Pedro Ximénez Sherry

Pedro Ximénez is a type of sherry made from raisined Pedro Ximénez grapes. These raisins are fermented, then the fermentation is halted and the alcohol is brought up to around 17%. The barrels of wine are then placed into the oxidative side of the sherry-making program. Over time in the solera system, the wines turn brown and oxidize. 

Pedro Ximénez sherry is dark brown and opaque. It is intense and thick, with strong flavors of molasses or cane syrup. Some Pedro Ximénez sherries can top 400 grams of sugar per liter of wine. As such, they're firmly dessert wines, and pair well with desserts such as gingerbread, stick toffee pudding, or flan.

Pedro Ximénez is almost indestructible. Open bottles can last years without showing any signs of oxidation. 

Some popular cocktails containing Pedro Ximénez Sherry