Blackcurrant liqueur is a sweet-tart liqueur with the flavor of blackcurrants. Blackcurrant liqueur is also known as cassis, or creme de cassis. While some blackcurrant liqueurs are made with the addition of flavoring and sugar to a neutral spirit, the better and more expensive versions are a maceration of blackcurrants in alcohol, which extracts more of the woodsy, briary aspect from the fruit. Blackcurrant liqueur is usually between 30 and 40 proof. 

Blackcurrant liqueur is typically a vibrant reddish-purple color, thick, and opaque. It should be intensely sweet and sour, with the woodsy, stemmy, almost tannic flavor of blackcurrants firmly in the background. It should not taste like a gummy candy. 

Good producers of blackcurrant liqueur are Domaine Sathenay (from Burgundy), Briottet, L'Heretieres de Guyot, and G.E. Massenez. Some of the more popular brands are Bols, deKuyper, and Mathilde. 

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