Recent Cocktails

  • Coconut Revolution from applejack
    Rye, Coconut liqueur, Sweet vermouth, Bitters, Cynar 70, Orange peel
  • Banana Stand (Rob Roy) from Craig E by Zac Overman, Rob Roy, Seattle, Washington (USA)
    Islay Scotch, Crème de Banane, Herbal liqueur, Allspice Dram, Lemon juice, Cinnamon stick, Cinnamon syrup, Banana leaf, Cinnamon
  • Kuksu from Skliarevsky
    Spiced Rum, Sweet vermouth, Averna, Bénédictine, Bitters
  • The Kerouac from drinkingandthinking by Dave Hebb
    Rye, Tawny port, Amaro Nonino
  • Mr. Manager from GratefulDawg73 by /u/nono_baddog on r/cocktails
    Light rum, Mezcal, Falernum, Allspice Dram, Lime juice, Lime peel
  • Symphony from noksagt by Sweetwater Social, New York City, NY
    Apple brandy, Mezcal, Pedro Ximénez Sherry
  • Fool's Gold from Cagmaggers by Cagmaggers' wife
    Amontillado Sherry, Bitters, Cynar, Almond milk, Lime juice, Orgeat, Pomegranate molasses
  • Pennington Daiquiri from noksagt by Tyson Buhler, Lost Hours, New York City
    Martinique Rum, Brandy, Suze, Lemon juice, Honey syrup, Simple syrup, Lime
  • Mulberry Street from Cara A by Cara Anthony
    Rye, Ramazzotti, Cherry shrub, Orange peel
  • Daylight Savings from medwardb
    Rum, Brandy, Gin, Fernet Branca, Elderflower liqueur, Grapefruit juice, Lemon juice
  • Bonjour Farrokh from Cocktailian by Jason Westplate
    Gin, Triple sec, Parfait Amour, Grapefruit liqueur, Lemon juice, Simple syrup, Orange peel
  • Cedar Fever from bwian
    Old Tom Gin, Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur, Elderflower liqueur, Peychaud's Bitters, Lemon peel
  • Haïtiki Grenadia from Dabhox by David Tiki Shake, France
    Rhum Agricole, Poire William, Licor 43, Pimento bitters, Passion fruit puree, Lime juice, Simple syrup
  • Weston from applejack by Benjamin Schiller, The Berkshire Room, ACME Hotel, Chicago, IL
    Bourbon, Peychaud's Bitters, Coffee syrup
  • Old Money from applejack by Benjamin Schiller, Boka, Chicago, IL
    Bourbon, Aperol, Walnut Liqueur, Bitters, Allspice Dram, Orange peel
  • Fault Line from applejack by Shannon Tebay-Sidle, Death & Company, New York
    Aquavit, Aromatized wine, Cynar, Grapefruit peel, Carrot Eau-de-vie
  • Zapoteca from AndyProof by Andy at
    Mezcal, Amer Picon, Sweet vermouth, Bitters
  • Pink Eye from Craig E by Craig Eliason, Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA)
    Gin, Sweet vermouth, Campari, Amère Sauvage, Peychaud's Bitters, Cherry shrub, Half-and-half
  • Negroni Bianchi from Rjdunn00 by Rob Dun
    Gin, Bianco Vermouth, Amaro, Genepy
  • Bormio Sour from Rjdunn00 by Rob Dunn
    Rye, Braulio, Lemon juice, Rich simple syrup 2:1
  • Best Intentions from stewartfritz by Matt @ The Stamped Robin, Kalamazoo, MI
    Bianco Vermouth, Cappelletti Aperitivo, Orange Curaçao, Lime juice
  • The Seagull from Cagmaggers
    Old Tom Gin, Suze, Maraschino Liqueur, Crème de Violette, Orange bitters
  • Spanish Bar Fly from noksagt by Grand Escalier at Stureplan, Sweden
    Cuban rum, Licor 43, Cherry Bitters, Lemon juice, Egg white, Simple syrup
  • Two to Mango from jmedlong by Jesse Medlong
    Brandy, Ancho Reyes Ancho Chile Liqueur, Lime juice, Agave syrup, Lime
  • Smoke and Choke On A Rock from drinkingandthinking by Dave Hebb
    Mezcal, Cynar, Grapefruit bitters


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