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Easily organize and find craft cocktail recipes — your own and others’.

Life’s too short to drink the same old thing. Discover new and intriguing cocktails, just as you do with food, wine, art and other life-long pleasures.

When I first ventured beyond Martinis and Manhattans, the flavor world opened. Everywhere I went, and everything I read, had tantalizing cocktails. Recipe slips floated about the house. Messy. I put them on 3x5 index cards. Awkward. I typed them into a document. That grew. And grew into a dozen pages of ideas, experiments, winners, and notes all jumbled together.

I needed a database. Out came FileMaker and in went 50 recipes, then 50 more, then 50 more. It worked. But I couldn’t share recipes with friends. I only had access at my computer. And FileMaker couldn't handle some of the idiosyncrasies of cocktails. I needed a specialized tool.

I scoured the internet. Nothing. I posted in forums. Nada.

Kindred Cocktails is my pursuit of the ideal cocktail recipe database. Flexibly accessed. Focused on craft cocktails. Attuned to the idiosyncrasies of cocktail making. And the nexus of like-minded ... kindred ... cocktail lovers.

So if you share my love of high-quality cocktails and you ...

  • are just beginning to explore the craft cocktail world, looking for lots of quality cocktails,
  • are a dedicated cocktail enthusiast with an existing collection of cocktails, or
  • are a cocktail professional looking for inspiration and a strong organizational tool ...

Kindred Cocktails makes collecting and using recipes a joy.

Dan Chadwick, Chief Swizzlestick

dan [at] kindredcocktails [dot] com
Dan’s a software guy. He built a homebrew computer as a teenager, using kits, scavenged chips and surplus parts. Computer degree from Brown. Stint at Wang Labs. He created FileMaker, the best-selling database for the Apple Macintosh®. Co-founded Attain Corp, which made IN CONTROL®, a personal and group to-do list manager.

After Attain, he pursued a different passion by joining Goodwin’s High End, an ultra high performance audio and home theater store. Years later, he returned to his first and truest love: software. Today he works full time for Kindred Cocktails and select web clients.

Dan’s other passions include driving and racing. He instructs for several car clubs, teaching high performance driving at race tracks in the Northeast. He is also a member of a rag-tag race team which campaigns a rusty $500 car (with thousands of dollars of safety equipment) in endurance races lasting 15 to 24 hours. His team’s name — the Near-Orbital Space Monkeys — hints at the seriousness, or not, of the endeavor. Still, in 2010 his team placed first in the Northeast division of the 24 Hours of LeMons.

When the weather turns warm, Dan tours the towns outside of Boston on his road bicycle, putting in about 200 miles per week. He’s an avid cook, a more avid eater, an amateur carpenter, a devoted husband, and an adoring father.

In cocktails, Dan has a taste for the complex, challenging, and at times, well, vile. He loves amari, the bitter liqueurs from Italy and beyond. He toys with flavor combinations, seeks the unusual, and twists classics. He also likes a well-made Martini (gin, of course), an Islay scotch neat or a cold beer.

Zachary Pearson, Editor

zachary [at] kindredcocktails [dot] com
Zachary's obsession with craft cocktails and all the things surrounding them took a few twists and turns at first. He's the kind of guy who wants to know how to make cassoulet. From Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The hard way — including making veal stock and demi-glace, making sausages, and duck confit. His passion for flavor started twelve years ago, when his fiancée asked him if there was going to be wine at the wedding. Being a beer guy at the time, that sort of question got a non-committal answer... until she asked again a week later, this time giving him The Look. Six months later, after spending hours at the local liquor store, he went to work for them, eventually earning the Certified Specialist of Wine and becoming the guy people came to when customers had questions no one could answer. One of those customers just happened to be opening a proper cocktail bar and handed him a list of fifty things that were impossible at the time to get, but included things like Pimiento Dram, Rittenhouse 100,  and Violet liqueur.

After ten years in the wine business and moving halfway across the state three times, he and his wife settled in a small town that's firmly out in the country. He's now helping with a new winery project and is unpleasantly familiar with COLA and the TTB.

His hobbies include good books, cooking dinner from scratch, and scavenging for out of production bottles of obscure spirits. He's also a big fan of rye whiskey (Pappy van Winkle), Islay Scotch (especially Lagavulin 16 and their Pedro Ximinez cask Distiller's Edition), and anything strange, out of the ordinary, and hard to come by (Elixir Vegetal de Chartreuse, Amer Picon, and Byrrh), though he's not above making things that he can't find.

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And relax, Kindred Cocktails does not sell its user database to third parties.