Chambers (also called Chambers Rosewood) is a producer of wine in the Rutherglen viticultural area of Australia. While Chambers makes a wide range of dry wines, they are perhaps most famous famous for their fortified dessert wines, made from Muscat and Muscadelle (also called Tokay in Australia, but not related to Pinot Gris, which was formerly called Tokay Pinot Gris). 

The Chambers winery was founded in 1858 and is now in its sixth generation of family ownership, with Bill Chambers and his son Stephen at the helm. The Chambers winery makes three tiers of dessert wines for both Muscat and Muscadelle: a regular Rutherglen bottling, one labelled Grand, that is made up of wines dating back to the first World War, and the Rare line, which is made up of wines that have aged for more than 100 years in old wood barrels. 

Like Tawny Port, these intensely sweet, lightly fortified (in the 17% range) dessert wines are dark brown from oxidative aging in wood. In the younger range, some varietal character can be determined, but going into the Grand and Rare ranges, notes of cane syrup, coffee, date and fig take over the aroma and flavor profile. Once opened, these wines can go for months without degradation of quality. 

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Some popular cocktails containing Chambers

  • Perfect Summit Manhattan — Bourbon, Dry vermouth, Muscat Wine, Orange Curaçao, Bitters, Maraschino cherry, Orange peel