Winter Solace

Warm, smooth and easy cocktail for sharing with holiday dinner guests!
1 oz Arrack, White Lion VSOA
12 oz Amaretto
12 oz Brandy
6 oz Egg Nog
Mix all and warm (careful not to overheat). Top with whip cream and sprinkle ground nutmeg and ground clove.
Pour into mug for a single serving or individual espresso cups as a small dessert beverage
Originally called for Vanilla spice Southern Comfort egg nog and Disaronno.
Copyright 2012. White Lion Imports, LLC


Frankly I think this would be

Frankly I think this would be better with home made boiled custard instead of store bought eggnog. YMMV.

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Curated to remove store

Curated to remove store-bought egg nog and Amaretto brand as there are better options.