Marc de Champagne is a type of grappa made in the [ingredient=champagne Champagne] region of France. Marc is made from pomace -- the leftover skins, seeds and stems from the production of wine that are fermented and distilled into [ingredient=brandy brandy]. 

Champagne producers typically do not have their own facilities for the production of Marc -- they send out their pomace to a local distiller, who then sends back the Marc for bottling and labelling. Many Champagne houses sell Marc at the cellar door, but very little of it is exported. 

Marc comes in an unaged variety, but some are aged in oak barrels -- these will be labelled Vieux or Tres Vieux. Most Marc de Champagne is 80 proof. 


Some popular cocktails containing Marc de Champagne

  • Tequila Amargo — Reposado Tequila, Cassis, Marc de Champagne, Sweet vermouth, Bitters