Recent Cocktails

  • Buck's Fizz from Dan by Updated by Robert Hess
    Champagne, Gin, Cherry Liqueur, Orange juice
  • Jolly Roger from Dan by Robert Hess
    Virgin Islands Rum, Light rum, Falernum, Bitters, Orange juice, Orange peel
  • Blood and Sand from Dan by The Savoy Hotel
    Cherry Liqueur, Sweet vermouth, Scotch, Orange juice
  • Alamagoozlum Cocktail from Dan by Updated by Dr. Cocktail
    Genever, Herbal liqueur, Jamaican rum, Bitters, Curaçao, Water, Gomme syrup, Egg white
  • Old Cuban from Dan by Audrey Saunders, New York, NY
    Rum, Champagne, Bitters, Simple syrup, Lime juice, Mint
  • Ginger Batida aka Ginger Caipirinha from Dan
    Cachaça, Ginger liqueur, Lime juice, Cherry juice, Grenadine
  • Calvados Cocktail from Dan
    Calvados, Triple sec, Orange bitters, Orange juice
  • Ruby Cocktail from Dan by William "Cocktail" Boothby
    Sloe gin, Sweet vermouth, Orange bitters, Cherry Liqueur, Lemon peel
  • Vacation Fizz from Dan by Zane Harris, Vessel, Seattle, WA
    Cachaça, Aperol, Grapefruit bitters, Egg white, Lemon juice, Simple syrup
  • Canton from Dan
    Jamaican rum, Orange Curaçao, Maraschino Liqueur, Maraschino cherry, Grenadine, Orange peel
  • Margarita from Dan
    Tequila, Triple sec, Lime juice
  • Cranberry Brandy Sour from Dan
    Brandy, Cachaça, Cassis, Lemon juice, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Cranberry syrup, Soda water
  • Añejo Highball from Dan
    Añejo rum, Triple sec, Ginger liqueur, Bitters, Soda water, Lime juice
  • Attention from Dan by Updated by Jamie Boudreau at Vessel in Seattle
    Gin, Absinthe, Crème de Violette, Dry vermouth, Orange bitters
  • Sweetie Pie from Dan by Lydia Reismueller, PDT, New York, NY
    Rhum Agricole, Allspice Dram, Apple cider, Apple, Salt
  • Caipirinha from Dan
    Cachaça, Sugar, Lime
  • Ja Mon from Dan by Dan Chadwick, Kindred Cocktails
    Cachaça, Dark rum, Falernum, Añejo rum, Orange bitters, Walnut Liqueur, Grapefruit juice, Lime juice
  • Duplex (Punt e Mes and Lillet) from Dan by DavisSqPro, chowhound
    Sweet vermouth, Aromatized wine, Orange bitters, Lemon peel
  • Blackthorn Cocktail from Dan by St. Boltoph's Club, Boston
    Sloe gin, Sweet vermouth, Orange bitters
  • Aviation Cocktail from Dan by Hugo Ensslin, Hotel Wallick, New York, NY
    Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, Crème de Violette, Lemon juice
  • Ames Addiction from Dan by John Lermayer, Ames Hotel, Boston, MA
    Añejo rum, Sweet vermouth, Ginger liqueur, Bitters, Orange peel
  • Jasmine (Robert Hess) from Dan by Robert Hess, as an adaptation of the Jasmine from Paul Harrington, Townhouse Bar & Grill, Emeryville, CA, author of Cocktail: The Drinks Bible for the 21st Century
    Gin, Triple sec, Campari, Lemon juice, Lemon
  • Lion's Tail from Dan by L. A. Clarke
    Bourbon, Allspice Dram, Bitters, Lime juice, Gomme syrup
  • Margarita Violette from Dan by Chowhound DavisSqPro
    Blanco tequila, Triple sec, Crème de Violette, Lime juice
  • Union Club from Dan by Jamie Boudreau, Vessel, Seattle, WA
    Bourbon, Campari, Maraschino Liqueur, Orange juice


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