2 oz Gin, Plymouth
1 oz Bianco Vermouth, Dolin
2 ds Caramelized Ramp Bitters, Bitters Old Men
1 spg Dill (Muddle)
2 sli Cucumber (Muddle)
1 twst Lemon peel (Muddle)
1 spg Dill (Garnish)
Muddle the dill, cucumber and lemon peel in a mixing glass with the Dolin Blanc and Bitters, Old Men Caramelized Ramp Bitters. Add gin and stir with ice, fine-straining into a chilled coupe. Garnish with a smacked dill sprig.
"Freeside" is a Gibson-inspired Gibson variant, swapping out the Dry Vermouth for Dolin Blanc, and replacing the Pickled Onion with muddled Dill, Cucumber, Lemon Peel and Caramelized Ramp Bitters. Dill was chosen due to its resemblance to a data tree, an integral computer science data structure, while Kirby Cucumbers were used for having a similar shape as Gibson's Freeside space resort.
"Freeside" Cocktail
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