Armazen Viera Esmeralda is a brand of [ingredient=cachaca cachaça ]made on the island of Santa Catarina by the Armazen Viera distillery. To make Esmeralda, fresh cane juice is cooked until sterile, then native yeasts are added. The resulting wine is distilled in a pot still, and the resulting cachaça is aged in 10,000 liter barrels made from the wood of the native Arririba. 

Armazen Viera makes a range of cachaças, starting with Esmeralda, which is aged for four years in a solera system. The other types are Rubi, aged eight years, and Onix, aged for 16 years. 

Some popular cocktails containing Armazen Viera Esmeralda

  • Esmeralda — Cachaça, Elderflower liqueur, Islay Scotch, Lime juice, Simple syrup