Historic cocktail book resources

These are cocktail books that we think are important reference materials. When available, we've included links to on-line resources for them. Another great resource is the digital books by EUVS Vintage Cocktail Books. Please contact us if you know of other resources that should be listed here.

Date Title Author(s) References
1862 How to Mix Drinks, or the Bon Vivant's Companion "Professor" Jerry Thomas Digital Copy
1869 Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks William Tarrington Digital Copy
1884 The Complete Bartender Albert Barnes Digital Copy
1884 How to Mix Drinks, the Bar Keeper's Handbook George Winter Digital Copy
1892 The Flowing Bowl "The Only" William Schmidt Digital Copy
1893 The Manufacture of Liquors and Preserves J. de Brevans Digital Copy
1895 Modern American Drinks George Kappeler Digital Copy
1896 Bariana Louis Fouquet (in French) Digital Copy
1903 Daly's Bartender's Encyclopedia Tim Daly Digital Copy
1904 Stuart's Fancy Drinks and How to Mix Them Stuart Thomas Digital Copy
1906 Louis' Mixed Drinks Louis Muckensturn Digital Copy
1910 Jack's Manual J.A. Grohusko Digital Copy
1912 Hoffman House Bartender's Guide Charles Mahoney Digital Copy
1914 Drinks Jacques Straub Digital Copy
1916 Recipes for Mixed Drinks Hugo Ensslin Digital Copy
1917 The Ideal Bartender Tom Bullock Digital Copy
1922 Cocktails - How to Mix Them Robert Vermeire Digital Copy
1926 The Cocktail Book: A Sideboard for Gentlemen Anonymous Digital Copy
1934 Bartender's Manual, Revised Harry Johnson Digital Copy
1934 Official Mixer's Manual Patrick Gavin Duffy Digital Copy
1935 Bar La Florida Constantino Ribalaigua Digital Copy
1936 The Artistry of Mixing Drinks Frank Meier Digital Copy
1936 Cafe Royal Cocktail Book W.J. Tarling Digital Copy
1937 U.K. Bartender's Guild Approved Cocktails Harry Craddock, President Digital Copy