Cinzano is a producer of vermouth, and other things that was founded in 1757 in Turin by master distillers Giovanni and Carlo Cinzano. They produced sparkling wine for the royal family of Savoy, and eventually branched out into the production of other wines. 

Cinzano makes [ingredient=sweet-vermouth sweet], [ingredient=dry-vermouth dry], rose, and [ingredient=bianco-vermouth bianco] vermouth, and fruit flavored vermouth: Limetto and Orancio. Cinzano Orancio is flavored with the addition of burnt caramel, dried fruits, vanilla, and orange peel. It is orange in color and 29 proof.

Cinzano was bought by the Campari group in 1999. 

Cinzano Website

Some popular cocktails containing Cinzano Orancio

  • The Project — Rye, Ramazzotti, Bianco Vermouth
  • Tequila Armada — Reposado Tequila, Bianco Vermouth, Fino sherry, Orange bitters