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A Spontaneous Libation for your Consideration

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This is the last installment in a series on Bourbon by Zach Pearson. Read them all: Bourbon, Bourbon After the Act, Bourbon: What it is ... and isn't, Making Bourbon, Who Makes My Bourbon, Producer Capsules., Finding the Good Stuff, Tasting the Good Stuff, Neat, Mashbills, Geeky Information and Resources.

As a note, I can’t claim credit for any of this. This section is the work of a couple of users on the website, mainly Josh, Oscar and a guy named Taanstafl2 – and see the note just below. But it’s too important to leave out even if it’s a bit more advanced.

For mashbills, I referred to The Book of Bourbon and Other Fine American Whiskeys by Regan & Regan, 2009, unless otherwise noted. Barton, WT, and Dickel are noted as approximate.

I use the format: Distillery Brand Name (%corn/%rye or wheat/%malted barley). This is a breakdown of "macro" distillers. Wondering what the different char levels look like? This is a good illustration.

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Recent Discussion

  • Re The Moops, 1 day ago Shawn C commented:

    The heat of the Moroccan bitters and flavor notes of the Amaro Noveis are keys for this drink. Experiment with the vermouth and rye to tune for your tastes. Notes say 2023 menu. Where? It would be a positive to list the region, state, city (or whatever level is acceptable to the poster) and anything more about the creator if they wish to provide that.

  • Re Negroadie, 1 day ago Mixin In Ansley commented:

    Jammy. I used blanco but agree anejo is likely better

  • Re Eclipse, 2 days ago Mixin In Ansley commented:

    Unusual- as vegetal as it is cherry. I appreciate something more than a 3 oz poor: one drink and done.

  • Re Greenpoint, 3 days ago lesliec commented:

    Curated to remove broken Chowhound link.

  • Re Craft Squirrel Sex Manhattan, 4 days ago happyrobot commented:

    This is our most sold drink on the list.