Maharaja's Revenge

2 oz Rum, Old Monk
1 oz Apricot liqueur
34 oz Lime juice
Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.
Old Monk is an Indian rum with a unique, smoky flavor, so no substitutes. Consider upping lime to 1oz for more tang.
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Looks awesome, though Old

Looks awesome, though Old Monk is increasingly hard to find around Boston (at least it is at my usual packies). I wonder how mezcal would do in this, I bet mezcal as base spirit would be tasty with some tweaks.



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Old Monk is almost always at

Old Monk is almost always at Martignetti's and Liquor World in Porter.

I think mezcal would work, but it doesn't have the same vanilla notes that Old Monk has, so it would probably need another ingredient to mellow out the bite.