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A Spontaneous Libation for your Consideration

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Bourbon: Finding the Good Stuff

This is the seventh in a series on Bourbon by Zach Pearson. Read them all: Bourbon, Bourbon After the Act, Bourbon: What it is ... and isn't, Making Bourbon, Who Makes My Bourbon, Producer Capsules., Finding the Good Stuff, Tasting the Good Stuff, Neat, Mashbills, Geeky Information and Resources.

So look… this doesn't work in Oregon. The best thing to do here is to keep an eye on the Next Month Price Change list, and find things that you want that are going way down in price. Most recently, this was the infamous Laphroaig 10 for $20.25, but about a year ago, A. de Fussigny Tres Vielle Cognac dropped from $220 to $100 a bottle, and if you know that it’s a 50 year old Cognac that hasn’t been made in 10-15 years… well, let’s just say it was worth the drive to Eugene to pick up two bottles.

It also doesn’t work in Washington, which is too new at the private liquor sales game to have dusty old bottles lying around. There’s a lot of clean, bright new liquor stores and some helpful people, but taxes being what they are up there… I’d just avoid wasting a lot of time looking in Washington for liquor.

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Recent Discussion

  • Re Hemingway Stripper Pole, 5 days ago Shawn C commented:

    Definitely leans bitter and dry. The amount of lime juice seems high, making this more of a sour/dry than I prefer even though I went a little skinny on the lime. I might try again with 1/2 oz lime juice.

  • Re Plumber, 5 days ago Shawn C commented:

    Bursting with flavor. I had the standard Choya Umeshu rather than red "shiso" or "extra shisu" infused variants which should add some anise/licorice notes. I also lacked yuzu syrup, but had some kumquat cordial (Death & Co.) begging to be used here. Other subs were Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur and Drillaud Pamplemousse. Definitely to the sweet side, but seems to fit the character of the flavors together.

  • Re Archbishop, 6 days ago bkemp1984 commented:

    I like this a lot. I agree the Chartreuse is a bit lost, would maybe slightly up it, at least a fat 1/2 oz. I used Appleton Estate and Gran Classico

  • Re Green Glazier, 1 week ago bkemp1984 commented:

    Made with Torres 10 and a bit more than 1/4 of homemade white creme de cacao. I like, but would maybe add the smallest splash of syrup. My liqueur might not be as sweet as store bought

  • Re Mount Vesuvius, 1 week ago Artur B commented:

    Silky, light smoke (Zignum Anejo), sippable. Swaped for Amara Lazzaroni (slightly Fernet).