1 oz Amaro Sibilla, Varnelli
1 oz Highland Scotch, Clynelish
Stir and strain into a chilled rocks glass.
Obviously other Highland/Speyside malts will fit the bill here, although the name only works with Clynelish. But really, Amaro Sibilla pairs nicely with just about any whisk(e)y in 1:1 proportions.
Inspired by the recent-ish trend of amaro-based 50/50 shots (e.g., Ferrari, Maserati, Nar Nar).
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I loved this with Highland

I loved this with Highland Park 12. My wife didn't, which surprised me since she likes both ingredients individually. I'd try this again with an Islay.

Can confirm: It's nice with

Can confirm: It's nice with Islay whisky, as Dan suggested. I've tried it with both Lagavulin and Laphroaig.