Riviera Sunset

Rum, Triple sec, Aromatized wine, Pistachio liqueur, Orange bitters
1ozRum, 10 Cane
12ozLillet Blanc
34ozTriple sec, Cointreau
14ozPistachio liqueur
1dsOrange bitters, Regans' orange bitters
Stir, strain, up, cocktail glass, garnish with a pistachio
I was looking for what has been done with Pisa, a liqueur largely based on pistachio, but with almond and hazelnut as well. Will need to try it with Dumante Verdenoce too
Obviously a riff on Jonathan Powers' excellent Riviera Sun.
Cocktail summary
Created & posted bybkopynec on 05/08/2014
Bo Kopynec
AuthenticityOriginal creation

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