Charles Dickens Lemon Milk Punch

1 c Pineapple chunks (crushed, drained)
1 c Sugar
1 q Water (hot, for sugar)
1 c Tea (black, strong)
6   Cloves
20   Coriander seeds
12 t Cinnamon
1 pt Brandy
1 pt Rum
1 q Water (boiling)
4   Lemon (peels of 2, juice all 4)
1 q Milk (hot)
Dissolve the sugar in the first measure of water. Pour everything except the lemon juice and the milk into a large nonreactive container. Cover and let steep for 6 hours. Add the lemon juice and milk, mix well, then strain through cheesecloth until clear.
I would muddle enough pineapple chunks to make a cup and not strain it too well. I would sub a broken cinnamon stick for the 1/2 t ground cinnamon. The rum suggestion is "a heavy bodied Jamaican or Martinique". This looks like it makes about 150 ounces, so I've called it 28 x 5 oz punch cups.
His great granddaughter provided this recipe to the Dallas Times Herald. It looks updated but must have confused the heck out of 1980's Dallas.
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