Recent Cocktails

  • Forty Virtues from Westhovsies by California Gold
    Armagnac, Bianco Vermouth, Herbal liqueur, Bonal Gentiane Quina, Orange bitters
  • Caribou from davidltigger by Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ)
    Sherry, Port, Vodka, Brandy, Maple syrup
  • ZZ's Pineapple Cocktail from mako by Thomas Waugh, ZZ's Clam Bar, New York City
    Gin, Limoncello, Pineapple juice, Lime juice, Simple syrup
  • Jelena from mako by Sean Fennelly, Kimpton Fitzro, London
    Amaro Montenegro, Pineapple juice
  • Italian Stallion from yarm by Frederic Yarm, Loyal Nine, Cambridge, MA
    Aperol, Aveze, Soda water, Lime juice, Passion fruit syrup, Orange peel
  • Vatican City from robbyfresh by Mikki Kristola, The Varnish, Los Angeles, CA
    Suze, Bianco Vermouth, Club soda, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Grapefruit peel
  • Undercover Angel from yarm by Frederic Yarm, Loyal Nine, Cambridge, MA
    Madeira, Bénédictine, Maraschino Liqueur, Absinthe, Lemon peel
  • Provocateur from yarm by Fred Yarm, Loyal Nine, Cambridge, MA
    Añejo rum, Madeira, Bénédictine, Bitters, Orange peel
  • Orchid Thief from Craig E by Chip Tyndale, Dutch Kills and Flatiron Lounge, New York, New York (USA)
    Fino sherry, Dry vermouth, Bénédictine, Lemon peel
  • Witches' Blood from lesliec by lesliec
    Scotch, Sweet vermouth, Strega, Cherry Liqueur, Blood Orange Bitters
  • Stone of Destiny from Craig E by Craig Eliason, Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA)
    Blended Scotch, Sweet vermouth, Apricot liqueur, Ginger syrup, Orange peel
  • Spring in Saint Paul from Cara A by Cara Anthony
    Gin, Campari, Simple syrup, Cherry bounce, Lemon juice
  • Don Jefe from jenksjeremy by Monkeypod kitchen, Maui
    Mezcal, Byrrh, Amaro Meletti, Orange bitters
  • Tarzan Boy from yarm by Frederic Yarm, Loyal Nine, Cambridge, MA
    Rhum Agricole, Bianco Vermouth, Dry vermouth, Campari, Passion fruit syrup, Orange peel
  • Red Eye Old Fashioned from applejack
    Bourbon, Virgin Islands Rum, Bitters, Orange peel, Coffee syrup
  • Lost Plane from andrelbhenrique by Emily Gosling from Goslings Black Seal Rum
    Rum, Aperol, Amaro Montenegro, Lemon juice
  • Lumberjack Negroni from yarm by Frederic Yarm, Boston, MA
    Campari, Dry vermouth, Scotch, Apple brandy, Maple syrup, Orange peel
  • Silk Road Daiquiri from applejack
    Blended rum, Batavia Arrack, Lime juice, Chinese five spice syrup
  • Grand Marais from Brindisi by Jill Krieg
    Aquavit, Herbal liqueur, Celery bitters
  • Sheltering Sky from yarm by Frederic Yarm, Russell House Tavern, Cambridge, MA
    Cognac, Swedish Punsch, Bénédictine, Amontillado Sherry, Bitters, Orange peel
  • Zerlina from Brindisi by Scott Stoeffler, Downers Grove, IL
    Fino sherry, Gin, Apricot liqueur, Bergamot liqueur
  • Emotional Tailspin from applejack
    Bourbon, Amaro, Cassis, Lemon peel, Lemon juice
  • Odd Couple from jello_jones
    Tequila, Dry vermouth, Suze, Lemon bitters, Bergamot liqueur, Lemon juice
  • Leather Man from jenksjeremy by The Botanist, Portland, OR
    Mezcal, Ancho Reyes Ancho Chile Liqueur, Sweet vermouth, CioCiaro
  • Polynesian Remedy from Pangolindo by Scotty Schuder, Dirty Dick, France, Paris
    Dark rum, Islay Scotch, Lemon juice, Ginger syrup, Orgeat, Honey syrup


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