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A Spontaneous Libation for your Consideration

Untier of Knots

1 oz Scotch Liqueur, Atholl Brose
1 Underberg bitters (= approx. 3/4 oz)
1⁄4 oz Madeira (sweeter style)
1 rinse Scotch (Auchentoshan Three Wood)

Stir and strain into rinsed glass.


The rinse is mainly for aroma, and could probably be discarded if not available.


This started out as a Daywalker, and morphed a bit. Lots going on here, with a great midpalate and clovey-anise finish that's all Underberg.

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Advanced Craft Cocktail Theory: Context

We’ve spent a long time in this series talking about how. How the basic building blocks of flavor combine in appealing ways. How to maximize or minimize aroma in a drink. How to change the texture of a cocktail and how those ingredients work. All of these things are quite important in order to make a craft cocktail, but are completely unhelpful in deciding when to make a craft cocktail, or what might be an appropriate drink to make in a particular situation. Gathering important information and utilizing it to narrow the available cocktail choices deals with context.

Utilizing context can be a powerful tool to reduce the number of possible cocktails from the infinite to the most appropriate one for the task at hand, even before ingredients on hand are considered. It is easiest to pass the infinite number of potential cocktails through progressively more severe filters and arrive at an appropriate drink. We will look at each of these filters in turn, and the end result will not only be better cocktails, but ones that fit their sense of place. To this end, we will discuss seasonal drinking, situational drinking, reading the needs and wants of your guests, and drinking locally.

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  • Re Blackstar, 12 hours 30 minutes ago hrdrck4evr commented:

    Overwhelmingly mezcal

  • Re Gone Camping, 16 hours 19 minutes ago MDS commented:

    Nicely balanced

  • Re Chingon, 1 day ago Shawn C commented:

    Good, but could probably be improved. I have it at 3.5 at present. I like the bones of the drink, but the proportions might benefit from some slight tweaks. It is a bit sweet and the orgeat dominates while the Benedictine is mostly lost. I might cut back the orgeat and up the Benedictine. Then again, the Torani orgeat I am using might be holding it back, I need to try making my own.

  • Re Sazerac Sour, 1 day ago drinkingandthinking commented:

    good but agree that a bit too sour and absinthe overpowers. I cut lemon to 1/2 oz and added 2 more dashes of ango. Kind of like a licorice sorbet dairy-free milkshake! Yum!

  • Re 8th Arrondissement, 1 day ago Kindred Cocktails commented:

    Used my Amer Boudreau for the Picon and upped it to 3/4 oz. Delicious