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    Wake up to "Goodnight Vienna!" What a wonderful drink, despite what one might think is an incongrouous mixture of alcoholic ingredients. In reality, they are incredilby congruent--almost beyond belief, until you sip on this delightful concoction. I mean, Grand Marnier and Ramazzotti! Come on; who in their right mind would mix them together? And then to throw in some Mezcal! Get me a head shrinker!

    But pull yourself together, mix the drink using the given recipe, and you'll end up with an incredible before dinner drink, or a very satisfying late evening drink. I rate this libation at 4.5. Come on--mix, stir, strain, and then drink up--but do it responsibly!

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    Just so we retain them for posterity, there's a variant of this drink that is titled "Authentic Blood and Sand", which is confusing - it's not authentic at all. This recipe is 1 oz Scorpion silver Mezcal, 1 ounce orange juice, 3/4 Cherry Heering, and 3/4 Noilly Prat Rouge, shaken for 20 seconds, strained into a cocktail glass, and garnished with a Maraschino cherry.  Thanks,  Zachary

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    We added 1 bsp of simple syrup; brought out the mint and gave it a little more roundness and balance.

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    The Herbsaint overwhelms the rest of the drink. Perhaps it should be notched down to either a rinse or 1/8 oz.

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    Bumped up the rye and backed off on the lemon juice: 1.0, 0.5, 0.75, 0.75.

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    A lovely drink, once I got past wondering how to 'rinse' with mint (I used a slapped sprig).

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    A complex if worthy variation on what is often a crappy soda pop-forward cocktail. I used Becherovka for cinnamon and King's for ginger, plus used tonic. It was good enough to make again for guests.

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    Subbed Bulleit Rye, freshly squeezed grapefruit and Karl Strauss Wreck Alley Stout, OMG this cocktail's YUM!!!!

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    I didn't have clear Curacao so I used my blue Curacao and the color is awesome. The liquid glows a greenish color that looks like a drink out of an H.P. Lovecraft book. Love the taste too. I'd genuinely suggest subbing the peychaud's bitters for absinthe (personal preference).

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    Did not like the agave syrup. Either use less or try different sweetener.

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    I'm surprised at the negative comment given that this has 4 stars out of 8 ratings. Subbed Dolin Blanc and expressed oils from a big wedge of (an extremely floral-y) lemon rind. At first it's sweet and then the citrus-y bitterness of the Suze kicks in leaving a lingering vegetal earthy bitter aftertaste. All in all, not the most complex cocktail but definitely not lacking in depth! The gin is somewhat overpowered though so might want to tinker with the proportions a bit. 

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    I expected this to be a bit sweet, and it was.  It wasn't bad tasting, and if you like sweeter drinks, this is great. I'd reco some bitters though.

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    This is a great cocktail, I love it. One thing that makes it easier to make (especially if you drink it frequently, like myself) is to premix the 5 ingredients that call for two dashes. I put an ounce each in a ~5 oz hot sauce bottle. Works great, and consistency is easier to achieve.

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    NB: The version in the Canon Cocktail Book calls for a full ounce of Pommeau.

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    Fantastic drink, tastes as advertised. I also tried it with 1/2 Cynar and 1 oz Coffee and that was also very nice and satisfied the less adventurous in the group.

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    Ahhh! Bourbon and Cynar... a good combination, indeed! Add some yellow Chartreuese and Peychaud's bitters (with an orange twist, of course), and you have a wonderful libation. The Van Damme is exactly that; a wonderful libation. The bourbon (Baker's in this case) comes through like a champ, and the Cynar is hidden by the Chartreuse. But everything comes together as it should.

    I do wonder, however, how this drink would taste with a lower proof, say in the 90 proof range? Some may prefer it that way. Regardless, for those who enjoy an overproof bourbon drink, The Van Damme will hit the spot. I rate it at 4.0. A nice before dinner drink!

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    Had one of these with Luxardo's cherry liqueur (not the maraschino) - it's a keeper!

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    I made two of these last night with the recently released Cynar 70 - they were excellent! This is one of my favorite drinks, and I think I will be making it this way in the future. The increased alcohol content is not noticeable on the palate, but I did feel it. 

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    Your note mentions Spanish vermouth but Dolin is French... if you need to change the brand of vermouth, let me know and I'll fix it. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Beautifully balanced and herbal.

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    I used Dolin because no CAF on hand. Surprisingly tart. I almost wondered if Zwack Liqueur was intended, but knowing the poster, I'm sure it's not. The tartness balances the bitterness. Interesting and worth making, especially if you like out-of-the-box cocktails. The lime is particularly surprising. Also, the grapefruit aroma was lovely.

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    A couple of questions for you: is that a homemade chocolate extract, and If not, is there a brand you like? Can you provide a recipe or some guidelines for the stout reduction?  Thanks,  Zachary

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    Had one of these at OKBB. This is a great drink! Have always liked an Aviation, but I will start substituting a Risk Pool now. The Hayman's Old Tom gin is perfect here.