Recent Cocktails

  • The Necromancer from Chezerac
    Gin, Triple sec, Dry vermouth, Absinthe, Crème de Violette, Lemon juice
  • Suffering Bastard from sgls by Shepherd's Hotel, Cairo
    Gin, Brandy, Bitters, Ginger beer, Lime juice, Demerara syrup
  • Humuhumunukunukuapua'a from sgls by Marcovaldo Dionysos
    Gin, Peychaud's Bitters, Cherry, Orchid, Lemon juice, Pineapple juice, Orgeat
  • Haunted House from applejack by Jeremy Oertel, Donna, Brooklyn, NY
    Jamaican rum, Rye, Swedish Punsch, Bitters, Ginger syrup, Orange peel
  • Starman Sour from stevethebartender
    Gin, Amaro Nonino, Apricot liqueur, Orange bitters, Lemon juice
  • Paradise Sour from allhailtheblackmarket by Kevin Beary
    Rye, Rum, Falernum, Aromatized wine, Bitters, Orchid, Lemon juice, Lime juice, Egg white, Lemon peel
  • Spiced Tamarind Buck from stirred by Dawn - Portland, OR
    Rhum Agricole, Triple sec, Falernum, Bitters, Ginger beer, Club soda, Lime juice, Tamarind, Mint
  • Le Vieux Pêcher from happyrobot by happyrobot
    Cognac VSOP, Rye, Peach bitters, Seltzer water, Simple syrup, Lemon juice, Egg white, Mint, Lemon peel
  • Cuban Anole from brettiki by Ben Sandrof, Painkiller, NYC
    Rhum Agricole, Jamaican rum, Barbados Rum, Lime juice, Orgeat, Cinnamon syrup, Cinnamon
  • The Cheerwine & Rye Sour from happyrobot by me
    Rye, Simple syrup, Lemon juice, Mint, Lemon peel
  • Navy Strength Old Fashioned from applejack by Dan Smith, Queen Mary Tavern, Chicago, IL
    Navy strength rum, Navy strength gin, Bitters, Orange peel, Rich demerara syrup 2:1, Salt Solution
  • Cannibal Cooler from brettiki by Christian Salazar Diaz,Trader Sam's, Disneyland
    Jamaican rum, Demerara Rum, Falernum, Allspice Dram, Herbal liqueur, Bitters, White grapefruit juice, Lemon juice, Honey syrup
  • Cactus Campfire from brettiki
    Tequila, Chocolate bitters, Mezcal, Vanilla syrup
  • Bolo from brettiki
    Rum, Martinique Rum, Bitters, Pineapple juice, Lime juice, Fassionola, Honey syrup
  • Bokor from brettiki
    Jamaican rum, Allspice Dram, Bitters, Fassionola, Lime juice, White grapefruit juice
  • Black Mamba from brettiki
    Vodka, Falernum, Ginger ale, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Activated Charcoal, Lime
  • Bermuda Swizzle from brettiki
    Rum, Falernum, Bitters, Lime juice, Pineapple juice, Simple syrup, Pineapple
  • Beachcomber’s Gold from brettiki by Donn Beach
    Puerto Rican Rum, Jamaican rum, Herbal liqueur, Crushed ice, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Almonds
  • There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand from brettiki
    Dark rum, Navy strength rum, Crème de Banane, Allspice Dram, Coconut cream, Lime juice
  • Rene Barbier from yarm by Frederic Yarm, Loyal Nine, Cambridge, MA as created at Painter's Tavern in Cornwall on Hudson, NY.
    Cognac, Sweet vermouth, Curaçao, Campari, Bitters, Lemon peel
  • The Barricade from noksagt by /u/CabelTheRed, reddit
    Cognac, Campari, Dry vermouth, Sweet vermouth, Orange bitters, Orange peel
  • Witchy Ways from applejack
    Manzanilla sherry, Strega, Pineapple juice, Mango puree, Honey syrup, Mint, Pineapple
  • Maison Sherry Cobbler from applejack by Maxwell Britten, Maison Premiere, Brooklyn, NY
    Amontillado Sherry, Manzanilla sherry, Oloroso sherry, Pedro Ximénez Sherry, Allspice Dram, Blueberry preserves, Lemon juice, Pineapple juice, Demerara syrup
  • Last Colony from thiudans by Matthew Carver
    Gin, Herbal liqueur, Maraschino Liqueur, PInk grapefruit juice
  • Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea from yarm by Frederic Yarm, Boston, MA
    Rum, Swedish Punsch, Apricot liqueur, Lime juice, Lime


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