Pacharan, also spelled Patxaran, is a Basque digestive liqueur that is [ingredient=anisette anisette] based, flavored with [ingredient=sloe-gin sloes], coffee beans, and cinnamon sticks, and typically drunk chilled and neat. Often, Pacharan is homemade, though there are commercial variations of the liqueur available. Most Pacharan is between 50 and 60 proof.

One common recipe involves filling a jar about halfway with ripe sloes, covering them with anisette, then adding a few coffee beans and a cinnamon stick, then letting the jar rest for 2-4 months, shaking occasionally. After filtering the liqueur, it can be returned to the clean bottle. 

Pacharan was granted D.O. (Denominacion de Origen, like the AOC in France) status by the Spanish government in 1987. 

Some popular cocktails containing Pacharan

  • OtoƱo Cocktail — Irish whiskey, Pacharan, Coffee liqueur, Bitters
  • Aperitivo #5 — Bitters, Chinato, Ramazzotti, Pacharan, Campari, Peychaud's Bitters
  • Too many reasons — Islay Scotch, Herbal liqueur, Pacharan, Fernet Branca, Lemon peel
  • Between borders — Tequila, Cynar, Pacharan
  • 3 B's — Gold rum, Overproof bourbon, Amaro Montenegro, Campari, Pacharan
  • Berry Very — Ramazzotti, Mirto, Pacharan, Bitters, Lime juice, Thai Basil, Orange cream citrate