Blackthorn English

1 12 sh Sloe gin
1 sh Gin
34 sh Sweet vermouth
3 ds Orange bitters
Orange zest., Stir, Straight Up, Cocktail
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  • A little on the sweet side for me. — ☆☆☆

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This recipe seems under-rated

This recipe seems under-rated. I wonder if it is the ratio or if people are using cheap/terrible sloe gin?

There are, at least, three types of cocktails that vye for the "Blackthorn" name. Sloe berries are the fruit of the Blackthorn tree & this concoction is probably the one that should have the title [though other have (humorously) proposed Irish whiskey-based concoction being credible due to where Blackthorn trees are grown].

This recipe dates to pre-1926 [when it appeared in Bolton's Sideboard]. Dave Arnold's recipe [1.5 oz Plymouth/0.75 sweet vermouth/0.75 sloe gin/2 dashes bitters] is better-balanced than this version.