Boomsma is a producer of genever, flavored genever, and herbal spirits based in Leeuwarden, Holland. Boomsma is a fifth generation family owned company that was founded by Dirk Boomsma in 1883. 

Boomsma produces both a Jonge and an Oude genever, a Vlierbessen (Elderberry) and a Wilde Bramen (wild blackberry) flavored genever, an anise liqueur called Hagel en Donder (Hail and Thunder), an herbal liqueur called Beerenburger (flavored with gentian,juniper, licorice and laurel berries) and a digestif called Claerkampster Cloosterbitter, which contains nettles, clover, daisy, mint, dandelion and yarrow. 

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Some popular cocktails containing Boomsma

  • Fletcher Christian — Bitters, Oude genever, Elderflower liqueur, Herbal liqueur, Lemon juice