Lilac Domino

1 oz Calvados
1 oz Gin
12 oz Yellow Chartreuse
12 oz Crème Yvette
12 oz Lemon juice
Shake and strain, cherry garnish
From the 1937 Café Royal Cocktail Book.
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Zachary Pearson's picture

You know who would really

You know who would really like this? Dan. He loves Creme Yvette... the more the better.

Actually, I've never tried

Actually, I've never tried Creme Yvette because I have a 267-year supply of Creme de Violette to use up first. ;)

Zachary Pearson's picture

Dan, If you dissolved pink


If you dissolved pink Peeps in Creme de Violette, you might have Creme Yvette... you will now have nightmares.

christina in tacoma's picture

I really like the way the

I really like the way the Calvados, Chartreuse, and Creme Yvette combine, but I'm not sure that I care for the gin flavor in the mix- I'll try with less next time, as this was a little boozy-tasting. I used Tanqueray which maybe wasn't the best choice...

christina in tacoma's picture

Finally tried again, 1.5

Finally tried again, 1.5 Calvados and no gin which I think it is an improvement. Fruity but not cloying. Worth toying with, and if you don't have Creme Yvette (I have a huge bottle to use up) most any floral liqueur would work...

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