Earl Grey MarTEAni

1 12 oz Gin (Earl Grey-infused)
1 oz Simple syrup
34 oz Lemon juice
1   Egg white
1 twst Lemon peel (as garnish)
Shake hard 10 seconds, strain, straight up, cocktail glass half-rimmed with sugar, garnish
Infuse 750ml Tanqueray gin with 4 T (17 g) loose Earl Grey tea for 2 hours, fine sieve or filter, refrigerate.
This cocktail garnered attention when the New York officials cited Pegu Club for serving raw egg without notice, despite notice on the cocktail menu.
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I weighed 4 T at 17 g, using

I weighed 4 T at 17 g, using Earl Grey from Camellia's Tea Shop in London.

Curious that Saunders's original instructions don't involve dry shaking the egg white, but that's probably a good idea.