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Cognac, Triple sec, Bitters, Sugar, Lemon juice
Reposado Tequila, Elderflower liqueur, Orange bitters, Fine sugar
Applejack, Bénédictine, Peach liqueur, Curaçao, Strawberry, Lemon juice, Lemon, Orange
Cognac, Campari, Triple sec, Lemon juice
Rye, Apple brandy, Herbal liqueur
Jamaican rum, Apricot liqueur, Triple sec, Lime juice
Apple brandy, Sweet vermouth, Absinthe, Peychaud's Bitters, Bitters, Pineapple juice, Lime
Dry vermouth, Kirschwasser, Raspberry syrup
Gin, Cynar, Sweet vermouth, Peychaud's Bitters, Orange
Gin, Simple syrup, Ginger beer, Lime juice, Lime, Ginger, Mint

A Spontaneous Libation for your Consideration

(Twice) Improved Whiskey Sour

Posted by DrunkLab. Created by Dan Stone, Roka Bar, San Francisco, CA..
2 oz Rye
1⁄2 oz Lemon juice
1⁄2 oz Lime juice
3⁄4 oz Honey syrup (1:1, hot pepper-infused)
1 twst Lemon peel (as garnish)

Dry shake, shake, strain, rocks, garnish with lemon peel and a few drops of bitters.


This is Dan Stone's recipe, lightly Improved to feature hot honey, which gives the drink a nice balancing bite.

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From the Knowledge Vault

A Pleasant Walk in the Park, or The Deeper Meaning Behind Wild Squirrel Sex

April 1, 2013. I put on my temporary neck tattoo and rode my velocipede down to Powell’s bookstore the other day. Luckily, there’s designated parking throughout most of downtown Portland for velocipedes, and I took the next to last one available. Dodging through the mass of newspaper sellers, itinerant players of Trevelyan’s Rocker, and stand-ins for the cover of Shearwater’s magnificent album “Rook”, I quickly found my way up to the rare book room. I often visit this room for some peace and solitude, as all the books in this room are over $20.

While idly browsing the stacks of books, I was startled to find one pushed to the back of the shelf, as if someone had wanted to hide the book from the gaze of mere mortals. Even more startling, the cover was not affixed with multitudes of bird stickers. Though the print was barely legible, I could make out that it was a Eighteenth century book of “Divers Receipts for the Manufacture, Blending and Drinking of Chymically-Flavoured Neutral Grain Spirits at Modest Proof”. Knowing my velocipede was safely parked outside and that I had removed the seat, the large wheel, the tires and the chain to deter thieves, I settled down to peruse the curious little book.

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Recent Discussion

  • Re Chingon, 1 day ago Shawn C commented:

    Good, but could probably be improved. I have it at 3.5 at present. I like the bones of the drink, but the proportions might benefit from some slight tweaks. It is a bit sweet and the orgeat dominates while the Benedictine is mostly lost. I might cut back the orgeat and up the Benedictine. Then again, the Torani orgeat I am using might be holding it back, I need to try making my own.

  • Re Sazerac Sour, 2 days ago drinkingandthinking commented:

    good but agree that a bit too sour and absinthe overpowers. I cut lemon to 1/2 oz and added 2 more dashes of ango. Kind of like a licorice sorbet dairy-free milkshake! Yum!

  • Re 8th Arrondissement, 2 days ago Kindred Cocktails commented:

    Used my Amer Boudreau for the Picon and upped it to 3/4 oz. Delicious

  • Re Carlota's Collapse, 3 days ago Mixin In Ansley commented:

    Slightly punch-y. Distinctive and impressive in a go-back-to way.

  • Re Beauty Sleep, 4 days ago Mixin In Ansley commented:

    Something special and unexpected happening there. A meadow on the palate.