19th Century (Pegu Club)

Bourbon, Crème de Cacao, Aromatized wine, Lemon juice
1 12ozBourbon
34ozLemon juice
34ozCrème de Cacao
34ozLillet Rouge (or Dubonnet)
Shake, strain, up.
A modern classic. Excellent with Bonal in place of the Lillet Rouge.
Cocktail summary
Created byBrian Miller, Pegu Club, NYC, via Bartender's Choice app by Sam Ross.
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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DrunkLab on 05/09/2014


Made with homemade cacao nib infusion and cocchi americano. I enjoyed the drink. It was sweet up front with some bourbon taste, then the sour from the lemon hit and there was a hint of chocolate in the finish. Would make again when I'm in the mood for something sweeter.

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