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    Curated - a dash of grapefruit bitters, not an ounce!

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    I had forgotten about this one.  Great with fantastic finish!

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    An agave Brooklyn.

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    This is obviously before the invention of shaking a cocktail.  Yikes.

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    I think few days are hot enough that I prefer my Gin Rickey "bone dry" as per this recipe. If it's the hottest day of the year, make this recipe.

    Every other day of the year, I prefer the Death & Co recipe: 2 oz Gin (Beefeater); 1oz Lime Juice; 1/2 oz Simple Syrup; Club Soda (to taste).


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    Used yellow chartreuse instead of Benedictine and it worked very well. Made a second using 1/4 oz of oj and using 1/4 oz of raspberry syrup and it was very floral and still extremely good.

    Lastly, we used lavendar bitters with a spritz of orange blossom water.  Very very good cocktail.

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    The "Midnight Prayer" is a pleasant drink, with subtle flavors that come out as the drink lingers--for example, as you're playing cribbage. I rate this drink at 4.0. Try it and let's see where the rating goes.


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    Changed second ingredient from Laird's bonded apple brandy to Laird's applejack, per reference.

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    I started to make this and then couldn't find the bottle of Strega I was sure I had. Substituting yellow Chartreuse, I thought it was a nice drink, if a touch sweet. The sweet aroma of pineaple doesn't need much sugar to carry it. I think Strega is pretty similar to Yellow Chartresue. Maybe 1/2 oz lime? Or 3/4 Suze and 1/2 Strega?

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    Up bitters and reduce syrup; it overpowers the drink.  Good but not quite perfect -- a solid base to tinker from.

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    Curated this to conform to the cited article: Bulleit rye, Toschi walnut liqueur, MM Chocolate-chili bitters. Added date, simplified instructions. Thanks,  Zach

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    The original recipe calls for walnut liqueur, specifically Toschi. I used Nocello in this as specified in this recipe, which is a walnut and hazelnut liqueur - the hazelnut was very dominant and did not make for a good drink. Should be changed from Nocello to Nocino to reflect a true walnut liqueur.

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    Absinthe? How much? Why? I'd like to try your suggestion.

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    So it does, good find. As you were!

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    The cider manufacturer notes that the herbal is the one to use in this cocktail. Don't think this needs to be marked as "altered" based on that.

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    The linked source says Orleans. If you made it with Orleans Herbal and like it that way, I'd suggest that your recipe should be listed as an "altered" recipe rather than as an "authentic" recipe (unless you know for sure that it is Serious Eats that has it wrong). (A minor point to be sure.)

    I'm unfamiliar with this ingredient but it looks intriguing!

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    Revised to match original recipe. Previously published here as 1 oz each bourbon, sherry, port (regular, presumably), and Ango. Garnish with cherry and squeezed lemon. My guess is that the need for the simple varies with the sherry and port used.

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    This is tasty.  I think Derek Brown's original is a bit better than this particular recipe.

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    Thanks Craig! Eden makes three types of Aromatized Ice Cider - Orleans Herbal, Orleans Bitter, and Orleans Wood. It looks like these types are in the database as brand names. The product in this recipe is the Orleans Herbal.

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    Light curation: conformed ingredients to KC database names and edited instructions to avoid copyright infringement. Thanks!

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    NY Times credits Chicago's Stephen Cole for the Bitter Giuseppe. The thirdcoast blog doesn't say whether Misty "created" the variant on this page. Given that she describes a "game of telephone", I suspect Cole's may have come first. It was printed in Rogue/Beta Cocktails. My copy of that went missing, but the NY Times version has a bit less sweet vermouth (which I prefer), though they use Carpano Antica.

    Because The Search for Delicious (nearly identical to Little Giuseppe) is an explicit riff on the Bitter Giuseppe (created by one of the authors of Beta after he samples the BG), I suspect that the mod team should have kept the BG instead of the LG.

    In any case: the three cocktails are each fantastic and I'd likely find it challenging to really pick one out of a lineup.

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    Used Meletti in lieu of Ramazzotti and Bittermens Mole instead of Fee Bros. Old Overholt for the rye. I love Fernet Branca as much as anyone but I think it's overpowering here in a way that doesn't let the other component shine. I get lots of the mole bitters on the nose but almost nothing but Fernet taste-wise. I like the idea and want to tinker around with the spec. Maybe tone down the Fernet a touch, use the new Old Overholt bonded for a bit more punch, and bring the amaro up to 3⁄4 oz while nixing the demerara syrup.

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    Tried again with Clyde May's Bourbon, Aperol, Luxardo, Lemon Juice and Angistora Orange Bitters (6-7ds). Still too sweet.