, if it's still too intense repeat until you find your sweet spot.

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    My guess would be to stir it for a longer time. Or if that's not enough, add 1/4 ounce of cold water. Thanks,  Zachary

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    The flavor is very nice. The drink is very intense. Is there a way to lighten it up, volume wise and intensity?

  • Reply to: Sorel liqueur   by   3 months 1 week ago

    I really liked this liqueur, but I'm pretty sure it's discontinued now. I've been using a mix of Greenbar's Fruitlab Hibiscus Liqueur + a touch of allspice liqueur (The Bitter Truth) in it's place.

  • Reply to: The Safe Word   by   3 months 1 week ago

    Substituted Sorel for Montenegro. 

  • Reply to: Daiquiri (Simo)   by   3 months 1 week ago

    Used for the overproof rum a white agricole rum (Longueteau 62%) with great results despite being unaged.

    It brings minerality and freshness to the mix.