Arakú is a brand of [ingredient=rum rum] based coffee liqueur made by the Santa Teresa distillery in Venezuela. It is a lightly sweetened blend of rums that have aged for two years in American oak and a Venezuelan coffee extract that is 76 proof. 

Arakú has a very rich, true coffee flavor that is nicely integrated into the spirit. It is medium brown, with aromas and flavors of roasted coffee, vanilla (from the oak), and woody notes. While it can be drunk neat, Arakú's moderate level of sweetness makes it very useful in cocktails. 

Santa Teresa Website

Some popular cocktails containing Arakú

  • Otoño Cocktail — Irish whiskey, Pacharan, Coffee liqueur, Bitters
  • Coffin Nail — Venezuelan rum, Cognac, Coffee liqueur, Drambuie, Cherry