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How do I organize my cocktail recipes in the Kindred Cocktails database?

Kindred Cocktails is a shared cocktail recipe database. You can create your own “Cocktail Book” containing just the recipes you want. These may be your own creations, cocktails that you‘ve found on-line or in books, or cocktails that other Kindred Cocktail users have shared.

Getting Started

The first step is to sign-up, creating a user name and password. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail. Click the validation link in it, and you're ready to start building your Cocktail Book.

Finding cocktails

Click the COCKTAIL menu and you'll find a powerful set of commands to help you locate just the cocktails that you want. Filter by ingredient or notes or rating or whatever. You can display just the cocktail names, or include a brief summary or list of ingredients. You can then click on any cocktail's name to see the full recipe.

Adding cocktails

Before adding cocktails or working with your Cocktail Book, sign up or log in. The easiest way to add a cocktail is to find one that another user has already entered into Kindred Cocktail and simply click the Add link under "My Cocktail Book" on the right of the cocktail's page. This will Add it to your Cocktail Book. You may then click Edit to edit your details about that cocktail, such as your notes or rating of it.

You can add a cocktail by hovering over the ADD menu and choosing ADD COCKTAIL from the drop-down menu. Here you'll find all the fields needed to enter your recipe and all the other interesting information about it, such as who created it or when or what your rating of it is. Click SAVE to save your new cocktail.

You can also add a cocktail by hovering over the ADD menu and choosing PASTE COCKTAIL. Here you can paste a recipe from a forum or email or type the recipe free-form. Click Preview and Kindred Cocktails will try to sort out all the information — the cocktail's name, the ingredients (quantity, unit, ingredient name, notes), and instructions and then notes. Separate each section with a blank line. This is sometimes the easiest way to get a cocktail into Kindred Cocktail from a blog or forum.