Crown Royal is a brand of Canadian whisky made in Manitoba, Canada and owned by Diageo, who bought it from Seagram's in 2000 when that portfolio dissolved. Seagram's introduced Crown Royal in 1939 as a special whisky commemorating the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada. 

Crown Royal is the top selling Canadian whisky in the United States, with one out of every four cases sold. Texas drinks as much Crown Royal as the other 49 states together. 

There are five whiskies in the Crown Royal lineup: Deluxe, in a purple box and purple velvet bag, which is a blend of fifty whiskies bottled at 80 proof. Black is a bit more oaky than Deluxe, and bottled at 90 proof. Reserve is aged for a longer period of time than Deluxe, and is also 80 proof. Cask #16 is finished in Cognac barrels and is a bit drier than the other whiskies. Finally, there is Extra Rare (XR), which is blend of whiskies produced at the now shuttered Waterloo distillery, which closed in 1992. 

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Some popular cocktails containing Crown Royal

  • RCM — Canadian whisky, Orange juice, Lemon juice, Bacon syrup, Maple syrup
  • Full Metal Jacket — Rum, Canadian whisky, Averna, Grapefruit peel, Lemon peel
  • Exhumation Cocktail — Canadian whisky, Cynar, Sweet vermouth, Fernet, Cardamom bitters, Lemon peel
  • 32 Down — Rum, Whiskey, Bitters, Ginger ale
  • The Royal Family — Ginger liqueur, Canadian whisky, Tequila, Baked Apple Bitters, Cardamom bitters